The War Illustrated No 39 Vol 2 May 31st 1940

May 31*?,1940 The War Illustrated 5 f> 7 Again They Fall Beneath the Heel of the Boche Arras ,of which the Grand* Place is seen left, was captured by the German son May 21,1940 and recaptured by the French next day. Arras e-. name to the great battle in the spring o f 1917, while QueSt. n tin ,whose market square and Town Hall are shown right, also felt the wei'j* mo° ern great Nazi thrust towards the Somme .Both towns, too ,carry poignant memories o f the last war, in the square of St. Q u en tin Brit: Put UP exhausted in the retreat from Mons, sle p ton the cobble stones. L .N.A Kp.yst.nne, .N.AE .and A .J. InsalL Co+~<*mP- Brussels, the great capita! o f a great little c o u n try ,is here seen from the tower o f the Hotel de Ville .On August 20,1914, the city fell to the Kaiser’s hosts. wenT ty-five years late ther,on night o f May 16-17,1940, the B.E.F. withdrew to positions west o f Brussels and the Germ ans again entered the city. "Out a little over twenty-five years ago these towns of Belgium and France heard the tramp of the Kaiser’s hosts, and today they resound to the rattle of Nazi tanks. In the last war Brussels escaped almost unscathed while Louvain suffered terribly, its greatest loss being the library, with its irreplaceable collection of early books and MSS, which was burnt by the Germans. This time Brussels has been bombed, and it was reported by an American war correspondent that the library of Louvain had once more suffered destruction. e chateau o f >us French which the made their ____. The town was in German hands from the beginning o f the last war until just before the Armistice ,when French and .American troops drove the enemy out o fit. Right is a plano f Lou vain, showing the DRiver y le,the New University and the Library. In this area heavy street fighting b e ­tween the British and Germ ans took place. Lou vain’ world-s fa m o u s University Library (below )was destroyed by the ­manGer sin August 1914, when thousands o f p rec io u sb o o k s were burnt. The Library was rebuilt after the last war, but in May 1940 was reported again burnt.
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