The War Illustrated No 38 Vol 2 May 24th 1940

Jla y 'lU h, 1910 The War Illustrated CcfiaeJ o-f a the tUaA fyw-tn OxUi and YleWi Adolf le Conquerant !The Nazis are already speaking of the day when Hitler will landon English soil as the first foreign conqueror since William I in 1066. No British ‘Quislings ’Britain is to impose the death penalty in serious cases of espionage and sabotage. This measure is primarily directed against «¦'Fifth Column ”activities in this ¦country. Under the Nazi Yoke ¦»Half the priests in the Lodz district in Poland have been deported or im­prisoned. In the diocese of Chelmno, deportation or imprisonment has been the fate of all but twenty out of six hundred and fifty priests.“ Craf Spee ”Makes Good Scrap Iron British naval experts are dismantling and salvaging material from the scuttled Ger­man pocket battleship ‘Admiral Graf Spee." Divers have discovered a huge quantity of unexploded shells in the forward magazine. Brass, copper, and armour' plates made from a special alloy Mr. A. have already been ander recovered. from abroad. Every year Holland needs 750,000 tons of cake, oils and special fodder for her cattle, maize for her pigs and wheat for her poultry. Roosevelt's Motherland President Roosevelt is a descendant of Claes Martensen, who settled in America in 1650 and took the name of Van Roosevelt after his native village in Holland. Was This Why He Did It ?Reports from Zurich declare that the acute shortage of copper, nickel and tin in Germany was responsible^for the Xazis’ criminal attack on Holland and Belgium. The Familiar Technique Belgian refugees left their homes so hastily that they were unable to take 'Strength Through Joy ’Ship Comes to Grief One of the many Ger­man ships to be sunk in the Skagerrak was the “Robert Ley," the famous Nazi¦‘ Strength Through Joy" motorship, which took German work­people on health cruises before the war. Hitler's Men Shoot Children The Nazis did not Sir Archibald Sin- hesitate to mow down flair. Liberal M.P., women and children 7or ^“ retary with machine-guns in Norway. Thirty-five Norwegian children were fired on by German troops. Field ambulances were singled out as targets of special fury by the Nazi bombers. Der Tag for Schoolboys German schoolboys are being instructed by their teachers to look forward to the flay when the future task of present-day German youth will be to rule Europe “after the German victory.” For Defence— or Defiance? Within the last five years Italy has built two 35,ooo-ton battleships— the" Littorio ’’and the“ Vittorio Veneto.” They are the biggest warships ever built inT taly. Were They Carrying Baedekers ?Two hundred and forty German tourists, suspected of “Fifth Column ”activities, have been expelled from Rumania. This is part of the drive organized by the Rumanian authorities against “tourist invasions." Holland Must Be Fed To Feed Dutch agricultural production depends on the flow of fertilizers and feeding-stuffs Alex- again First Lord of the Admiralty. Mr. Ernest Bevin, Minister of Labour and National Ser­vice. (Left to right) Mr. Herbert Morrison iLabour) now Supply Minister Mr. C.R. Attlee, Leader o f Opposition, becomes Lord Privy Seal Mr. Arthur Greenwood (Labour) is Minister without Portfolio. Photos, Topical, Planet News, Howard Cosier food with them. Many were pursued and machine-gunned by German airmen as they attempted to board trains. Clipping Nazi Wings During the first three days of the German onslaught on the Low Countries the Nazis, it was officially calculated, lost 400 'planes. Parachutists Outwitted German parachutists managed to form a ring round the palace at The Hague before being destroyed by Dutch troops. They hoped to capture Queen Wilhelmina. No Chances in Iceland Since the British occupation of Iceland all Nazis in the island have been reundcd up. The German consul. Professor Gerlach, was taken on a British warship. East Indies Haul 110,000 tons of German shipping was captured in Dutch East Indies harbours by the Dutch authorities. Nazis Are Always Hungry The first move of Nazi troops in Luxem­burg was- to seizp all milk, bread and meat in towns and villages. The Hawks That Swooped Many German parachutists who landed in Holland were disguised as dustmen clergymen, policemen and postmen, and even nuns. These Men Are Tough Each pack carried by the French Chasseurs Alpins weighs 75 lbs. The standard British pack is 56 lbs._______ Air-Miles By the Million Pilots of the R.A.F. Fighter Command fly 2,000,000 miles each month to defend the shores of Britain against air attack. Fifty enemy raiders have been shot down during the last seven months. Tha Longest Reconnaissance The longest reconnaissance flight during the war was that made by a flight- lieutenant of the R.A.F. Coastal Com­mand. He flew from Scotland to Narvik and aback— flight lasting 14I hours and covering a distance of more than 2,000 miles. Following Britain’s Example Training centres for air pilots are to be established throughout the French Empire, and the latest types of machine win be used for in­struction. Iron Ore Instead of Fashions Germany is exporting dresses and spring fashion designs to Sweden, although women at home are strictly rationed under a war ruling to save textiles. One woollen dress is the most the average German woman can afford. The greater part of these exports to Sweden are to help pay for the large shipments of Swedish iron ore and lumber. Sweden Replies to Hitler Sweden is to spend £7,000,000 on naval construction. The Government's plan makes provision for Submarines, destroyers, and minesweepers. Lord Beaverbrook holds the new office Britain Was a Good Customer “craft" Production!"" Peacc time Britain bought annually about 720,000,000 eggs from Holland and .paid £2,699,000 for them. Dutch dairy produce to this country was worth more than £8,500,000, a figure exceeded only by Australia, New Zealand, and Denmark. They Will be Ready Before Britain reaches war production on the scale of 1918, it is estimated that four million women will have to be brought into the national effort. We Must Have Air Superiority Admiral Sir Reginald Bacon writing in the “Evening Standard," maintains that it will be impossible for the Germans to dominate Britain from newly-acquired bases in Norway if we make the utmost use of our resources and buildup our air strength. Germans on the Black Sea The Russians are fortifying their Black Seacoasts under the supervision of German military engineers, and the ,Black Sea submarine .fleet has been ____ greatly strengthened.^ ______ . - 1'rinted in England and published every Friday by the Proprietors, The Amalgamated Press, Ltd., The Flectw London, E.C.4. Subscription ltates (subject to alteration without notice ):Inland: 19fid. per annnm : 9,9d. -for per ann u m fj/8d. for six months. Sole Agents for Australia and New Zealand :Messrs. Gordon& Gotcii, Central News Agency, Ltd. May 2 ith ,1910. ay, Farringdon reef,S! six months. Abroad: 17,-Id. Ltd .and for South Africa: S.S. 2138-May
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