The War Illustrated No 88 Vol 4 May 9th 1941

Cover iv The JVar illustrated May 9th, 1941 A . A .Gun n e r(“Over the 4 0 Mark ”),Can Go The Pace With Younger Men' I Am Able To Carry On Thanks To YEAST-VITE B^and Tab lets Heavy A.A. Battery, Essex. Dear Sirs, It is with great gratitude and pleasure I submit my testimonial to you, and thank you for the wonder- fui benefit I have enjoyed since taking the tablets. Being anon A.A. Gun site, we have some very hectic nights, and so, of course, lose quite a lot of sleep, and are absolutely fatigued, but thanks to Yeast-Vite 1 am able to carry on. Also I must bring to your notice that it is a great relief tome for my rheumatism, which unfortunately has occurred in my foot, due to the very rough winter i endured last, and being over the 40 mark it speaks volumes for the fitness I otherwise enjoy. I unfortunately failed to take them for some days, and noticed the great difference they made tome, being very restless, nervy and tired, but I am never without them now. I have thoroughly recommended them to all our men here, as I feel sure it will do the same for themas it has done for me. I was very dubious when my wife suggested my taking them, but can now assure you that my doubts are far removed, and shall continue to take them at all times needed. 'I now sleep and eat better, and feel much younger, and can go the pace with the younger men. Being an ex-Service man, and having been through the mill before, I really think these tablets have been my saviour. Y ci are quite at liberty to publish this testimonial should you so desire, as I think everyone shpuld know what benefit can be derived from Yeast-Vite during these troublous times. Again many thanks to Yeast-Vite. Yours gratefully, (Sgd.) Gunner V.B. Argyll, Feb. 12th, 1941. Dear Sirs, I wish to thank you for Yeast-V ite. I find the tablets most bene­ficial. Yours truly, (Sgd.) Nurse .“TheM Instant Relief Yeast-Vite Gives” 1 s t Bucks B a tta lion, Feb .17 th ,1941. Dear Sirs, I would like to try and tell you how good I think Yeast- V ite is. In civilian life I was pretty healthy ,but since I have been in the Army I have been o u ton training day ancl n ig ht, and it has play done m y nerves, and I have bad head aches.' I had heard good reports of Yca^t Vise, so I tried it, and haven ’thad a headache Since. Also I have got rheumatism in riiy legs, and that is im prov in gas well. ¦Whenever I outgo n o won a route march I try and take some with me. There are many other chaps herewith the same com ­plaints and I am recommending them to take it, because of the instant relief Yeast- V ite gives. Yours grate fully, (Sgd.) P riv ate L.E .Cannot Describe the Improvement —Anti-Tank R e gt., R.A., North of England ,Feb. 3rd, 1941. Dear Sirs,. I wish to pay a tribute to the wonderful benefit derived from the use of Yeas t-V ite .Riding daily .in a n open truck ,and coming back to a cold billet, I caught chill after chill and became thoroughly run-down .Depressed and niisft'able, I read of Yeast- V ite Tab lets and decided to try them. I cannot describe the great im­prove men tin m healthy ,and shall always ,.keep Yeas t-V ite min y kit now .Yours faith fully,' (Sgd.) .T.EL Run-Down, Nervous Stomach Trouble —Field Regiment, R.A .,South of England, Feb. 10th, 1941. Dear Sirs, I am writing to tell you how wonderfully good your Yeast- V ite tablets are. I wr as run­down and nervous, weak, also suffering from stomach trouble. I tried everything going, but all failed, till two weeks ago m matey advised tome try some of your tablets, which I did. After tw'o bottles of your wonderful tablets I felt a newman, thanks to your tablets. If you will send me a few samples of Yeas t-V ite -I will be very pleased to give some to a few of the boys in the R.A. (Sgd.) .J.,R of the R.A. “Splendid Pick -me- up FOR MR TIME NERVES" Feb. 12th, 1941. Dear Sirg, Y e a st-V ite is a splendid pick-m e-up, and a grand recu- perativS for war-time nerves. I am constantly recofhm ending them ,because I know from personal experience their value. Than king you, Yours faithfully,. (Sgd.) Nurse E.H „S.R .N .Accept This Offer If you suffer from Headaches, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Nerves, Indigestion, Sleeplessness, Consti­pation, simply obtain a 1/5 bottle of Yeast-Vite a t once. If you don’t feel better QUICKLY, return the empty carton to Irving’s Yeast- Vite, Ltd., W atford, within one month o f purchase,and your money will be refunded a t once and in full. YEAST-VITE brand tablets 7d., I/S, 3/5, and 5/8, including Purchase Tax. Sold Everywhere.
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