The War Illustrated No 32 Vol 2 April 12th 1940

Peace Brings Not The War Illustrated Joy but Sadness in Its Train One o f the saddest o fall retreats in military history was that o f the Finnish Army after the peace term shad been signed. Here along line o f ski- troop s, those gallant Finns whose exp lo its as they sped over the snow -co v ered ground ,silent and almost invisible in their white cam o u fla ge, played such a large part in the heavy defeats inflicted on the Soviet Army before sheer weight o f numbers prevailed ,are in retreat from V iipuri. ~Stalin believed that the Soviet troops would be welcomed in Finland as “lib era tors.” H e was undeceived by the reception that they met with from the Finnish Army ,and proof that the civilian attitude was equally hostile came when the Finns evacuated all the areas that were ceded to Russia by the peace treaty .-This photograph ,taken in Helsinki, show saline o f lorries com man dee red by the Government ready to assist the inhabitants of evacuated districts in removing their goods. Though Helsinki was mob bed most often in daylight the city was completely blacked out during the whole four months o f thew a r,and not a glimmer o f ligh twas shown. But when the peace treaty had been signed the black-out did not end a t once. O n that sad night H elsin k i remain dine darkness, not as a precaution against hostile aircraft, but as a sign o f national mourn in g.It was not until the second night o f peace that the snow -co v ered streets were lit up as they are seen aboye, Photos. Fox 'aml Associated Press
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