The War Illustrated No 64 Vol 3 November 22nd 1940

CH A fiO ^obligate ®Illustration at left 'shows a volume bound Cover iv The War Illustrated November 22nd, 1940 sec In time of War prepare for Rfeace! Don't let the War years rob you of the increased intellectual equipment which the Peace years will demand of you in the ensuing struggle for a successful life. Here the best means to'that is placed at your command. OVER 120,000 sets of PRACTICAL KNOW ­LEDGE FOR ALL have already been sold, and .they have been the means of helping many thousands oT people to achieve success. They can be of equal assistance to you, whatever your age or occupation. Equip yourselves NOW with the knowledge necessary for success in the world today and in the post-war years, when the labour market will be flooded with men and women released from work of National importance. To the young student whose education has been inter­rupted by the War— and today there are thousands of boys and girls in danger of wasting these, their most precious and impressionable years—-these famous volumes are indis­pensable. (Left) The beautiful deluxe edition in dark blue leather. The twenty-nine different courses of instruction have been specially written and arranged for home study in care­fully graded lessons. Over 2,000 illustrations help to clarify the text, and each volume of the new edition includes two pages of colour plates. Whether you wish to increase your grasp of a specialized subject- or to irriprove your general knowledge', these courses of study, will be invaluable. Only by seeing and handling the books them'selves can you be convinced of the Immense variety of subjects and untold help and interest they will hold for you. Examine them at leisure in your own home see how easy it is to follow the lessons, step by step. This you can do, without trouble or risk, by accepting this FREE APPROVAL OFFER today. A// fret, •coI c K?y° Va'*n s0l e^u d it ip g r oi/ e rf t"'en y .ne 'hsfo llZ :C°"r Z n'ne POST THIS AT ONCE OR SEND POSTCARD (see NO TEat right). FREE E X A MIN A T ION FORM To THE WAVER L E Y BOOK C O .LTD., 96-97, Farringdon Street, LON DON, E.C.4. Please send me, carriage paid, 'for "Seven Days’ Free Examination, one complete set of PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE FOR ALL (New Edition) in six volumes, in binding indicated bfelow. It is understood- that I can examine the work for seven days from its receipt by rne, and if I do not wish to keep it I may return it on the eighth day, and there the'matter will end. If I decide to keep the work, I will send you, on the eighth [day, a first confirmatory payment, and, commencing thirty days thereafter, I will send you further monthly payments, thus completing the purchase price asunder. DON'T MISS THIS GREAT i OPPORTUNITY I fo r°UN r/S u 6 j ectS: A i PLEASE STRIKEOUT BINDING NOT WANTED. (A) Rei Rexine binding (standard edition).¦ Firat payment 2/- eight days after1 delivery and seven monthly payments of 4/-, making a total of 30 >CASH PRICE WITHIN 8 days, 27/6. (B) Dark Blue leather bind­ing (deluxe edition). .First payment '&/-eight days after delivery, and nine monthly payments of 4/-, making a total of 38/-. CASH PRICE WITHIN 8 days, 35/-. W e will send you, carriage paid, the six volumes of PRACTICAL KNOW LEDGE F ORAL L,'in whichever binding you se­lect, for examination for 7 days without the slightest charge or obligation to purchase. You can either return the books to us within 8 days, to end the matte orr, keep the m<on the very easy terms outlined on the Free Examination Format left,| Jf)T E ¦If you do not wish- to cut this I ¦ 1 coupon, send a postcard men­tioning “The War Illustrated ”to 'TheW averley Book Co., who will be.pleqsed to send a printed application inform its place. Latin- L^N g ,.\SIC SsH q, er> c h Address Occupation y State i f Householder, -Parent’s Signature-,t e. ,required if under 21.... W.1.64 PLEASE INFILL ALL Date PARTICULARS ASKED. YOUR SAFEGUARD— SPECIAL WAR RISK INSURANCE Should you decide, after examination, to purchase the volumes o f PRACTICAL KNOW LEDGE FOR ALL, you may do so with the utmost confidence, for, in the event- of your death or incapacity arising from enemy action/ your account will be dosed and any amount owing cancelled.
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