The War Illustrated No 170 Vol 7 December 24th 1943

Our Roving Camera Visits Occupied Europe NORWEGIAN VILLAGERS in the Hardanger area staged this mock funeral march when they obeyed a German order to surrender their wireless sets: a dramatic demonstration that they had preserved their sense of humour under oppression. With a wagon for a.hearse, and a fiddler playing melancholy music, the villagers lumped their doomed radios together and fell in behind the “hearse” in the customary style of a funeral cortege. Such sturdy spirit cannoc be quenched even by the ruthlessness of Nazi rule. be$ f W c v tVien £ r«<c: dt/r.q j . v («fall' >'<'W f*('&° ru*HA i .<h web a fn ^e* (oaen 4U 5 Hinter- i-v wu^cie liCftnd.: os v £ ANTtt|'diNON T?N a iv q ITOAii QN ANAPOW M ii YMAir ON OTI! >Of N a OAG$OH ,mm r w r e***®|n |pAl lO lft N t PA£H .'•u XA HAA jjOL KANDANOS, VILLAGE IN CRETE, once stood where this board is erected. The inscription re­cords an act of German savagery :"As a reprisal for the foul murder of German soldiers by armed men and women the village of Kandanos was destroyed.” Kandanos is but one of 200 villages in Crete and Greece known to have been wiped out since the German occupation, which began in' April' 1941. RIGOURS OF THE WARSAW GHETTO in Poland are illustrated by this pathetic queue of Jews seeking water:. Ic was in this ghetto that thousands of Jews were massacred in March-April 1943, following their ravoic against appalling conditions imposed on them by the Nazis. Some 1,000 German troops were killed in the riots, and in retaliation the enemy bombed the ghetto and then sent, in S.S. and S.A. units backed by strong army formations to ‘restore order among those already mercilessly oppressed. O THEN MEDITERRANEAN COAST OF FRANCE (above) anti-invasion exercises staged by the Germans prove the enemy’s fear that Sardinia and Corsica, now in Allied hands, maybe springboards for a sea and air­borne assault on the Riviera. To the east they have entrenched themselves in Northern Italy, and irt- Venice they have established abase for motor-torpedo boats operating in the upper Adriatic one is shown (left) in harbour, inSt. Mark's Canal. The picturesque building in the background is the famous Doges’ Palace. Photos, Greeli Official, Norwegian Official, Planet News,- Keystone PAGE 450
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