The War Illustrated No 80 Vol 4 March 14th 1941

Cover io The War Ilhirfraled March 14th, 1941 THIS YEAR- WE CLIMB TO VICTORY YOU CAN HELP YOUR C O U N TRY and yourself at the same time if you do YOUR BEST, but you are not doing your best if you waste time. By becoming inefficient your vocation you can give the best service to your country and to yourself. The more you increase your earning power the better it is for the country and for yourself personally. War or no war, earning power always brings its possessor to the front. It is no use waiting for better times. The ideal opportunity never arrives. We have to make the best of existing conditions. Therefore, delay is useless it is worse, it is harmful. T O ACHIEVE VICTORY we must be efficient—to be efficient we must be trained. If it is your desire to make progress and establish yourself in a good career, write to us for free particulars on any subject which interests you, or if your career is undecided, write and tell us of your likes and dislikes and we will give you practical advice as to the possibilities of avocation and how to succeed in it. You will be under no obligation what­ever. It is our pleasure to help. We never take students for courses unless we feel satisfied they are suitable. Do not forget that success is not the prerogative of the brilliant. Our experience of Over thirty years proves that the will to suc­ceed achieves more than outstanding brilliancy. EARNING POWER IS A SOUND INVESTMENT! DO ANY OF THESE SUBJECTS INTEREST YOU ?Accountancy Examinations *Advertising and Sales Management Agriculture A .M.I. Fire E. Examinations Applied Mechanics Army Certificates Auctioneers and Estate Agents Aviation Engineering Aviation Wireless Banking BluePrints Boilers Book-keeping, Accountancy and Modern Business Methods B.Sc. (Eng.) Building, Architecture and Clerk of Works Builders’ Quantities Cambridge Senior School Certificates Civil Engineering Civil Service All Commercial Subjects Commercial Art Com mon Prelim. E J.E .B .Concrete and Structural Engineering D raughtsm anship. All branches Engineering. All branches, subjects and Examinations General Education G .P.O .Engineering Dept. Heating and Ventilating Industrial Chemistry Institute of Housing Insurance Journalism Languages Mathematics Matriculation Metallurgy Mining. All subjects Mining. Electrical Engineering Motor Engineering Motor Trade Municipal and County Engineers Naval Architecture Novel Writing Pattern Making Play Writing Police, Special Corps Preceptors, College of Press Tool Work Production Engineering If you do not see your own requirements abovh, write to onus any subject. Pumps and Pumping Machinery Radio Communication Radio Service Engineering Road Making and Maintenance Salesmanship, I.S.M .A. Sanitation School Attendance Officer Secretarial Exams. Sheet MetalWork Shipbuilding Shorthand (P itm a ’s)n Short Story Writing Speaking in Public Structural Engineering Surveying Teachers of Handicrafts Telephony and Telegraphy Television Transport Inst. Exams. Viewers, Gaugers, Inspectors Weights and Measures Inspector Welding Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony Works Managers Full particulars free. CAN YOU CHAN GEM Y EXPRESS ION ?IF SO, YOU MAY BETHE ARTIST that COMMERCE IS WAITING FOR •Just try it for yourself trace or draw the outline and then putin the features. There are hundreds of openings in con­nection with Humorous Papers, Adver­tisement Drawing, Posters, Calendars, C atalogues, Textile Designs, Book Illustrations, etc. 60% of Commercial ArtWork is done by “FreeLance ”Artists who dp their work at home and sell it to the highest bidders. Many. Commercial Artists draw retaining fees from various sources others, prefer t.o work full-time employment or partnership arrangement. We teach you -not only how to draw .what is wanted, but how to' make buyers* want what you draw. Many of-our- students who originally took up Commercial Art as a hobby have since turned it into a full-time paying pro­fession -with -stu.dio ^and staff of assistant artists— there is no limit to the possibilities. Let us send you full particulars for a FREE T R IA L'and details'sOL.ouri. course for y<5ur inspection. You will be under no‘ obligation whatever. ART DEPT. 72 STUDY AT HOME IN YOUR SPARE TIME EVERY DEPARTMENT IS A COMPLETE COLLEGE :EVERY STUDENT IS A CLASS TO HIMSELf JOURNALISM Short Story, Novel and Play Writing There is money and pleasure in Journalism and in Story Writing. N o apprenticeship, no pupilage, no examinations, no outfit necessary. Writing for newspapers, novels or pictures is not a gilt it is a sciencc that- can be acquired by diligent application and proper guidance. I theist most fascinating way of making pastime profitable. Trained ability only is required we do the training- by post. Let us tell you about it. Department of pterature 72 IF YOU ATTEND T O THIS N O W,IT MAY MAKE A WONDERFUL DIFFER­ENCE T O YOUR FUT U R p .COUPON CUT THIS OUT journal, send a letter. To Dept. 72, The Bennett College Ltd., Sheffield Please send me (free of charge) Particulars of }(Cross outline which Your private advice about )does not apply) PLEASE WRITE IN BLOCK LETTERS Name Address NOTE ADDRESS: DEPT. 72, THE BENNETT COLLEGE LTD., SHEFFIELD
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