The Second Great War No. 42

The Publishers' Special BINDING OFFER for Subscribers to THE SECOND GREAT WAR The Pub l i s hers a rep r e pared t o bind the loose issues into volume form for those subscribers who are u nab let o get this done efficient l yin their own locality ,if the fol lowing con d i t ions are observed :Only loose Numbers, in good condition— free from stains, tears or other defacements— can be accepted for binding. The Copies to be bound must be packed insecurely a parcel (Nos. ito 13 constituting the first Volume, Nos. 14 to 26 for Volume Two, and Nos. 27 to 40 for Volume Three) containing the name and full postal address of the sender clearly written and posted direct to the Publishers’ Binding Dept., or handed to your Newsagent.for dispatch to the Publishers, the subscriber being liable for cost of carriage. If the parcel is sent direct to the Publishers, you must post remittance to cover the cost of the binding cases and actual work of binding in a separate envelope, mentioning how many Numbers have been dispatched. In this instance, payment should be made by cheque, postal order or money order (made payable to the Amalgamated Press, Ltd., and crossed /&Co./) sufficient to cover the full amount of the binding charges for this work. The name and address of the sender should be given in the letter as well as in the parcel, and the letter containing cheque or postal order must not be putin the parcel— post it separately. No responsibility can be accepted for remittances lost through being enclosed in parcels. If you hand your loose Numbers to your Newsagent, you must at the same time pay him the full amount to cover the cost o f the binding cases and actual binding. Bound volumes will be dispatched to subscribers in strict rota­tion, according to the order in which the loose copies have been received at the Publishers’ Binding Department. Before packing the parcel it is advisable to make sure that nothing of value has been left between the leaves of the loose Numbers. STYLE OF BINDING To bind Nos. Ito 13, also Nos. 14 to 26 and Nos. 21 to 40, in the Publishers' Standard Binding Cases, the inclusive charge will be 7/- for each volume (3j- for the Binding Case and 4/- for the actual binding and cost of packing and return carriage.) To bind Nos. Ito 13, also Nos. 14 to 26 and Nos. 21 to 40, in the Publishers’ DeLuxe Binding Cases, the inclusive charge will be 11/6 for each volume (1/6 for the Binding Case and 4/- for the actual binding and cost o f packing and return carriage). With each binding case issued by the Publishers, subscribers will be presented with a TASTEFUL TITLE PAGE and TABLE OF CONTENTS Please Note :—SLIGHT INCREASE IN BIN DING CHARGE It is with great reluctance that, owing to the continued rising costs in produc­tion, we are again compelled to make a slight increase in the binding charges for all v o lu mes of THE SECOND GREAT WAR from 3/6 to 4/ -for each volume. Every endeavour will con­tinue to be made by the Publishers to keep their charges down to the absolute minimum, and readers can be assured that no further advance will be made unless circumstances make it abso­lutely necessary to rearrange our prices. Terms for the trade will be supplied on application. SOUTH AFRICAN readers should apply for local prices and full particulars to Central News Agency, Ltd., Johannesburg (or Branches). AUSTRALASIAN readers should apply for local prices and full particulars to Messrs. Gordon& Gotch, Ltd., Melbourne (or Branches). Parcels and Letters containing Postal Orders or Cheques should be addressed to :THE SECOND GREAT WAR (BINDING DEPT.) Bear Alley, Farringdon Street, London, E.C.4 All above prices apply to Great Britain only. Readers in 3 ire will be required to pay such import duty as maybe imposed by the Revenue Commissioners.
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