The War Illustrated No 32 Vol 2 April 12th 1940

April 12Ih, 1940 The War Illustrated iti JAe dfldtifyi, My, YtmdeAl Djdi flle Dip sin tot heEd ito r’s Post b a giN aspect o f m y work on The War l s isis isis r s isis isis isis isis i M r .Arnold Taylor o f Man chester, lI\Z lust rated that always gives SIXTY EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS who describes himself as “an app rec ia tiv e-*¦•*-m every real satisfaction, a l-n |^c ce n f Numbers o f read er,” points o u tan extremely interest- th o u g hit adds considerably toed ito ria l*ing fact about the photo graph in our lab o u rs, is this business o f personal THE WAR I L LUST RATED issue o f March 2 2 :con tact with the many hun d reds o f m y pis an important feature of the editorial This concems thc iIlustration on 269 readers who write m week by week to pohcy of this weekly journal that the photo- tho£ a tissue^ ttnder the caption “‘Achilles ’tell m e what they think a b o u tour p a per, gfaP?s appearing m its pages shall bethe best arrves n famous Pacific harbour.” The to ask Questions o f the most varied «!*alnable a"d ‘ha“man?? f th.em a ?«"*interesting fact is this n-a o the r warship is to as,< question sot them o st\ar i e a dibons permit shall be special and exclusive. ghown in thp ieture which mention as a kinds, to raise pom ts o f criticism a n dIn nine issues recently published the following -Chilean warship.” So she is. but she also sometimes even to ask for help m solving 69 exclusive photographs are printed :had iought agajn3t the Germany Navy. (In difficulties braised y wartime conditions. No. _ Photos the Battle of Jutland as H.M.S. “Canada.”) M v n n w s lw a u s s n fiil! a<* wpll 22, Sinking of H.M. Destroyer“ Grenville ” 3 The warship in question is the“ Almirante y ^os tb a ton o wIS always so lu a.l, swell L 1 s^>.n Vuviir!?oTH^C rDesSovlmr" G^nC!»e°"S 5 Latorre,” and it is I think singular that ashe, s SO varied ,that only a small selection 24- gr.js|, -j-roops on Gibraltar Rock!! 1 the veteran of another great war, should be from i cant b e q u o ted and com men ted 25. Indians in Britain Rally to the C o lours 5 included in the photograph with a younger on in this page. I f I q u o ted more than |?Nazi A,J Atlitl’B n L h W°.T I"."rk a«d famous unit of the great navy which she the smallest- n ercertfa«p alone o f the Guardsmen Homa Lon eave6 formerly served at Jutland. As a naval student tn e smallest percentage alone ot tn e 28_ Army mooJ Transtusion Servic<!5 and ardent collector of warship photographs letters ex pressings a tis faction With 1H 329. H.M.S. ' Achilla, ’ 1 Arrive, at Valparaiso 1 and naval annuals, I had no difficulty in War I l lust rated a s a perm anent' nS o*b a L ”Wounded “!.'V***. ""5 identifying the former H.M.S. “Canada” pic tu rerecord o f this calamitous Second Tk',U R“!id F iir .ls P h £!og,ag '?s of „ln t.hls photograph, and should you choose ^.i-to i a A he Battle of the Kiver Plate 8 verify this you will find tome be correct. Great War, this page would overflow ,c— 1 c=n <=n c=n c=n <=n <=n c=n in=c In=c wonder if the coincidence above had escaped every week. I must therefore content your notice ?myself with, one quotation from Can ada, who, ashe say s,ee had a fairly good but Incidentally, I am pleased to note the „some what disturbed view o f the whole n, a":bcr °[correspondents^ who desire- regular Canadian Appreciation performance from the a fte r-c o tron fol y 0ur°^riodica°l. V would like t6°add my voice Mr. F. Sauve writes iron i O tta w a and ,‘Ex tee Ir.’” consider that I a m doing to this chorus. Also the ships of the German asking if he may see photo graphs o f myself hon our in presenting a set o f these >T avy have always had an interest second only Canad ian sin Eng la n din our pages, prints a s a meme n toto this representative to that of the British Navy for me, and I must .,,J.,,.