Bovril - Handy Book And Diary Of The War

DIARY OF THE 1914: WAR JU 1914 N E ’28. Arch duke Francis Fer din and (lleir to Austrian Throne) assassinated at Serajevo, JULY. Bosnia. 23. A u s t r ian U ltim a tum to Serb JU ia. L ¥28. Austria dec l ares War o JULY- Serbia. 31. German Ultimatum to AUGUST Russia. 1. Germany dec l ares War<n A Russia. UGUST 3. Ger many dec l Wares aron France and begins the invasion of AUGUST Belgium. 4. British U ltim a tum to Germany. Great Britain declares war on AUGUST Germany. 5. Lord Kitchener appointed War Minister. German mine-layer “ Koningen Luise ”sink in the North Sea. by British destroyer. Suspension of the Bank AUGUST Act. G .Germans repulsed at Liege. II.M.S. “ Amphion ”(light cruiser) mined in North Sea, 131 men lost. First War Credit of £100,000,000 voted in Parliament. Moratorium AUGUST declared. 7. Issue o f New £1 and lO i AUGUST notes. 9. German sub marine U15 sunk by H.M.S. “Birmingham.” Montenegro declares Wur on AUGUST Austria. 12. Great Britain dec l a r Wis aron Austria. German cruisers“ Goeben ”and“ Bres'au ”elude French and British Fleets, and arrive in the AUGUST Dardanelles. 16. British Exp edit io nary Force lands in AUGUST France. 18. Serbians defeat A ustiuans in great b a AUGUST ttle. 20. Fall o f Liege .Belgians fallback on Antwerp, evacuating AUGUST Brussels. 22. German sin occupation of Brussels levy a fine of *:8,000,000 on the AUGUST city. 23. Japan dec l Wares aron Germany. Great Russian victory at Goldap-Gumbinnen (Eust AUGUST Prussia). 24. Fall o f Nam u AUGUST r. 25. Retreat from Mons :British and French heavily outnumbered and outgunned. British lose between 5,000 and 6,000 men. Destruction of AUGUST Louvain. 26. T o golan d man(Ger Co ion y )surrenders to AUGUST British. 27. British cruiser “High f l yer ”sinks German auxiliary cruiser “Kaiser Wilhelm der AUGUST Crosse.” 28. British vaN ai. victory near Heligoland :Germans lose 2 cruisers and several AUGUST destroyers 31. Russian def e a tin East Prussia a t Tannenburg by SEPT. Hindenburg. 1. Germans only 6S miles from SEPT. Paris. 2. Great R u s sian vic to u y a t Lemberg. Austrians lose 130,000 men and 200 SEPT. guns. 3. French Government trans f erred to Bordeaux. Samoa (Ger­man Colony) surrenders. H.M.S. “Speedy ”sunk by mino in North SEPT. Sea. 5. Great Britain ,Franc i and Russia agree not to make a separate peace. H.M.S. “Pat! tfinder ”sunk by submarine, 259 men BOVRIL lost. is Britis U to the Backbone.
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