85th Magazine - The Official Journal Of The 85th Club

85th No. MAGAZINE 56.______________NOVEMBER, 1949.__________ Vol. E W EDITORIAL. XXVII. have always heard with pleasure and gratitude that the Magazine plays a large part in keeping this Club in being, and once more we commend this short chronicle of its recent activities to your The notice. record includes, as will be seen, Birth, Marriage and Much Death. more could be written of that out­standing personality, Freddie Waller, whose passing will be generally and genuinely regretted. I'le was a product of the Regular Army, a type unfamiliar to us when we first joined the Ambulance, but we lived to see an initial mistrust turn to mutual respect and regard ana, indeed, affection. Plis commanding pre­sence and brusque voice failed to hide an innate kindliness and humour. We have reason to remember his loyal help to newly appointed You Lance-Corporals. will, too, learn with interest and regret of the fortunes of the old S.5. Varsova, for the passage of years has also changed our attitude towards that famous ship, although Chief Officer Smith thinks as little of her as we did long ago. She, too, has reached the end of a well spent In life. offering our best wishes to you all for Christmas and the New Year (approaching all too rapidly), may we su,pport the ex­hortations of the incoming and outgoing Chairmen and our hardworking Secretary to an increased attendance at the various Meetings of the Club ?You maybe as­sured that these always offer some attrac­tive feature beyond the natural pleasure of being in company with old and valued friends for a few hours. Much time and trouble (gladly and ungrudgingly given) are spent on their arrangement. Good Luck !THE EDITO NEW R. CHAIRMAN’S 56, MESSAGE. Egm ont Road, Sutton, November, Surrey. D 1949. Fear e u o w-M e m b e r s.IT IS the New Chairman’s privilege to have a small space in the November Magazine for a message Toto members. begin with, I would like to say how much I appreciate the honour of being elected to the Chairmanship of the 85th Club, and to assure you that I will do mv best to maintain its high We traditions. are fortunate instill having practic­ally the same capable and energetic team of Officers as last year, backed by an ex­perienced Committee, which I feel sure will carry through the Club programme in such away as to deserve your support. I would like to remind you of Jack bidge’s Bur- eloquent appeal last year for a bigger attendance at ordinary monthly meetings, and to suggest that everyman who attends the Annual Dinner should do his best to beat not less than two of the other Club meetings during the coming season. In a world full of post-war pro­blems it is an excellent thing to getaway occasionally from everyday surroundings and swap yarns and experiences with old I comrades. look forward to seeing as many of you as can possibly come to all the meetings, and in the meantime send m y lieartiest greetings and good wishes for Christmas and the coming year to all of you, whether in town, country, or Yours overseas. very JOHN sincerely, MADDOCK.
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