The Second Great War No. 43

THE ELECTRICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA 'Third JE ih iio n - Hcwly Revised and Extended Great FREE Offer 37 Plates (1 inC o lou rand 8 Folding Plates). 2 Large Folding Charts. Over 120 Reference Tables and Charts. Above is greatly reduced illustration of the four volumes. THE SCOPE OF THE ENCYCLOPEDIA Will be seen in this list oj sections on which it was built up. A c cum u la tor sand Batteries. Applications o f E l e ctr i city .—Indus­trial, domestic, medical, scientific, etc., as. for instance, Agriculture, Cinema Plant, Refrigeration, Ultra-Violet Ray apparatus, Welding, eto. Definition s.—An essential group witli hundreds of items. Gene r a tor sand Motors ,A.C. and D.C.— Including largo and small machines, from the 32,000 kVA alternator to the tiny fractional h.p. motor with all acces­sory machines and apparatus. Heating and Coo king .—Every form uf modern apparatus described with main­tenance and repair notes. Instruments and Testing.— Meters o! .very variety now In use, faults and fault location In cables, wiring, generators and motors, the best methods oftest, and testing Instruments. Law and Regulations .—Amply covered and explained. Lamp sand L ig h ting Method sand Fittings.-Modern methods, such as Lay Lighting, Cornice Lighting, Tubular Light ins. Flood-lighting, and new apparatus, as Hot Cathode Lamps, fully dealt with. Miscellaneous :Mate rials and Special Departments .—Here are 111 eluded the materials used in electro­ technology specialist sections such as electro-chemistry, electro-metallurgy, and other matters. Sup ply and Trans miss ion.— The apparatus, principles, and methods em­ployed between the power station anti tho consumers' terminals. Switch g e a rand Switch b o a rd.— The immense variety of modern control apparatus in principle and detail. Theory o l Electric alP r act ice.— P ut clearly and simply without incursion into higher mathematics. Trans formers andRe o tifie rs .—In­cludes every variety of transformer, as well as Metal Rectifiers. Mercury Arc Rectifiers, eto. Wire lessor Radio Work .—Dis­cuss ions o f theoretical principle sand their application in modern radio practice .Instruction is given on repair anti maintenance .Wiring :Methods ,Mate rials ,and Installation.—Inc lu din gall cables ami the best a p par a tu sand fitting s.Oc c u pat ion State i f House i i o i.d e k parent's Signature REQUIRED UNDER 21 DATE fUi.W.43 PLEASE INFILL ALL PARTICULARS ASKED 1,500 Pages. 2,100 Articles Over 2,400 Photographs, Drawings, D iag rams, etc. to Electrical Engineers and Electrical Workers WE INVITE YOU TO EXAMINE THIS WORK IN YOUR OWN HOIV1E, FOR ONE WEEK, ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE OR OBLIGATION TO PURCHASE General Edita. G.:S. Blaxland Stubbs Associate Editors: Arthur Arnold, A.M.I.K.E., A.M.I.Mech.E., Editor of “The Power Engineer," R.A. Baynton, B.Sc. (Eng.) A.C.G.I., Philip Kemp, M.Sc. (Tech.), M.I.E.E. MemAIEE Head of the Polytechnic School of Engineering, S. 0. Pearson, II.Sc., A.M.I.E.E., S. Austen Stigant, M.I.E.E., F.Am.I.E.E. G .W. Stubbings, B.Sc. (Lond.), I - -InstP A.M.I.E.E THE FIRST AND ONLY BOOK OF ITS KIND 'T'HIS New Edition of "The Electrical Encyclo-pedia,” completely revised and brought up to date, carries many important additions and im provem ents, including new plates and new articles. Written by experts in every branch of the profession, this comprehensive work contains sound, up-to-date, authoritative information, and covers thousands of problem sand questions of everyday work. The rapid development of electrical technology means an enormous of opportunities for the electrical engineer who keeps abreast ot advancing knowledge. YOU can seize these new opportunities NOW by the aid of "The Electrical Encyclopedia.” Whatever your particular subject or job you will find that this work will add to your efficiency, aid your ad­vance in your profession and secure certain SUCCESS. T o 1 <•<»»’workers ciifja yed in fim mine n t and aircraft production ,“The Electrical Encyclopedia ”will prove invaluable. SEND TO-DAY! Just sign and post the form below, and on accept­ance we will send you these four volumes, carriage paid, to examine for one week free. You may either return them to us within 8 days, to end the matter, or keep them on the very easy terms outlined. If you d o not wish t o cut coupon send a st­op card mentioning "Second Great War ,”No .43 ,to the Wave rle y Book Comp any ,who will send a printed application for min its place .POST THIS AT ONCE (OR SEND POSTCARD —see note above) FREE EXAMINATION FORM To the WAVERLEY BOOK CO., LIMITED, 96 and 97, Farringdon Street, LONDON, E.C.4. Please send me, carriage paid, for seven days’ FREE examination. "TH E ELECTRICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA" (New Edition), incomplete four volumes. It is understood that 1 may return the work on the eighth day after I receive it. and that there the matter ends If I keep the books, I will send you on the eighth day a First Payment of 4/-, and, beginning 30 day.- after, sixteen further monthly payments of 5/- each, thus completing the purchase price. CASH PRICE WITHIN 8 DAYS IS £4 Name
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