The Second Great War No. 51

THE THE THE THE BUILDING BUILDINGBUILDING BUILDING ENCYCLO ENCYCLO EHCYCLO ENCYCLOPEDIA PEDIA PEDIA PEDIA BBS STUBBS Vou. I Vol.2 Vol.3 A-COR COS-HON W OOD-RID °9es '1-38* p Q«es585-800 friges 80I'H^5 VAVERLEY WAVERLEV WAVERLEj' cor t x cir# c amo t o v * irotoOM types 3,450 PHOTO GRAPHS& D R A WINGS The Whole Work is Lavishly Illustrated with WORKING DIAGRAMS ELEVATIONS-SECTIONS DETAIL DRAWINGS PLANS-DESIGNS PHOTOGRAPHS LARGE FOLDING PLATES (61 Plates, including 28 printed in colours) FOLDING CHARTS MANY HUNDREDS OF TABLES ANEW and ENLARGED Edition of"t heb u il ding ENCYCLOPEDIA Specially Revised to Meet Wartime and Post-War Needs General E d ito r:S. G . B laxlan d Stubbs Legal E d i tor :W.T. Creswell, k .c.Hou. a.r i .b.a .a.s i Assisted b y :Norman P.G re ig ,B.A., M .R.San.I., Barrister-at-Law Associate Editors: G .Max well A y lw ln, l-.K .I.B.A. : W .Fro st, F.I.S.E., M.K.S.I. R. V. H oughton, A.I.Struct.E. T.B .Nichols J. P .Porter, B.Sc., A.M .lust.C.E. Assistant Editor: J. St.D enys Reed Fifty-four Contributors— Leading Writers and Craftsmen in the Industry NOW is the time for students, workers, and all in the building trades to prepare for the immense post-war expansion of the industry. This new war and post-war edition of The B u i l ding Ency c loped ia— the standard work for all in the building industry —is •indispensable _ _____ to every ambitious man determined to seize these new opportunities. New and Extended Articles include :Air Raid D efence Structures Building ,Wartime Concrete :Reinforced, reP ­fabricated ,“Clothed ,"Units Flats, A d ap ted Shelters Frame Construction, reP ­fabricated H o u singS chem es, Wartime Precast Concrete Reconstruction ,Post-War Reinforcement Shelters Town Planning (1) Principles and Practice Town Planning l2\ PostWar Developments and Problems Working Class H ou sing, War ­time Schemes ALL LEGAL SECTIONS brought up-to-date with wartime legislation, including New Articles on London Building Acts. War Damage Acts and Compensation, etc tlliistnitinii fhoint I hr Jour colunws iireatlii reduced, and Volume II (open). A Practical Work for Practical M en—A Permanent Work of Reference 1,664 Pages Over 2,500•• i Articles i i i i A Million Words of Practi­cal, Up-to-date Information of the Highest Technical Authority, covering :Brickwork .Masonry .Concrete .Metals and Other Materials .Building Con­struction .Architecture and Design Houses .Bungalows .Cottages .Flats Alterations. Repairs. Flooring. Roofing Estates .Roads .Law for the Builder Costing .Estimating .Quantities, etc. Take Advantage Today of This Opportunity Just sign and post the format right, and on acceptance we will send you these four volumes, carriage paid, to examine for one week free. You may either return them to us within 8 days, to end the matter, or keep them on the very easy terms outlined NOTE :If you do not wish to cut coupon send a postcard mentioning "Second Great War," No. 51, to the Waverley Book Company, who will send a printed application inform Its place. POST THIS AT ONCE (OR SEND POSTCARD— see note at left) FREE EXAMINATION FORM To the WAVERLEY BOOK CO., LIMITED, 96 and 97, Farringdon Street, LONDON, E.C.4. Please si nil me, carriage paid, lor seven days’ FltKK examination." T in:n rn .DIX t! KNt'YCLOPEUIA ”(New anil Enlarged Edition). incomplete- four volumes. It is understood that I may return the work on the eighth day after I receive it, ami that there the matter ends If I keep the liooks. I will send you on the eighth day a First Payment ot 5 -.and.•!>• .iim iiis 30 days- alter, ten further monthly payments of 10 each thus complctiUK the purchase price. CASH Pit ICE WITHIN 8 DAYS it*£ 5 Pare n t's Signature REQUIRED UNDER 21 S .tS .W .51 PLEASE INFILL ALL PARTICULARS ASKED Printed in England and published on the i=>th of each month by the Proprietors, The A m a lg a mated Press ,Ltd .,The Fleetwav House, Farringdon Street, London. E.C.4. Sole Agents for Australia and N T e\v Zealand :Messrs. Gordon& Gotch, Ltd. and for South Africa• Ceytral News Agency. Ltd. Registered for transmission by Canadian Magazine Post./ S.V ~
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