The War Illustrated No 39 Vol 2 May 31st 1940

May ?>1 M ,1940 The Ifr))- Illustrated '571 The Nazis5 First Blow Fell on Little Luxemburg The peaceful p eo p leo f the Duchy knew little o f the realities o f war and when the first arm o u red units rumbled through 1ha villages they armaments inaction for the first time .But they had but primitive ideas o f resistance, amd along the roads on which the enemy advar such useless barriers as those cen tre. Above ,heavy German anti-aircraft guns are crossing into L u x em burg over a woo den ramp .Photos. Associated Press When the German army marched into L u x em burg they found only empty streets. They had profess­edly come there as“p ro­te c tors ,”but uncertain o f their welcome they were fully armed ,lest the small nation that they had over ­whelmed should put up some resistance. These are the first German photos o f the great offensive to be received in London. A s L u x em burg had node­ fences the Nazi invaders were able to build pontoon bridges across the river which separates the Grand Duchy from Germ any without hindrance. Below is one o f these bridges sup­ ported by rubber pontoon s,it could carry troop sand all light forms o f transport.
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