Navy & Army Illustrated - January 20th 1900

Jan. 20th, 11)00. THE NAVY AND ARMY ILLUSTRATED. 111 .Weekly, Price Sixpence •Ed i ted b y Commander C h a s.N. Robin son ,R.N (Of *The Army and Navy Gazette,”) O f fices: 30, TAVISTOCK ST., COVENT GARDEN, W.C. vol. TX.— Do iss. Royal Naval Cadetships. Mr. WALTER BUTLER, B.A. (Several years Instructor on H.M.S. “Britannia"), RECEIVES a limited number of PUPILS to be prepared specially for the ROYAL NAVY. There are Four Resident Instructors, and each Pupil receives individual intuition all his subjects. Recent Successes: —Marks. 19thT Fisher 1352 21stP J. Holyar 1324 3rd CB. Elwell ••>16181,,, •flthC R. Hemans1501 34thK H. Benson1302 5 7^h. ••J> IL \ outog (.1132241 hJ M #,,,201^ 8lhC L.G. Woo 1 1 combe2636 46th Gi Ei Gumming ,2075 3rdA Baddeley 2923 •13thA L. H. D. Coke2568 33rdS St. L. Moore2130 DECEMBER, 1899. *3rdH Walker 2834 32ndA W. Vere Hopegood2336 •First trial and earliest possible age. At the Final “Britannia" Passing-Out Examination, Three Cadets—Messrs* S.H. Tennyson, FF. Rose, F. C.G. St. Clair —were successful after three months' coaching in all their subjects at“ Shortlands." “Britannia” Cadets received in the holidays to be coacbed in all their Fourth Term Examination subjects For Prospectus, List of References, and all information with regard to regulations for entry into the Royal Navy, address the Principal,“ SHORTLANDS,” EASTBOURNE. ILLUSTRATED. I Saturday, January 20th, 1900. CAPTAIN FULLER R.E.).(late Assisted by Major KING, and in co-operation with Mr. H.F. TRIPPEL, PREPARES RESIDENT and NON-RESIDENT PUPILS FOR MILITIA LITERARY and COMPETITIVE, W OOLW ICH, SANDHURST, AND ALL MILITARY and CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATIONS also officers tor Promotion and for the Stall College Recent Successes :MILITIA COMPETITIVE, September, 1899 Marks. ‘FIRST University.— A. E.M. Ward 1843 Mr. Ward read with Capt. Fuller FOR EIGHT WEEKS ONLY, and the Subjects were entirely new to him. This result has never been surpassed. •FIRST Art ille ry.— C.H. Clark (After a few months’ reading.) *2oth Infantry.— L. J. Le Fleming 3 5 t h 38th ? 72nd *76 th ft it ••••••Marks. 179215821485146313101280 A. Moore J. C. W.Hooper B. Milford A. J. M. Gordon *ist trial direct. March, 1899.—8 competed, all passed. 1898.—13 competed, all passed. N.B.— No Pupil who has read with Capt. Fuller, during the last four years, has finally failed to pass. Work carried on in small classes, which ensures close attention to each Pupil. TWICKENHAM PARK, 8.W. first-Class Certificates. EVERY N.C.O. and PRIVATE soldier at HOME or ABROAD who wants his FIRST should send a post ''ard at once for particulars of the new and popular svstem. CHANGE of STATION docs not interfere. Special help for those who cannot attend a garrison school. CLASSES are now forming for the MARCH EXAM.— RANDALL J. l*OX(ex-Army School­master), 368, Acton Lane, London, W. NAVY &ARMY ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE. LONDON. A DEL PHI, Strand, W.C., 745 P-m. “Two Little Vagabonds/* ,AVENUE W .C.,8.45 pm.“ A Message from Mars." COME DY, Panton St., W. 8.30 p.m. C O U RT, SloaneSq.,S.W.,8.30 p.m. 1 1 A Royal Family." C O VENT GAR DEN, W.C., 8 p.m. Promenade Concerts. C RITE R ION ,W., 8.30 p.m. “The Masked Ball.” LAD Y ,Leicester'S Sq., W.C., 8 p.m. M San Toy D R U R Y NE,AL W.C., 7.30 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. “Jack and the Beanstalk.” DUKE OF ROY K'S, .C,W 8 p.m. “Miss Hobbs.” G A IE TY, W.C., 8.15 p.m. 1 1 A Runaway Girl.” Sat. 2 p.m. GAR RICK, W.C., 8 p.m. “Puss in Boots.” G L O BE, W.C., 8 p.m. “The Gay Lord Quex.” Sat. 2 p.m. HAY MARKET, S.W., 8.30 p.m.“ Sbe Stoors to Conquer." HER MAJ STYE ’S, S.W., 8.15 p.m.“ A Midsummer N*ht’s Dream.” L Y C E UM, W.C., 8p.m. and 2 p.m. “The SnowMan." LYRIC ,W., 830 p.m. “Flora Dora.” Thursday, 2.30 p.m. NEW O L Y M PIC, W.C., 8.15 p.m.