The Second Great War No. 50

( 1 0l7iHtaif,ttu& $<tfk slwuUl 6e 4 4 t fuM bit^ i i t isL Nearly Four Hundred Personal Narratives Below are listed just a few :The Clock Ticks a t the Admiralty byE l. Hon. WINSTON CHURCHILL. P.C JI.P .Blood Hath of London Scots by I’te. H EEBERT DE HAMEL German W hito Flaw Treachery by Capt. E. J. NEEDHAM Stileide Squadron :Tragedy o( the Broad Four teens by Comdr. AUSTIN TYUER. RD R.N.R. Revenge! I Saw Von Spec Meet Ills Doom by R ear-A dm iral tho Hon. BARRY BYNGHAM. V.C. Canadian Con race and Self-Sacrifice by Lord BEAVER BROOK I Was Blinded in “Lousy "Wood by Capt. GILBERT NOBBS Our Winter Raid in Nightshirts by Lt.-Col. G R A 1 1 AM SETON HUTCHISON. DSO M.C. 1 Saw the Boeho in Retreat :Their Devilish Cunning in Destruction by GRAHAM II OR HEX WELL. M.C. Outwitted by the British Secret Service: The Story of a SpyMaster by Capt. VON RINTELEN I Saw Salonika Burn :Our Army and Navy Paved Thousands of Lives by H. COLLINSON OWEN Death Beckons Before Battle :We Waited on tho Crater Edge, a t Mcssines by I’te. (now Dr.) E.X. GLADDEN Day-to-Da.v on tho Dover Patrol: We Safeguarded the Channel I’o rts by VERNON MOGG I Saw I’asschcndaele Taken :The End of the War’s Grimm est Battle by Sir PHILIP GIBBS. K.B.E. It Was My First Raid :We Carried th" Air War Into Germany by A.R. KIXGSFORD Below is a greatly red u ccd illustration o f the four handsome volumes I WAS THERE/ THE HUMAN STORY OF 1HE GREAT WAR Undying Memories o f 1914-1918 The War as Seen by the Men Who Fought Written by the Men Who Were There' Edited by SIR JOHN IIA MME R TON (Editor o f “War Illustrated ,”“World War," etc. Writer o f the Famous War Film “Forgotten Men .”)IN this magnificent work—which, by an amazing coincidence. 1 was completed only the day before the present War started— we celebrate the glorious achievement of the men who saved Western Democracy from an arrogant yet subservient race driven on by war leaders insensate and bloodthirsty. Today the same menace confronts us, and although the Second Great War may not repeat in any measure or degree the Great War of 1914-1918, yet the thoughts and feelings, the hopes and fears, the terrors and pissions released by the last war will be released again and again during the course of this war. And it is with these thoughts and emotions in their relationship to the first World War that we are concerned in this particular work. No greater human document has been completed throughout the ages than this, the first and only authentic record of the out­standing events of 1914-1918— told by the men who were there! Thrilling, personal narratives of stirring deeds, human suffering and endurance, triumph and disaster, bring to life with startling realism the most dramatic and significant episodes wherever Britons fought in the last Great War.“ I Was There” is the key­note of every chapter. Only immediate personal experiences are narrated, by fighting men of all ranks and from all services. Thousands of Actual War Photographs HUNDREDS HITHERTO UNPUBLISHED The wonderlu: collection ol illustrations in“ I Was There includc some of the most remarkable action photographs of war ever taken. In all there are nearly three thousand photographs illustrating the progress of the war and showing it in all its phases. There are actual photographs of battle scenes that bring the war to life in all its grim reality. Every aspect of the war, on land,on sea and in the air, is portrayed In this truly magnificent gallery. August 1918. A daylight patrol ol the 6th Seaforths making sure that no Germans !urk in these dug-outs. A few shots fired were sufficient warning to the stragglers. Camaraderie for a Somme capture. A British stalwart assists a Jerry to support a wounded fellow-prisoner. while another Tommy gives the casualty a drink. A 12-in. howitzer, heavily camouflaged, inaction at Aveluy Wood, September 1916 The above photographs are very greatly reduced specimens of illustrations from the work. DON’T MISS THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY Just sign and post the lorm at right, and on acceptance we will send you these four volumes, carriage paid, to examine for one week free. You may either return them to us within 8 days to end the matter, or you may keep them on the very easy terms outlined. f\l OTE *^you not w'*h to cut this coupon ,send a postcard (mentioning ”Second Great War,” No. 50) to theW a verley Book C o .,who will be pleased to send a printed application'] inform its place. POST THIS FREE EXAMINATION FORMAT ONCE (or SEND A POST CARD— See Note at left). To The WAVER LEY BOOK CO.', LIMITED, 96&97, Farringdon St., LON DON, E.C.4. Please send me, carriage paid, on approval for seven days’ FREE ex­amination,“ I WAS THERE.” incomplete four volumes. It is understood that I may return the work on the eighth day after I receive it, and that there the matter ends. If I decide to keep the books, I will send you on the eighth day a First Payment of 4 -and. beginning thirty days after this First Payment, sixteen further monthly payments of 5/- each, thus completing the purchase price. CASH PRICE WITHIN 8 DAYS IS £40.0. Nam e.H m B H f f lr Send Today! Occupation Slate i f Householder. Parent's signature required i f under 21Date .GS .SO.W PLEASE INFILL ALL PAR TIC U LARS ASKED .Printed in England and published on the 15th of each month by the Proprietors, The A glam a mated Press ,Ltd .,The Fleetway House, Farringdon Street, l.ondon, B.C. |.Sole Agents for Australia and New Zealand :Messrs. Gordon& Gotch, Ltd. :and for South Africa :Central News Agency, Ltd. Registered for transmission by Canadian Magazine Post. S.V.
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