° I 1 ® p irn dais a meme u w vu uiio iq iiB s e iiw u v save you have illustrated them on every occasion. makes the following pleasing remarks :officer o f a,very gallant band o f seamen .May I commend you and your colleagues on¦ ip ,iv u the splendid work you arc doing, as regards p je Xook the Wonder Photographs Sharp-Eyed Youth TheW ab Illus tr a ted. I get many hours of ___ ,,r ,,.,sound reading out of your newspaper. One I HE following letter was almost a s T^ERHAPS the feature which gives m e item I enjoy very much is your “Jo ttin gs” A exciting to receive as it must have the reg a test p ale su rein this Post- and its unbiased views on war policy, in- |jee ton write. I t is from Mrs. R.S. bag is the number o f letters t h a tI“ shori! I"s^nceroly^believe° t b'^it I s 'the C olem an, o f Sitting b o urn e ,Kent: 'receive from young p eo p le, schoolgirls most interesting serialized newspaper I have In The Wab Illustrated this week there are a schoolboys, who show that they are ever seen. I have all the copies of The War SOme photos of the Battle of the River Plate, reading the pages o f TheW a rIll us- I llustbated since its issue, and I cherish them I wonder if it would be possible for you to tell TRATED with the closest and eek nest very highly. theme name of the Marine who sent them ?attention .Their interest is some times nit 1 ask because mv husband is a Marine on ,„have o f course thanked Mr.S au v oHMS Achillc,/> and lle wrote an l to!d rae shown in the form o f criticism o r the for his very marked appreciation about som? snaps he had taken of the battle suggestion that we have fallen into error, which is typical o f many letters from also that they had left for England by warship, altho ugh I a mable to show inmost Canad a ,and may add that since _ his Everyone of those snaps were ashe described cages th^at ig jg noj. th 8 faot> Q the r writing photo graphs o f the Canadians «,questions raised show a most intelligent now in Britain have app e are din our Altho ugh the photo graphs reached m e jn te res tin all aspects o f modern warfare ,pages, and more will' b e forthcoming u hang official channel, every thing ,,1 °-ind ic a ted that i twas indeed Sgt. Coleman A n example from a schoolgirl, Miss He Was on th2 ‘Exeter’ who had taken them ,and since replying Jean Anderson, o f N ewE lth a ,ism O .Fall the photo graphs that have t0 m y c o rre sp o n dent I have ascertained given here :app eared exclusively in the pa«es t h a tit w ashe who distinguished himself In your Was Illustrated, Number 23, ofT h f War I il ijs t rated the set both a s a sa ilo r-so ld ier and a s a photo -Page 236, I noticed that the 5-7 anti-aircraft 01 THE WAR illus i k a i e d ,tn e bes , r .gun has a bell mouth. Is it possible to tell illus tra ting the actual battle o f the Riv erg rap her with a keen eye for a unique me wlly> and if the g g j use jjjgjjj ttiS O j asP la te,as seen from H .M.S .“Achilles,” opportunity .my friends and I have hadf a slight argument ta k enduring the heat and fury o f the about it. •action b y a Serge ant o f Marines, rep re -Naval Coincidence i t is perhaps a tribute to the sharp sen ted the big g est “scoop ”—as Fleet Come o f the most effective letters I eyes o f Miss Anderson and her friends Street calls it— which w e have so far receive are from those o f m y readers that th isis the first time that I have achieved .The importance and unique who are specially in te re ste din the known the question to be raised .The character o f these photo graph shave naval side o f this war. Among the mare swan eris simple :Anti-aircraft guns, already been realized b they many app li- those who ask for more than w cane anti- tank gun sand Browning mach in e-, cations that I have received from British be reason ably exp e c toted give in the guns, a s bused they B.E .F .and R.A .F .,and Colonial jo urn a ls, a swell a s from weekly issues, which areas large now a shave bell mouths designed to reduce the private sources, for copies and permission paper supply and econ o mic condition swill flash to a minimum when the g unis to reprint. These applications include perm it. A letter o f unusual character fired. T h isis often extremely imp o rta n t,one which gives m every special p leasu re, from this g ro u pis that from which 1 because a large flash so readily betrays for it comes from a lieu ten ant, R.N .,make the following quotation .the where a bouts o f the gun. i'rinted in Enutond and published everv Friday by the Proprietors, The Amalgamated Press, Ltd., The Fleetway House, Furringdon Street, "ri .London, E.C.4. Sui.seription Rates :Inland and Abroad: 17/4d. per annum 4.4d. for three months. Sole Agents for Australia and New •{.,<21940:---- irs. Gordon& Gotch, Ltd., and for South Africa: Central News Agency, Ltd. April 12th, 1910. S.5. •V.T :v-
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