Navy & Army Illustrated - January 20th 1900

Jan. 20th, 1000. TIIE NAVY AND ARMY ILLUSTRATED. V. CONTENTS. Frontispiece: The Despatch Riders Farewell The Second Boer War. (Illustrated) The Navy in Smth. Africa. A ‘Busy‘' nay }Navies and Annies o f the World. A Page 45745« Time for the "Handy Man."( Ulus.) 460 H eekly Causerie by David Hannay 461 Editorial Not ices 462 I he Navy and Army Diary 462 On Guard. (Illustrated ]Literary News and Books to be Read. A Reviexv o f Newly-published Books and Notices o f Books to/ 1 /•••••••••••••••Events in Natal. (Illustrated) With G a (acre's Column. (Illustrated) 7 h Que ten si and Mon /ted/ n fan t>y. With Colonel Pilcher. (Illustrated) Pate 462464465 46s 469 In the Cape Colony. In Maitland Camp. (Illustrated) Afloat and Ashore. Notes and Queries for Eveiyone Tates o f the Gun-room. (Illustrated) Disposition o f Troops in South Africa 7 he Story o f the War Round the World. Per Mare, Per Terrain. (Illustrated) Page 4704734744754 7b 477 The Distribution of Our Naval &Military Forces. The first week of each month a list of the ships of the Navy on foreign service will be given on this page the second week the quarters of the Cavalry, Artillery, and Engineers the third week the vessels stationed in home waters the fourth week the quarters of the Infantry Regiments: and from time to time ships in reserve, and those being built. Third Week.] li. battleship. y. Yacht. Agincourt, cr. .Alarm, t.g.b. . Alhacore^.A. .Alberta, y Alexandra, B. .Algiers, h. Angler, t.b.d. Antelope, t.g.b. Ariel, t.b.d. .Arrogant, cr. .Asia, //Australia, cr. .Bat, t.b.d. . . Ren bow, B. Black Prince, cr. Boscawen, //Britannia, h. .Briton, h. Caledonia //Calliope, cr. .Cambrian, cr. .Cambridge. //Circe, t-g.b. .Clyde, h.... Collingwood. B. Colossus, B. .Conqueror, B. .Coquette, t.b.d. Crane, l.b.d. . C uracoa, cr. .Curlew, g.v. .Cygnet, t.b.d. . D«dalus, h. .Defiance, h. .Diadem, cr. Dolphin, sloop .D. of Wellington, Durham, h. Eagle, h. Edinburgh, B. .Elfin, y*... Enchautress, y. Europa, cr. Excellent Fawn, t.b.d. Ferret, t.b.d. .Fire Queen, Flirt,y. l.b.d. Flying Fish, t.b. Furious, cr. Galatea, cr. Ganges, h. Gleaner, t.g.b. .Gossamer, f.g.b. Hannibal, B. Haughty, t.b.d. Hearty, g.b. . Hecla Hero, B.... Highflyer, cr. .Howe, B. Impregnable, h.Indus, h. .Jackal, g.b. anus, t.b.d. aseur, t.g.b. .Jason, t.g.b. SHIPS OF THE ROYAL NAVY IN HOME WATERS. g.b. Gun-boat. h. Hulk, T. Tender. s.s. Survey Ship. h. d. toT. Galatea, e.g. Ireland [Albert toT. Victoria and Portland, e.g. /'.to Pembroke Portishead(R.N.R) toT. Pembroke, /.Channel Squadron Portsmouth [Reserves Com. St.D. A.Wake Lieut.-Com. H. Powiey I/ieut.-Com. W. J. W. Steward Staff-Capt. G. A.Broad Capt Count F.C. Metaxa, A.n.c, (Vice-Adml. Sir Couipton B. Doinvilc. K.C.B.). Capt. G.T v .Atkinson, A.D.C. MedwayReserveC. : Rear-Ad ml. S.C. Holland¦. Lieut.-Com. C. Tibbets ComO A. Stokes Lieut.-Com. G. G. Webster Capt A.W.E. Protheroe Capt A. A.C. Parr (Rear- Admiral P. Aldrich). Capt. C.H.Ad air Southampton [Water, e.g. Com. A.L. Duffto Vivid, /.Capt. P.R. Humpage Greenock, e.g. Com. W. J. GroganQueenstown (boys) Capt. T. II. M. Jerram Portland (boys: Capt. Hon. A.G. Cur/on-Howe, Dartmouth (cadets: C.B., C.M.O. Lieut.