The Second Great War No. 62

A Scientific Survey q[ Life’ s Unfolding Pictured in Natures Own Glory of Colour THE STORY OF LIVING THINGS AND THEIR EVOLUTION< sJ THEW STORY OF LIVING THINGS AND T H EIRE VOL U T I O NAn Entirely New and Original Work By EILEEN MAYO Foreword by Prof. JULIAN HUXLEY, F.R.S. 'THIS magnificent new work is the most attractively written and sumptuously illus­trated book on its vast and important subject ever published. In the hands of the gifted author- artist evolutionary biology is presented, not in the dry-as-dust style of the usual scientific text-book, but in a vivid, “live” and fascinating manner, easy for all to read and understand. It is something unique in the world of books— something never before attempted. The charming illustrations with which the book abounds and the authoritative and delightfully interesting text combine to give an The above photographs, greatly reduced in size, will give you some idea of the beauty of THE STORY OF LIVING THING S.It is inbound an attractive shade of blue Rex/ne decorated with real English gold lettering and design. The open volume shows two of the 320 pages, everyone printed in full colour. An Opportunity You Should Not Miss! Just sign and post the format right, and on acceptance we will send you the volume, carriage paid, to examine for one week free. You may either return it to us within 8 days to end the matter, or you may keep it on the easy terms outlined. NOTE :If you do not wish to cut this coupon, send a postcard (mentioning "Second Great r”aW No. 62) to theW averley Book Co., who will be pleased to send a printed application inform its placc excellent popular presentation of the subject. In his foreword to the volume Prof. Huxley, whose name is world-famous in biology and zoology, says: “This book can be commended as pro­viding the layman with a picture of life's unfolding and of the rich variety it has produced more vivid than most professional biologists could achieve.' To everyman, woman and child alive to the wonder and beauty of nature and seeking to know more of the myriads of existences, different from our own, by which we are surrounded, this volume will prove as entrancing as it is instructive. It is the nature book superb. Nearly 1,000S p len did Illustration sin FULL C O LOU REvery page of this volume is illustrated in beautiful life-like colour. These charming and unusual illustrations, specially prepared for the work regardless of expense, at once at­tract our attention and capture our fancy. They are not merely decorative, but scien­tifically accurate. Mere nature is seen in all her rich variety of form and colour. Strange or beautiful creatures that live in the depths of the sea, in streams and rivers, in the jungle, in the hedgerows, woods and meadows of our countryside prehistoric animals plant life of every description, all are faithfully portrayed by the artist. POST THIS AT ONCE (or SEND POSTCARD—see note at foot) FREE EXAMINATION FORiYl To theW AVERLEY BOOK CO LIMITED. 96 and 97, Farringdon Street, LONDON. E C.4 I’lease send me, carriage paid, for seven days FUEE examination. THU STOItY OF LIVING THINGS, incomplete one volume. It is under flood that 1 may return the work on the eighth day after I receive it. and that there the matte rends. If I keep the volume. I will send you on the eighth day a F’irst Payment of 6 /-.and. beginning thirty days after, six further consecutive monthly payments of 6 /-each, thus completing the purchase price. CASH I1 KICK WITHIN 8 DAVS. £ 2 Same Address State it Honschnlde Parent'* Signature required If under 21 PLEASE INFILL ALL PARTICULARS ASKED
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