“ A Trip to Midget Town.” PRINCE O F WALES ’S, W., 8.15 p.m. “The Only Way.” PRINCESS S, W., 8 p.m. “How London Lives.” ROYALTY ,Dean St., W. ST. JAMES ’S, S.W. New Play in January, 1900. SAVOY, W .C.,8.15 p.m. “The Rose of Persia.” SHAFT E S BURY ,W., 8 p.m. “The Mystical Miss.” S T RAND, W.C., 9 P.m. “The Wrong Mr. Wright.” TERRY Strand,’S, W.C., 8 p.m. “Jane.” V A U DEVIL LE, W.C., 9 p.m. “The Elixir of Youth.-* W Y N D H A M'S, .CW .,8 p.m. “David Garrick.' SUBURBAN ALEX RAND A ,Stoke Newington, N., 7.45 p.m. and 1.30 p.m.“ Sinbad the Sailor.” BRIT ANN IA. H ox ton, N., 7 p.m. “The Magic Moonstone/' B R IX TON, S.W., 745 p.m. “The Geisha/’ At 2 p.m., “Alice in Wonderland.” BROAD WAY, Deptford, S.E., 7.30 p.m., Sat. 2.30 p.m. “Puss in Boots.” COR O NET, Nott. Hill Gate, W., 8 p.m. and 2 p.m. “The Babes in the Wood.” C R OWN, Peckham, S.E., 7.45 p.m. “Cinderella.” LAD TONS ,N., 7-45 P-m. “Dick Whittington." PELE H ANT AND CASTLE ,S.E., 745 p.m. and 2 p.m. “Dick Whittington.” GRAND, Fulham, S.W., 7.30 p.m. and 2 p.m. “Cinderella.” ,GRAND Islington, N.,7.30p.m. and 2 p.m. “Forty Thieves/’ KENNING TON (Princess of Wales’s), 7-15 p.m., Thnrs. at 2 .“Dick Whittington." LYRIC, Hammersmith, 7.30 p.m.“ Sinbad the Sailor.” METRO POLE, Camberwell, S.E., 7.45 p.m. “The Sign of the Cross." ROM TONS, Greenwich, S.E., 8 p.m. “Gipsy Jack.” O PER A HOUSE ,Crouch End, N., 8 p.m “Cinderella/’ ROY AL, Stratford, E,, 8 p.m. “The Iron Maiden.” ROYAL D U CHESS, Balham, S.W. ••Alice in Wonderland." ROYAL WEST LON DON ,W., 8 p.m. “Jack of Hearts.” S H A K ESP E ARE, Clapham Junction, S.W., 8 p.m. “Robin­son Crusoe.” SURREY ,S.E., 7.45 p.m. “Goody Two Shoes.” MUSIC HALLS. A L HAM B R A ,Leicester Square, W.C., 8 p.m. E M P IRE ,Leicester Square, W.C., 8 p.m. LON DON P A V IL ION ,Piccadilly Circus, W., 8 p.m. METROPOLITAN ,267, Edgware Road, W., 8 p.m. OXFORD ,14, Oxford Circus, W., 8 p.m., Sat. 2.15 p.m. PALACE ,Cambridge Circus, W.C., 7.50 Pp.m. A RAG Q N ,95, Mile End Road, E., 8 p.m. ROY AL, Holborn, 8 p.m., Sat. 2.30 p.m. T IV O LI, Strand, W.C., 8 pm. T IEUT.-COL. BOSWORTH 'and T W T R.H. A.STERN ,M.A.I** (Honours Oxtordand Cambridge), PREPARE RAPIDLY and INDIVIDUALLY for the ARMY, CIVIL SERVICE and UNIVERSITIES. CEDAR COURT. FOUR-AND-A-HALF YEARS’ RECORD. During the 44 years ending June, 1899,129 Pupils were prepared and 127 passed, a result absolutely unapproached by any otner establishment. These include WOOLWICH—13 out of 15 SANDHURST—44 out of 49. MILITIA COM PETITIVE—2 4 out of 2 5 .MILITIA LITERARY—30 out of 3 4 .DIRECT ARTILLERY COMMISSION -1 out of l. PROMOTION-9 out of 9 .COOPERS H ILL-3 out of: s .CAMBRIDGE PREVIOUS-i out of 1. CAMBRIDGE ENTRANCE-2 out of 2 .Names and Marks will be forwarded on application HIGH PLACES OBTAINED by the above: 19 FIRSTS. 22 SECONDS. 18 THIRDS And all these with an average of 30 pupils only. DOWNSHIRE HOUSfc. EDAR COURT one of the finest country houses in "the kingdom, standing on 20 acres of land, reaching almost to Richmond Park, a distance of three-quarters of a mile. DOWN­ SHIRE HOUSE, on the adjoining estate, is another magnificent country residence, formerly the seat of the Marquis of Downshire. There are many grass tennis courts, as well as cricket and foot­ball grounds there are stalls and boxes for 20 horses, and there is a tent-pegging ground. The Wimbledon Golf Links are within ten minutes’ walk, whilst proximity to the river affords opportunity for boating. It must, however, be distinctly understood that games are never under any conditions allowed to interfere with the work. CEDAR COURT AND DOWNSHIRE HOUSE, ROEHAMPTON, SURREY, for resident pupils. Station— Barnes, S.W.R. (TOWNHOUSE for promotio candidates and day pupilc) .7, HOGARTH ROAD. EARL’S COURT, S.W. (150 yards from the Station). Telegrams— "Exercitus London." J Roehampton, “153, Battersea." Telephone £r\Ear,.s rt_ Kensjn|Jton »
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