-Com. A.C. Spearman .Com. J.G. Hewitt Capt. H. P.Ro thu Caj>t. K.R. McAlpine. Capt R. W. Craigie Lt.-Com.G. S.Q. Carr, C.M .Com..O J. P. Montgomery Capt F. W. Fisher Capt. A.S. Johnson Specs. ini Service Vessel. er. C>uher. t.bjt. Torpedo-ltoa! d$. Depot-ship. p. Portsmouth. IK Devonport. C. Chatham .ge .CoastGuard. p.g. Po:t fjiiatd. W.I. Whale Island toT Boscawen Destroyer. t.g.b. forpedo-gun boat. g.v. Gun Vessel.S. Shcemess. i. Instructional Torpedo Flotilla. Li.-Com. C. P. Beaty-Pownall .Com. T.I). W. Napier Com II. Lyon ••¦•••••••••Com. Hon. II. L.A. Hood« Lieut.-Com. C.B. Barber Capt F.T. Hamilton Capt H. S.F. Niblett Lieut.-Coin. J. I.uce Capt deW. V. Hamilton Lieut.-Com. W. F. Forrest Com C.K. Gladstone. Com W. VanG. Ingen Staff-Com. J. E. Tully. Staff-Capt. P.D. Ouless Capt A. J. Pocklingtou Capt W. H.May, M.v.O. Lieut.-Com. R. W. Dalgetv . . Lieut.-Com. II. N. Hunter Staff-Capt. T. Hawkins Smith. Lieut.-Com. E.A. Thomas ComM Singer Capt. L.E. Wintz Capt. C.H. Cross Hull, e.g. Inverness (R.N.R.) Oueensferry (boys) 1 .to Northampton Training So 11< runnervSchooi,M •r 1\ to Severn, e.g. Aberdeen (R.N.R.) Ban try, e.g. Holyhead, Ve.g. \to Cambridge toT. Pembroke toT. Victory, i.**to Northampton /'.to Cambridge toT. Pembroke. /.Bristol (R.N.R.) Torpedo School, /).Channel Squadron J\ to Bo 4 C awe 1 1 Depot Ship, P. Leith (R.N.R.) Liverpool (R.N.R.} to./ Wild lire (TGunnery School) toT. Victoria and [Albert Ad 111 i ral tv Yacht, P *Particular Service G unn erv Sch 7'. to Victory, i.T. to Vivid, 1. to.T. Victory toT. Victory toT. Victory, i. Channel Squadron Com. W. V. Anson Com. H.F. Peyton TJeut.-Com. F. G.T. Cole Capt Sir B. W. Walker, Bart., C.M .G. Lieut.-Com. LaT.E. Leathain Com. II. G. King Hall, D.s.o. Coin. W. J. Scullard (N) Com W. deSalis Capt. F.E.E. Brock Captain L.II. Fleet (Rear- Adnil. A. P.M. Lake). Capt. A. C.B. Bromley Capt W. Marrack (Rear-Adml. S.f. Jackson). Lieut.-Com. J. C. Tancred Lt.-Com. C.F. Corbett Com W. Carey Lieut.-Com. H. H. Bruce Harwich (boys) G ravese nd( R.N .R)/’ .toMelampus.r Channel Squadron l\ to Pembroke, i. North Sea [(fisheries) Torpedo Dipdt, P.T. to Excellent T. SquadrouiTein.) Queenstown, p.g. I)v* von port (boys) D nport Reserves Coast of Scotland [(fisheries I',to Pembroke toT. Vernon Particular Service Juno,cr. Jupiter, B. Kite, g.b. Landrail, g.v. . Latonn, cr. Leda, t.g.b. .Liberty, brig. .Lightning, t.b.d. Lion, //Lynx, t.b.d. .Magnet, tug. .Magnificent, B. Majestic, />Mars, B Martin, brig. Medea, cr. Medusa, cr.... Melampus, cr. Mermaid, t.b.d. .Minerva, cr. Minotaur, cr. Nautilus, brig Nile, B Northampton, cr. NorthutnberPd, cr. Onyx, t.g.b. Osborne, y. Pactolus, cr. Panther, l.b.d. .Pembroke, h. Pilot, brig President, //Prince George, B.Racer, sloop Raven, g.b. Renard. t.g.b. .Repulse, B. Research, ..Resolution,/>...s. Rodnev, B. •St George, cr. ..St. Vincent, h.. Saus Pareil, />.. Seaflower, brig. .Seagull, t.g.b. Seahorse,s Seal, t.b.d. Severn, cr. Shark, t.b.d. . . Sheldrake, l-g.b. .Spanker, t.g-b. .Star, t.b.d. Starfish, t.b.d. .Sturgeon, t.b.d. .Thrasher, t.b.d. .Thunderer, B. .Trafalgar, B... Traveller, tug Triton, ...Unicorn,s. h. Vernon, /Vesuvius, g.b. . . Victoria&Albert^y. Victory, h. Violet, t.b.d. Vivid, y. Wanderer, barque Wildfire, y. Wolf, l.b .d. Wye, s. .Capt. H.G. Cherry Capt. J. Durnford, C.B., .s.o.d Lieut.