The War Illustrated No 24 Vol 2 February 16th 1940

100 The H'ar Illustrated February 101 h, 1910 Bombs by the Thousand on Finland’s People Molotov,” and, sure enough, in a few minutes he was running to the nearest shelter, and had just reached the bottom o f the first flight o f stairs when two bombs made direct hits on a near-by building, and another exploded right at the entrance to the shelter. “The whole building quivered,” he writes.“ A shower o f masonry filled the shelter entrance all lights went out, and for a moment it seemed we were about to be entombed. There were about. 100 o f us down there,of whom the majority were women. But from them I heard not a single cry o f panic. As clouds o f dust and smoke cleared a strange form appeared in the shelter entrance. It was a horse, crazed with fright and trying, with what instinct I cannot tell, to get down the stairs. But the sledge he was pulling was too big to allow that and he stuck in the doorway. When we went up to release him we saw the driver lying in the snow behind the sledge, and the snow was red with blood. But he was still alive, and when we had carried him downstairsand had his wounds dressed he was taken off to hospital.” Once he sought in vain for shelter when caught in the streets. “And so with attacks delivered over so vast an area and by such a multitude o f ’planes. In the weekended Feb. 3,1-11 localities were bombed, some nine times in a single day 6,800 bombs were dropped, and the casualties were 115 civilians killed and 179 injured. The material damage, too, was enormous. Four hundred bombs w r cre dropped in the course o f Sunday, Feb. 4, on Viipuri (Yiborg), and although only ten people were reported killed and 30 wounded, scores o f buildings were seton fire by the incendiary bombs. The cathedral— where a bomb blew to pieces the image of Christ on the Cross that hungover the transept— four o f the principal banks, and a .number o f blocks o f flats were all badly damaged, and for a time the telegraphs: and .telephones were out of Inaction. Yiipuri on that Sunday o fRed Terror was Mr. William Forrest, Special Correspondent o f the “News Chronicle,” and from his account we may learn something of what it means to be bombed many times in the course o f a single day. When the first raiders overcame early i in the morning, the maid who brought in 'his coffee remarked as she pulled aside the curtains that it was“ a fine day for A Finnish general is decorating a private soldier who has distinguished himself at the front. The decoration is the Finnish Cross of Freedom, instituted in 1919 when Finland fought her first fight for national independence. Photo. WorldWide This shattered ruin— no “military objective” as claimed by the Soviet— is a Dutch consulate in a town of north-west Finland on which a Russian bomb has dropped. Photo, Planet Sews
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