The War Illustrated No 32 Vol 2 April 12th 1940

356 The )l'ar Illustrated April 12th, 1940 Reconstruction is Finland’s New Watchword Along the new frontier between Finland and Russia such assigns this warn the Finnish people that if they pass beyond them they will be in a foreign land—S o v iet Russia. This particular sign'“ T h e new boundary :no further ”—is con te m plated with sadness by a Finnish soldier. halls they were sweeping out the debris from fallen ceilings and broken windows, and the members of the orchestras were hopefully tuning their instruments. On every side, then, there were signs of Finland’s resolve to rebuild cheerfully and courageously where so much had been destroyed. The spirit of the people was finely expressed in the declaration of Dr. Ryti, the Prime Minister, made on the occasion of his forming anew ministry on March 27. The most, important task of the new Government, he said, was the speedy inauguration of a comprehensive work of national reconstruction and the creation of the conditions for its successful realization. About one-eighth of the population, he went on, had been deprived of their homes and livelihood they must be settled as useful productive citizens within the new frontiers. Losses in industrial capacity, of important har­ bours and sources of raw materials, must all be made good, and in the work of reconstruction the Finnish people might expect the aid of foreign loans. “But,” concluded the Premier, “even though this hope were to fail us, we must embark boldly and with confidence on the recon­struction of our country.” Large numbers o f Swedes volunteered to help Finland in her fight against Russia, and as many o f them were expert skiers they formed a Valuable addition t hero army .The sad day soon came when they could help moreno ,and a t a ceremonial parade they were thanked by Marshal M anne rh eim and many o f them w e redecorate d.In the photograph above the Finnish Comm a a d er-in -C hie f is greeting the leading: Swedish officers, and left he is taking, the salute^ at the ,march o a st. .Photos. L.N. A :-and Keystone
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