The War Illustrated No 169 Vol 7 December 10th 1943

Russia Triumphant in Assault and Defence lI| f'¦'*,- vtv S lii! 5 s’t f >--<X-v'\ .-v PETLYAKOV-2, Soviet dive bomber which is also used as alight reconnaissance bomber, gets underway south-west of Voroshilovgrad, in the Donbas. Russian air supremacy over the Luftwaffe has played a mighty part in recent successes, and the contribution of the PE-2 is substantial. hastE a maximum speed of some 300 m.p.h. and can carry a bomb load of 1,300 lb. Russians regard it as their equivalent of the British Mosquito. a t m m WOMEN SNIPERS of the Red Army R.are Shrypnikova (right) and O. Bykova, seen here returning from an assignment. Women fight side by side with men on the Russian front. WOODEN RAILS had to be laid by the enemy in some parts of the Eastern Front to overcome difficulties created by soggy ground. Terrain of this type is the country lying between Gomel-Chernigov and the 1933 Polish-Russian frontier. This German fatigue party is laboriously carrying supplies-to the front line .'jlong one of these wooden tracks. VANDALISM IN KIEV, which was such a grim feature of the German retreat from the town, is symbolized by the ruins of Pechersk Abbey, one of the lovely cathedral churches of Russia’s city of shrines destroyed by the enemy. The Abbey was in the monastery district of the city and was .among the first to be founded in Russia. :....-¦V-:--'• ACROSS THE KERCH STRAITS, narrow stretch oi' water separating the Kuban from the Crimea, stream German troops and equipment byway of a ferry which is reputed to have made 2,000 trips during the enemy's retreat from their last footholds in the Caucasus. On October 9,1943, the Russians announced that the Kuban had been cleared. In the final battle on the Taman Peninsula 20,000 Germans were killed and 3,000 taken prisoner, i hus the way was opened for a frontal assault on the Crimaa from the cast. PAGE 420 Photos, U.S.S X. Official, Planet News, Associated Press
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