The War Illustrated No 35 Vol 2 May 3rd 1940

^452 The War Illustrated May 3rd, 1040 Flaming War in the Land of the Fjords was reported to be inflames from in­cendiary bombs. Between Vaerdal and Stenkjer Tyrolean troops were said to be inaction with the advance guard of the Allies. Between Grong and Trond­heim, indeed, most of the stations were bombed by the German air force, and the British H.Q. under Major-General Carton de Wiart had to be moved several times. Another Allied detachment landed at Aandalsnes, which is about the same distance to the south-west of Trondheim as Namsos is to the north-east. It is a little town of about 1,000 inhabitants situated at the mouth of the Rauma and at the entrance of a small branch of the Romsdal Fjord in peacetime it is a centre for mountain climbing. From Aandalsnes a railway climbs the plateau of Dovref jeld to Dombaas, where it connects with the mainline from Oslo to Trondheim. The Germans seem to have made frantic efforts to destroy the railway junction at Dombaas, but the 150 or 200 parachutists who were landed therefrom Nazi ’planes were either killed or captured by the Norwegians. Shortly afterwards' there came the news that considerable bodies of British troops had passed through Dombaas either on the way south towards Oslo or north-east to Storen, an important railway junction only 25 miles from Trondheim. Thus it became apparent that both from north and south Allied troops were inclosing from the landon Trondheim, while on the west the British Navy kept watch and to the east a Norwegian garrison. still held out against fierce Nazi attacks in the fortress of Hegre. The c h o ice of Trondheim as the Allies’ objective is easily understood,for the old town lies at the entrance of a nat­ural gateway into the heart of Norway. The city is a place of 72,000 inhabitants, of whom two-thirds were reported to have fled following the German invasion it lies in a relatively low valley—the Trondelagen, as it is called—in the heart of country which is said to resemble that of the Surrey hills round Hindhead. As we have seen, it is the terminus of railways from Namsos, Sweden, Aandalsnes, and Oslo, the Norwegian capital. Of these the most important is the last, which at Storen bifurcates to meet again at Oslo. One line ascends the The Cam m ander-in-Chief of the Nazi forces in Norw ay, General N ikolaus von Falkenhorst, is here seen with some of his staff anon air­ infield Norway. H e fought a t Verdun in the Great W a rand in Poland in 1939. Aged 55, he is a general of infantry with a reputation for organizing ability .Photo, Fox valley of the Gulda, crosses the water­shed, and then proceeds down the valley of the Glommen through the beautiful Osterdal, easternmost of the great valleys of Norway, a favourite holiday-ground of the Norwegian people. The second line toils up the barren heights of the Dovref jeld to Dombaas (where it is joined by the branch line from Aandalsnes) and then turns south­east down the Gudbrandsdal through Lillehammer, a town of 5,000 inhabitants, where British troops were reported to have arrived, presumably from Aandalsnes, This striking photograph shows a Nazi supply-ship and a warehouse burn­ing at Bergen after the R.A.F. raid on April 16. More Nazi ships can be seen at anchor in the roadstead. Photo, British Official: Crown Copyright
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