-Com. P.G. W. Hope••«•»•«•#•*# Capt. H. C.A. Baynes. Lieut.-Com. V. Maud Lieut.-Coin. C.H. Morgan Lieut.-Com. C.O.L. Mans-rgh Com.E. G. Shortland. Lieut.-Com. S. II. RadclifFe Lieut.-Com. J. Webber Capt J. Ferris (Rear-Adml. A.D. Fanshawe). Capt. LeG. C. Egerton, c.n. (Vice-Admiral Sir II. H. Rawson, k .c.b .).Capt. H. J. May, C.B Lieut.-Com. S.M. Agnew Com C.G. May Com. A.L. K. knapton Capt R.N. Gresley Com. M.E. F. Kerr Capt. O.F. Pike Com.E. G. Barton Lieut.-Com. H. H.I). Totlii 1 1 .Capt. C.G. Langley Capt. II. A.W. Onslow Com C.R. Tower Lieut.-Com. G. Oliver Copt. C.W indham Capt. F. J. Foley Com.J. I. Graham Capt. A. Macleod Lieut.-Com. W. J. S. Aldersou .Coin. A.C. Woods Capt. A. Barrowr Com. M.S. Beatty (N) Com A.M eldrum Lieut.-Com. W. H. Eyre Capt R.F. O. Foote, c.m.<v. Capt. W. V. Moore Capt. C.R Arbuthnot. Capt G. W. Russell Com. E. V. Poe,m .v .o., a .d.c .Com. C. P. Thursby Capt. C.H. Big g e Lieut.-Com. G.E. II. Gamble. Com. II. Grant-Dalton Staff-Com. G.S. Keigwin . . Lieut.-Com. A. J. Payne Capt W. L.II. Browne Lieut.-Com. G.E. Corbett . . Lieut.-Coin. R. II. Curteis . . Lt.-Com. H.E. F. Worthington Lieut.-Com. S.B. Evans Lieut.-Com. G.R. Corbett . . Lt.-Com. M. McG. Lockhart . Lieut.-Com. T.I). Pratt Capt J. E. Blaxland Capt. G.A. Primrose Lieut.-Com. R.A. Cathie Capt G.E. Richards Lieut.-Com. L.E. Austen Capt C.G. Robinson Lt.-Com.F.C.T. V. Wentworth R.-Adml. Sir J. R.T. Fullerton, K.C.V.O., C.B., a .d.c. Capt.F.C. B. Bridgeman (Adml. Sir M. Cultne-Seymour, Bart., G.C.B.). Lieut.-Com. J. B. Sparks. Capt II. T. Grenfell (Adnil. Sir II. Fairfax, K.C.B.). Lieut.-Com. L. deW. Satow .Capt. C. Campbell, c.b .s.o.,.,d A.D.C. (Admiral Sir N. Bowden-Smith, k .c.b.). Lieut.-Com. C.R. Kemble- Lambert. Staff-Com. C. R.H. Robinson .Training Squadron Channel Squadron I to. Excellent 7. to Wildfire Particular Service toT. Australia, e.g. f .to Lion toT. Victory, i. Devonport (bovs) Vivid J .to Victory Channel Squadron Channel Squadron Channel Squadron toT. St. Vincent S’tlfpton (R.N.R.) N. Shields (R.N.R) Kingstown, e.g. toT. Pembroke, i. TrainingSquadron toT. Boscawen I',to Impregnable Devon port, p.g. Recruiting Service Depot Ship, C. 1\ to Severn, e.g. Royal Yacht, P. Channel Squadron toT. Vivid, i. Medway Res'ves, CT. to Impregnable W.I.Docks(R.N.R) Channel Squadron toT. Britannia Channel Islands J .to Colossus, e.g. Channel Squadron Home Waters Channel Squadron Q ueensferrv, e.g. J Training Squad roii Portsmouth (bo)s) Sheerncss, p.g. toT. Boscawen Particular Service Home Waters I\to Vivid, i. Harwich, l\e.g. to Vivid, /.7\ to Rodney /'.to A1 e x an< 1 ra ,c.g. I\to Victory, to/.T. Victory, to/.T. Pembroke 1\ to Vivid, /.Pembroke, p.g. Portsmouth, p.g. toT. Vivid Home Waters Dundee (R.N.R.) Torpedo School,/'. toT. Vernon Royal Yacht. P. Portsmouth 7\ to Victory Devonport J'. to Boscaweu Sheerness toT. Vivid Particular Service The Volumes make handsome gift books. Volumes II., III., and V. are Twelve Shillings each, and Volumes VII. and VIII., cloth extra, gilt edges, Eighteen Shillings each, of Messrs. George Newnes, Ltd., Southampton Street, Strand. Volumes I., IV., VI.and are out of print.
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