The War Illustrated No 39 Vol 2 May 31st 1940

May 31a#, 1040 The War Illustrated Amid ]the tangled wreckage and debris o f w h a twas once a Belgian hosp ital, troops search for casualties. moB bingo f open towns must inevitably result in such c a ta strop hies as this. Thousands in forces was added Abbeville, only 15 miles from the English Channel. Arras, where only a few days before had been Lord (lort’s headquarters, was the scene of fierce street fighting, and Amiens was largely inflames. (Arras, indeed, was stated on the 22nd to have been recap­tured, and so fluid was the situation that important fighting developed in the Ciimbrai-Vallencennes area, 25 miles be­hind Arras .itself.) In a huge area of northern France not a building of any description remained undamaged, as the invader systematically destroyed all that came within his path. The Channel ports on which the British Army was now with­drawing— in unbroken order and in good heart— were being heavily bombed. Jt was worse than 1914, worse even than 1918. It was the hour of supreme crisis, the hour in which the tick of every second would have its echo through un­told centuries. Flight from the Nazi Hordes The photograph above was published in an Italian paper with the title “Towards The Channel ?”It show san advance guard o f the German Army crossing the border o fLux em burg on the morning o f May 10. From here they advanced through Lon gw toy Sedan in France. Though mechanization has largely ousted cavalry, they are evidently still playing an important part. Photos, Topical, Keystone and British Official: Crown Copyright mod amp ern put up Every possible means o f transport was pressed into the service of Belgian refugees fleeing from the advancing Nazi troops. Some civilian s(top left) were remove din camouflaged lorries, but bicycles were by far the comm o nest form o f tran sp o rt, as seen above
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