The War Illustrated No 31 Vol 2 April 5th 1940

352 The. War Illustrated Ajyril 5th, 1940 OUR DIARY OF THE WAR Tuesday, March 19,1940 Air Ministry announced that, following German raid on Orkneys, R.A.F. bombers damaged German airbase a t Hornum ,on island of Sylt. Action was instill pro­gress a t midnight. Important debates took place in both Houses of Parliament on Finnish “peace ”and progress of the war. French Cabinet met in secret session. Complete official reserve was maintained in Rome over subject of Brenner conversations. Mr. Sumner Welles left Rome after further conversations with Count Ciano. French vessel" Capitaine A ugustin ”and trawler "Rose Effeuillee ”reported sunk. Finnish Army Command issued tabulated list of war casualties. In a total of 58,500,15,700 were killed. Announced that up to March 13,12,816 ships had been convoyed by the British Navy, and of those only 28 had been sunk while under protection. Wednesday, March 20 Reported that R.A .F. raid on previous night on Sylt lasted six hours. One machine had failed to return. Reconnaissance machines had since con­firmed reports of extensive damage ‘done to hangars, jetty ,oil tanks, etc. M. Daladier resigned after a resolution in the Chamber demanding a more vigorous prosecution of the war. Ten German bombers attacked a convoy, consisting almost entirely of neutral ships, off Scottish coast. They were engaged by escorting warships and machines of Fleet Air Armand Coastal Command. No damage or casualties incurred by H.M. ships or aircraft. Three small neutral vessels damaged :Norwegian“ Svinta ”and “'fora Elise,” and Swedish“ U lklippan.” One Heinkel was damaged and several others hit during the engagement. G.H.Q. of B.E .F. announced that British patrol had successful encounter with enemy patrol, five of latter being killed. Dutch tanker “Phobos ”mined off South- Fast Coast. Danish ships" B othal,” “Viking ”and*' Algier ”sunk. British steamer“ B arnhill ”bombed by German aeroplane in English Channel. She was later beached and broke in two.“ M auretania ”left New York for a secret destination. Mr. Sumner Welles sailed from Genoa. Thursday, March 21 M. Paul Reynaud formed anew Cabinet in which he is Foreigh Minister as well as Prime Minister. Nine members are to form an inner War Cabinet. M.D aladier remains as Minister of National Defence and War, and three Socialists arc included. Admiralty announced that two more ships in raided convoy had been damaged :British steamer “Northern Coast ”and Norwegian“ E rling L indoe.” Norwegian ship"S v in ta,” damaged while in convoy on Wednesday, was sunk by U-boat. Danish ships“ C hristiansborg,” "Minsk,” and“ Cliarkow ”sunk by U-boat. Enemy aircraft appeared over Shetlands and was chased away by British fighters. Xo bombs dropped. The "Queen Mary ”left New York for a secret destination. Friday, March 22 Admiralty announced th a ton previous evening a British submarine intercepted Nazi iron-ore ship“ H ed d ern h eim " 8 miles north of Denmark and sank her, after ensuring safety of crew. Attempt made by enemy aeroplane to bomb Cromer Knoll iightship. After air fight near Dutch frontier, one British machine crashed 011 Netherlands territory. All Turkish steamers of over 150 tons in foreign waters ordered to return to Turkish ports at an early date. King Carol emphasized Rum ania’s deter­mination to defend her frontiers. Saturday, March 23 Aeroplanes, believed to be hostile, appeared off east coast of Scotland. M. Reynaud held a meeting of the Inner Cabinet a t which General Gamelin and Admiral D arlan were present. Count Teleki, Premier of Hungary, arrived in Rome. French war communiques announced patrol activity to east of the Saar. British trawlers“ Salacon,” “ Recordo ”and “Helios ”reported attacks by machine- guns and bombs from German aeroplanes. Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs re­vealed that a Note of protest to Germany against the sinking of Norwegian ships had been delivered to the German Government on March 8. Nothing is known of any German reply. Officially announced in Prague that two German frontier guards had been murdered the night before a t Birke. Tw enty-first anniversary of foundation of Fascist movement celebrated throughout Italy. German mission, headed by Dr. Clodius, in Bucharest negotiating for economic domination. Sunday, March 24 British submarine sunk German col­lier "Edmund Hugo Stinnes IV ”off north coast of Denmark, after ensuring crew’s safety. R.A.F. carricd out reconnaissance overflights north-west Germany during night of March 23-24. One machine failed to return. Admiralty announced that H.M. trawler '*Loch Assater ”had been sunk by mine. Entire crew was rescued. Helsinki reported that Red Army had overtaken Hango, which was formally overhanded a t midnight on March 22. Announced that Norwegian Government lodged protests in Berlin on March 18 and 19 against German air attack son Norwegian “steamers Lysaker B”and“ o tt.” Monday, March 25 Paris reported local artillery actions on various points of the front, and air activity 011 both sides. Count Teleki, Premier of Hungary, had long interview with Count Ciano, Italian Foreign Minister. Official British order issued forbidding British prisoners of war in Germany to broadcast. Danish steamer“ B ritta ”sunk off north coast of Scotland. Announced that automatic light floats, with lamps that: burn for two months, are to replace lightships which have suffered from Nazi bombing. Tuesday, March 26 M.R eynaud, new French Premier, broad­cast stirring appeal to French nation to carry on total war against Germany. Paris reported marked increase in air activity over Western Front, particu­larly in Saar and Vosges regions. french machines made reconnaissance flights far into enemy territory German aero­ planes overflew Northern and Eastern France. Further sector of Allied front in France overtaken by B.E .F. from French troops, Highlanders being first to replace the French. Soviet Ambassador to France, M. Souritz, recalled after demand by French G overnm ent, who complained of contents of telegram addressed by him to Stalin. Count Teleki had interview with Mussolini. ‘‘M auretania ”passed through Panam a Canal to Pacific Ocean. Reported that she is f*oing to Australia to serve as troopship. Mr. Savage, Prime Minister of New Zealand, died. Wednesday, March 21 Air Ministry announced that aircraft of R.A .F. Coastal Command attacked and sank enemy patrol vessel in North Sea. R.A.F. brought down five Messer- schmitts after day of intense aerial activity over Maginot Line. Reported that two other enemy machines may also have crashed. Survivors of British tanker“ Daghestan,” sunk in North Sea on March 24, reached land. British steamer“ Castlem oor ”reported overdue and presumed lost. Survivors of sunk Norwegian steamer “Com eta ”landed a t Scottish Newport. Finnish Government formed, M R yti retaining the premiership. Stated (hat protests by Norway against alleged British infringements of territorial waters had been received and were being examined. Liberals gained sweeping victory in Canadian General Election. The great Cunard White Star liner, “Queen Mary,” which had been laid up in New York. Harbour since the outbreak of war, sailed on March 21 undersealed orders. This photograph,,' taken from the" Lancastria,” shows her at the time of sailing. The“M auretania,” which left New York on March 20, passed through the Panama Canal on March 26.
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