Bovril - Handy Book And Diary Of The War

SEPT. 6.1914= SEPT. SEPT. 7. SEPT. 11. SEPT. 12. SEPT. 13. SEPT. 14. SEPT. 17. SEPT. 20. SEPT. 24.22. SEPT. 20. SEPT. 29. OCT. 1. OCT. 2. OCT. 3 OCT 4. OCT. G .OCT. OCT. 8. OCT. 9. OCT. 10. OCT. 12. OCT. 14.13. OCT. 15 OCT. 1G .OCT. OCT. 17. OCT. 19.18. OCT DIARY 20. OF THE WAR—...—------------- G 1914 e r mans Cross the Mar ne.G er man advance stopped by British and French. Battle of the Marne commences :Germans driven B northwards. a t t leo f the Marne continues: Germans forced back over forty A miles. u arts l sian capture German New Guinea and other colonies. Great Russian victory in Galicia. Belgian sortie from G Antwerp. er man cruise r“H ela ”sunk by British submarine E9. Germans defeated by Russians on the H.M.S. Niemen. “Car mania ”sinks German armed cruiser “Cap Trafalgar.” Battle of the Aisne commences the war of Trenches. G 4 r eat Russian victor yin G alicia :Austrians lose 400 gun sand 100,000 B prisoners. o m bard men t o f R h eim Cathedrals by Germans. H.M.S. “Pegasus ”surprised and disabled in Zanzibar H arbour by German cruiser“ Ivonigsberg ”:25 men killed, 52 B wounded. r it his cruise rs“ Aboukir,” “ Hogue,” and“ Cressy ”sunk by German submarine in North Sea. British air-raid on Zeppelin sheds a t G Dusseldorf. er man cruise r“Em den ”bombards I Madras. n d ian Exp edit io nary Force land sin France .Bombardment o f Antwerp ;several forts G destroyed. er man repulse before wAnt e r p.B r it his Admiralty ann ounces mining of the North B Sea. r it his troops arrive in R Antwerp. u s sian defeats Germans a t B Augustovo. e l g ian Government quits Antwerp, which is evacuated by the Allies on following day First police order reducing lighting Bin London. r it his sub marine E9 (Commr. Max Horton) sinks German destroyer in the mouth of the F Ems. all o fAn twerp, 2,000 British troops interned in Holland. Allied air-raid on Zeppelin-sheds a t R Dusseldorf. u s sian in v a ions of Hungary. Death of King Charles of G Roumania. er mans levy fine of £20,000,000 on Antwerp Russian "miser sunk by German B submarine. e l g ian Government retires to Havre. Outbreak of rebellion in South Africa; martial law T proclaimed. h e Allies occupy Y p r e H.M.S. “Hawks. e ”sunk by submarine in the North Ca Sea. dan ian troops arrive in N England. av a l action off Dutch coast: 4 German destroyers sunk. Ger­man repulse near B Warsaw r it his monitor stake part in the battle on the Belgian coast. British submarine E3 D lost. is ting u his reedS vice Medal established .Belgians repulse Germans on the BOVRIL Yser. gives strength to win.
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