The War Illustrated No 177 Vol 7 March 31st 1944

LO C A TING ENEMY MINES ,this Red Army sapper wriggles along over the snow, pushing his detecting apparatus ahead, seeking shallowly buried explosives left in the wake of retreating Nazis to hinder the Russian advance. Each mine as discovered will be carefully lifted and rendered innocuous. The British method consists in detecting along a "lane ”marked through the minefield with tapes sappers follow ,marking each position :then come the men who unearth the mines and remove the d eton a tors. J’holo, L '.S.S.K .Official Vd7 T J u /aW i I Mu& t tat u l s.x pen c,&M W by Sir John Hammer f o n MARCH si, I>44 NO. 173 WILL BE PUBLISHED FRIDAY, APRIL 14
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