Navy & Army Illustrated - January 20th 1900

TRATED Edited Ly Comm* Cha?,N.Robinson.R.N (Of“The Army and Navy Gazette) Officcs 2 0 .TaVISTOCKSt, COVTNT GARDE! . W.C. Subscription Price. per annum. Po:it free. Inland,2&?2^ Foreign. 3 4s 8d Registered a!G .P 0&3& N-?w.spiper. Published Weekly ESTABLISHED 1844. FUNDS EXCEED £3,500.000 VAN A LAND MILITARY OFFICERS assured at Low Rates, covering alLWar and Climate Risks. Rates and particulars oi— The Army Assurance Association, 217, Pic c a q h ^ ly (corner of Piccadilly Circus, W.). FIRE (Established in the Reign of Queen Anne, A.D. 1714.) Head Office: 81, CORNHILL, LONDON, E.C. Accumulated Funds, £3,250,000. Subscribed Capital, £450,000. Annual Income -£900,000. SPECIAL RATES FOR NAVAL AND MILITARY OFFICERS. MODERATE PREMIUMS. EXTENDED FREE LIMITS. INTERIM BONUSES. LIBERAL CONDITIONS. PROMPT PAYMENT OF CLAIMS. N0N-F0RFEITABLE POLICIES Fire Manager— W. G. Wilkins. Sub-Fire Manager—A. K. Bailey. Actuary— K.L. Paoden CHARLES DARRELL, Secretary .BY APPOINTMENT TOBY APPOINTMENT TO .SATURDAY, JANUARY 2otk> igoo. »•ST. RAPHAEL TANNIN WINE A NAT URAL TONIC ,“THE ORIGINAL ST. RAPHAEL TONIC WINE.” This Wine is prepared according to the recipes of Professors Pasteur and Bouchardst. This Wine is the only cone se pin the Paris Hospitals for Anaemia, Debility, Convalescents, Bronchial Affections also for Young Girls and Children. ST. RAPHAEL TANNIN WINE is most ttficaclous as a Tonic, and must not be confounded with Coca, Kola, or Quin Quina preparations, which acton the nervous system without any nourishing properties. To Ladies Nursing is much more beneficial than Stout. To avoid spurious imitations each bottle bears on the neck the address of the SOLE AG EN TS: E. GALL A IS &CO. (Limited), 90, PIC C A DILLY ,W. PIPECLAY SUPERSEDED BY. Pickering's 'Blanco’ For Whitening all Articles of Buff or Buckskin Leather, such as Military Equipments, White Helmets, Cricket Pads and Shoes, and a multitude of similar articles. Removes Stair\s ar\d Discolouration, aqd ensures evenness of colour, ai\d a soft, silky surface of glossy satiq-like appearance. Much better and more convenient than Pipeclay, as there is no trouble of preparation, and it is much cheaper in the end.• BLANCO put up in cup-shaped blocks (registered design), and with specially-made non-corrosive zinc box it will be found the handiest article for the purposes named. Sold at Canteens, also by Ironmongers, Saddlers, Brush makers, etc. V I AMffVirTVTDVDQ *JOSEPH PICKERING &SONS, SHEFFIELD. Bran tic Offle*: Bt. toG erg ’1 House. Lon don ,£.0.
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