The War Illustrated No 37 Vol 2 May 17th 1940

May llth, 1940 The War Illustrated BRANCHES Itfl GtB«ITA.'M FRANCE BELGIUM HOLLAND SWEDEN ITALY BALKAN 5 TAT TURKEY ]ETC. Echoed c 4 t f i eU/ x i A p u m t O ia' i and I fie x i A In Oslo Today Bread cards have been issued to the inhabitants of Oslo flour, coffee and sugar are strictly rationed. Hitler’s ‘Little Bit ’!Hitler has ordered that the huge metal doorways leading from the Wilhelm- strasse to the Court of Honour of the Chancellery in Berlin should be melted down. This is his own contribution to Germany’s home front drive for metal. ‘Protection ’It is estimated that Denmark was oc­cupied by approximately 40,000 German troops. Narvik is aNew Town (The town and port of Narvik are of comparatively recent growth, _______ having been inbuilt 1902. Hitler’s ‘Gibraltar ’?3,000 German masons have been sent to Denmark and Norway to construct a northern “Gibraltar ”for the purpose of controlling the entrance to the Baltic. Anti-N azi Measure in Sweden U»der a Government decree, Swedes holding stocks of petrol and oil must surrender them at once. Running the Air Gauntlet Anew airline has been opened between Barcelona and Locarno. This route may facilitate the smuggling into Germany of contraband articles of war. Flying Searchlights? The German Air Force is experimenting with flying searchlights, designed to illu­minate bombing areas and to assist aiming. Fighters carry­ing a small searchlight would be enabled at tonight spot an enemy 'plane and fight it. D enm ark’s Petrol Supplies A t the time of the German invasion of Denmark there were 200,000 tons of petrol in the country— equal to three and a half months’ requirements at the average rate of consumption esti­mated before the invasion. Now not even a bus runs in Copenhagen. German ‘Invasion ’It is estimated that there has been an increase of 22,000 Germans in Rumania during the past two years. ‘Winter Sports ’Students ol Oslo University who escaped from the city left in small groups, ostensibly on ski-ing trips, and joined the Norwegian army in the north. ‘Any Old Iron !’Every Danish town occupied by German troops was stripped of iron, petrol and livestock within a few hours of the Nazi invasion. Iron street signs of Copenhagen, as well as iron railings, were loaded on lorries and carted off to Germany. THE PLAGUE CARRIERS From the cartoon by E.H .Shepard by permission of the Proprietors of “Punch*’ Printed in England and published every Friday by the Proprietors, The Amalgamated Press, Ltd., The Heetway House, 1’arringdon Street London, E.C.4. Subscription Rates (subject to alteration without notice): Inland: 10'fid. per annum : 9/Qd. for six months. Abroad: 17/4d. per annum 8/8d. for six months. Sole Agents for Australia and New Zealand: Messrs. Gordon& Gotch, Ltd. and for South Africa :Central News Agency, Ltd. May 17th, 1910. S.S. K u ltu rat Work The famous University Library of Prague has been stripped of the majority of its books by the Nazis. All1 volumes in the Czech language were burned, and valuable manuscripts and books were borne off in triumph to Germany. Entente Cordiale Every French University is to be endowed with a chair in English lan­guage, literature and history. English history and geography are to be given in all French schools. Noblesse Oblige On arriving in Cracow the first action of General von Reichenau, one of Hitler’s ablest army leaders, was to turnout the Bishop of Cracow and con­vert his palace into an army headquarters. £4,000,000 a Day Britain spent £900,000,000 during the first seven months of the war. Hitler Youth A 14-year-old boy was among a batch of German prisoners recently landed in Scotland. Pour L a Gloire 200,000 foreigners are at present working in France as soldiers or as workers behind the lines. .AR.A .F .Speed-Up The total strength of the Royal Australian Air Force will eventually be 58,000 Amen. Glorious Record A t the beginning of the War Britain had 57 submarines. Only one of these, the“ Oxley,” has been lost, by accident. No Bread Eat Cake !Cakes are to be sold in Germany only in exchange for bread ration tickets. Hitherto, most German cafes have allowed one cake to each customer. Norwegian Endurance Four young Norwegian, sea­men escaped the Germans and crossed the North Sea cm a raft. They landed safely on the' Scottish coast after a journey of 300-miles. ¦•May 17371040 Warm Work in the Cold British troops infighting Norway are using equipment recommended by Arctic experts. U.S.S.R.’s Naval Increase Russia has under construction between a quarter and half a million tons of naval vessels. Comforting Comparisons Eight months of ruthless sea war have reduced our merchant tonnage by less than one percent. Germany has now lost 600,000 tons of shipping. Beiieve It or Not !American “experts "declare that the Nazi Air Force numbers about 22,000 machines. Submarine Scored First Hit The submarine “Trident ”opened the naval warfare off the Norwegian coast by successfully torpedoing the advance guard of German landings in Norway, a g,ooo-ton Nazi fuel supply ship. Hitler’s Costly Venture Between April 9, when the first German troops landed in Norway, and April 22 twenty-six transports and supply ships were sunk by Allied action. Ten others were hit by torpedoes and probably sunk, four were captured and one set ablaze by air attack. New Wine for Old Corks From May 1 Berliners were permitted to buy wine, including champagne, only if they could produce old wine corks. Army Tom’s Thumb The smallest soldier in the British Army is Private K. Fee. He is 4 ft. 5 J in. ‘Invincible ’Totalitarians ¦The Italian press describes congratula­tory messages sent from King Victor Emmanuel, Mussolini and Count Ciano on Hitler’s ,51st birthday as proof of “invincible strength of the totalitarian regimes as compared with the chattering, vexatious and sluggish democracies.” The Empire is Ready There are 2,000,000 men underarms in the British Empire. This number is exclusive of the Royal Navy, Mercantile Marine and Royal Air Force. Is It Lord Tomnoddy ?Dr. Ley, leader of the German Labour "Front, announced in a recent broadcast :“Every German worker is racially more worthy than an English lord.” The Graciousness of Grandi Dr. Frank, Governor-General of Poland, whose tyranny over the conquered Poles is notorious, has been congratulated by Signor Messima, presiding judge of the Italian Court of Appeal! Signor Messima went to Berlin to offer the congratulations of Count Grandi, the Minister of Justice. Is It Worth It ?The Germans spend £6,000,000 a year on propaganda in South America.
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