The Second Great War No. 48

Ole SECOND GREAT WAR Sir John Hammerton Editors: Maj.-Gen. Sir Charles Gwynn, K.C.B., D.S.O. Associate Editors G.:S. Blaxland Stubbs, M.B.E. J.R. Fawcett Thompson Assistant Editors :J. St. Denys Reed BellA. w riTHOUT maps and plans, no account of fighting, no story o f war can be made properly intelligible, however skilled the historian as a writer or experienced as a soldier. When we have to deal with a standard work such as The Second Great War ,the vital importance o f a continuing and expanding series o f maps is beyond any question. Their provision in these pages has been a constant care since those early days o f the “phoney ”war o f 1939 and early 1940, when the fighting pressed Northwards, Southwards and East­ wards, until, with the en­trance o f the Japanese aggressor, continental war became completely global.^ l tho ugh the story in our pages has not yet reached the entry of Japan on the stage of conflict, the expansion of the war has naturally been reflected in the increasing number o f maps provided. U top the present issue we have published more than 125 maps and plans, of which five have been in full colour and 120 in various styles in half-tone and Inline. the first two volumes together 50 maps were presented, whereas in the third volume the total was 55. There we were concerned with the strategy and tactics of the infighting France, Belgium and Holland, Poland and Finland, o f which details had then been released in Lord G o r t’s dispatches and other official documents. We had also to deal with the campaigns in the Balkans and Crete, in Libya, East Africa and the ever-extending air warfare. /Considerable use has been made o f the method of presenting maps in relief form by means of very striking wash drawings. This method, which has been developed to a highpoint of accuracy and effectiveness by one o four map draughtsm en, Mr. Felix G ardon, does enable the mapmaker to present much information about the nature o f the country over which fighting is taking place, in addition to making the map more attractive to look at and more easy to grasp. Good examples, taken at random ,of the value of relief maps are to be seen in No. 24, pages 970-971, and No. 34, pages 1380-81, the LITERARY CON TENTS OF THIS NUMBER Chapter Page 190 (Contcl.) Crucial Battle of the Seven Seas 1907191 Home Front, July-Dee., 1941 :Gigantic Effort for Production 1913 Historic Documents, Nos. 238-241 :The Eight-Point Atlantic Charter 1920192 British Bombing Policy After Hitler’s Attack on Russia 1922 Diary for November and December, 19411934193 War in Russia :Soviet Counter-offensive of December 19411935 piiiiiimiiiiiiiiimimiiiiiiiiiiiimmiiimiiiimiiimiiiiiiimmiiiiiiiiiiiih 1 PAPER SAVING BEATS U-BOATS! §Although it is even now necessary, despite the best efforts of paper savers, to import a certain amount of pulp for some paper-manufacturing purposes, it is satisfactory to know on the authority of the Minister of Information that the recent 50 percent increase in paper salvage has meant a great deal in shipping. Shipping is our Primary Problem —You can Help to Solve I t !first map showing the German thrusts into France o f June 1-28,1940, and the second illustrating very clearly and graphically Mediterranean strategy and the Libyan campaign o f 1940-41. Equally valuable are those illustrating the infighting Russia (.srepp. 1822 and 1840). |T is not suggested, o f course, that the relief map supersedes the older type o f black-and-w hite textbook map which, for many purposes, in­cluding that o f scale m easurem ents, can never be dispensed with. Some 50 maps o f this kind have already been in­cluded compared with 35 relief and picture maps. The picture map is a form which is very popular here and in America, having the advantages o f the atlas type while being able to include much additional information o fan econ­omic and military nature. It has been developed by a number o f map artists in this country. Look, for instance, at the map by M r.H arrop in No. 45, page 1812, displaying the resources o f Russia. Here we have compressed into one page, in a form easily assimilated by the eye, both the immense extent and the physical nature o f the vast resources o f the Russian lands which would require several pages o f text and tables if described in an article and even then it would be necessary to consult an atlas for proper compre­hension. It is in work like this, in which neither trouble nor expense is spared, that the Standard History gives the fullest service to its readers and constitutes it so complete a record. ^here are now three Numbers to complete the present volume, and in the 13 chapters which they will comprise we shall carry the story o f the war down to the end o f 1941. An objective discussion o f the war in Russia takes the fighting down to the German winter retreat and the Russian counter-offensive, while the last two Numbers, 49 and 50, are mainly concerned with the outbreak o f the war in the Far East and the devastating Japanese attacks in the Pacific in December. A Summary for the year 1941 completes the volume. No. 49 of THE SECOND GREAT WAR, our next issue, will be ready on Monday, February 15,1943
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