The War Illustrated No 39 Vol 2 May 31st 1940

May 31 st, 1940 The War Illustrated &cho-eA o-ft. the. taU A p u w n OxtA andY lew i Simple Arithmetic Nearly 2,000 miles of cloth for the three Services have been ordered by the Austra­lian Government at an average cost of 6s. 8d. a yard. The U -Boats’ Grand Failure British exports for April amounted to ^48,300,000, the highest figure for ten years. Pocket-M oney for the Gestapo ?£26,000,000 worth of bullion fell into Nazi hands on Holland’s capitulation to Germany. They Did not Count the Cost At the end of the first week of the bitter infighting Belgium German casualties are said to have amounted to 400,000. Enemy air losses in Holland and Belgium were officially estimated at 1,000 'planes. Diet for Parachutists German parachute troops are given iron rations consisting of two to four tins of preserved meat and vegetables, six pem-mican sausages, chocolate, lemon drops and a box of Vitamin C anti-fatigue tablets. Are They Really Human ?Children in a village of North-Eastern France w'ere machine-gunned by a German 'plane as they left church after receiving their first communion. Germans Are So Tactful Five American ambulances belonging to the American Volunteer Ambulance Corps on the Western Front were bombed and machine-gunned by German 'planes'. Dutchmen Mustn’t Cycle Under a Nazi decree the Dutch, keenest cyclists in Europe, have been forbidden to use their bicycles. A Gallant American The first American in the pre­sent war to receive a French decoration was Arthur Stratton, of Clinton, Massachusetts. For gallantry inaction in France he was awarded the Croix de Guerre with Palm. Dignity and Impudence The Italian newspaper “II Lavoro Fascista "has criticized all Italians who speak French and English as being "an affront to Fascist dignity.” Fifth Columnists— Beware !Broadcasting House, London, is now guarded day and night by a small detachment of troops, while all employees at the Paris radio station carryarm s. Returned with Interest A German gun war relic that has stood in the grounds of a public institution in a Hampshire town for the past twenty years, has been sold as scrap metal for \£i. Nazi Cure for the Blues Dutch troops are to be employed by the Nazis in repairing damage done in German- occupied Holland “to prevent them from falling into depression." Safety First The number of schoolchildren transferred to Wales from coastal districts in Essex, Kent and Suffolk amounted to 10,000. The Monsters are Athirst The new heavy German tanks are taxing the Nazis' petrol supplies to the utmost. Germany has thrown half of her 12 tank divisions into battle, and these machines require 1,000 tons of liquid fuel a day. The heavy tanks consume 6 gallons a mile. Smashing the Nazi Bombers In a fierce engagement over France nine British Hurricanes shot down ten German dive-bombers without loss to themselves. This is but one of the many daring exploits of the R.A.F. A young pilot of a Hurricane flew his machine among six Heinkels. He shot down one, and the others fled. Boy Scouts— Parachute AVersion schoolteacher who taught English in Germany shortly before the war recently recounted her experiences among her pupils, all of whom were members of a parachute corps. "These boys of fifteen had plans for landing in England. They were to disguise themselves as Boy Scouts, and to carry small bombs, slightly larger than eggs but capable of inflicting immense damage. Thousands of boys were training for the parachute corps in all parts of Germany." They Won’t Learn German The number of students enrolled in German courses in the New York High Schools has declined .nearly fifty percent during the last six years. _______ “AM IAN ISL A N D?”(In two days there were a quarter o f a million applicants for service in the Local D efen ce V o lu teen rs.) From cartoon by Sir Bernard Partridge by permission of the Proprietors of “Punch ’Hitler’s Hand on Rotterdam A third of the city of Rotterdam was destroyed as the result of German air raids. What About the Fathers ?Dr. Frick, Reich Minister of the Interior, recently told German mothers that “the Fuehrer has given us enormous tasks to fulfil. These tasks can only be accomplished if we have a sufficient number of children of splendid racial stock." Air Wonder Giants for Allies The Glen Martin Company, one of the largest American air firms, is to supply a formidable new giant 'plane for the Allies. It will be equipped with, self-sealing tanks, armour protection and heavy automatic weapons in a revolving turret. “HotDogs ”for Moslems The Mahomedan Council, which met recently in Morocco, consulted the Koran and approved America’s favourite snack "hot dogs ”as food for Moslems serving in the various Allied forces. Is Hitler Satisfied ?During the campaign in Norw ay’ the Royal Air Force accounted for more than 200 German 'planes. Of this total 30 were brought down by the Fleet Air Armand anti-aircraft guns. British losses are computed to be 37 machines. The Wages of Nazidom A[ German living in Luxemburg before the Nazi invasion had to give all his money, 558,000 Reichmarks (^46,500) to the State before he was allowed to leave Germany. Ministering Angel !Dr. Ley, the German Labour Front Leader, says of Hitler :"He will soon bring Europe and the world to reason, thereby making Europe and the whole world happy. That is the mis­sion entrusted to him b y God and Nature.” Prison for Mourners Thousands of German widows and mothers have braved the official decree prohibiting the wearing of mourning. A great number have already been im­prisoned for daring to wear black as a mark of respect for the dead. German Males are Superior Beings Owing to the chronic shortage of tobacco in Germany some tobacconists are refusing to sell cigarettes to women. Nobody is allowed to buy more than ten cigarettes or two cigars at a time. ‘Old Soldiers ’Never Die Tom Scarse, seventy years of age, claims to bethe oldest soldier serving in the British Army. It Won’t Give Turkey a Headache German goods which once filled Turkish shops have become so rare that it is impossible to buy even a genuine packet of Ger­man aspirins in Turkey. Some Millions Hitler Missed The Norwegian gold reserve amounting to ,£33,000,000 was secretly placed in a Bjitish Ship and is now in a Lflttdoft vault. Printed in Lngland and published every Friday by the Proprietors, The Amalgamated Press, Ltd., The Fleetway House, Farringdon Street, London, E.U.t. Subscription Bates (subject to alteration without notice): Inland: 19/6d. per annum. 9/9d. for six months. Abroad: 17/4d. per annum 8/8^. for six months. Sole Agents for Australia and New Zealand :Messrs. Gordon& Gotch, Ltd., and for South Africa: Central News Agency, Ltd. May 31st, 1940. S.S.
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