The War Illustrated No 24 Vol 2 February 16th 1940

128 The Wav Illustrated February IG'h, 1940 OUR DIARY OF THE WAR Thursday, February I, 1940 Reported that battle inK uhm o sector of Central Finland, in which Finns were a tte m p tot­ing cncircle a Russian division, was reach­ing critical stage. Russian forces said to be entrenching themselves on front north of Lake Ladoga. Soviet troops launched*a violent attack a t Sum m a ,in centre of M annerheim inLine Karelian Isthmus. Russian ’planes bombed R ovaniem i and Keini, on Lapland front. Announced that both British and American aircraft had reached Finland and been in use for past fortnight. Balkan Entente Conference opened in Belgrade, Foreign Ministers of Turkey, Rumania, Yugoslavia and Greece meeting to discuss questions of Balkan policy. Reported that Greek cargo ship“ Eleni S tatath o s”had been sunk by U -boat on Jan. 28, and British steamer“ B ancrest ”by enemy air attack on Jan .29 or 30. Lord Mayor's Red Cross St.and John Fund overreached £1,000,000. Finnish communique claimed that 11 more e n amy a roe plane shad been brought down. Viipuri suffered severe bombing raids, with some loss of life and much material damage. Other attacks were made a t Ekenaes, Aabo and Rovaniemi. First British airman —Fiiglit-Lt. R. V. Jeff— to be decorated by the French, awarded C ro ix deG u e rre by Gen. VuiUemin. Reported that British ship“ I ’olzella ”THE POETS &THE WAR XVIII NEITHER WILL THEY CONDEMN By E.A. Gibbons-Pole Cold were the furnace fires—silent the guns, Death’s wings were clipp’d, armed sail at anchor rode. The Nations welcomed home—or mourned lost sons Stiff-backed, each bent to reap what he had sowed With zeal, but unskilled hands, they undertook To forge the plowshare and the pruning-hook. God knows, those hands still trembled from the fight, And tongues were harsh, their hearts unshrived of (Like Saul, still Saul* yet blinded by the light), [hate With map and pen they settled Europe’s fate As stumbling travellers, lost in teeming sand, Mistake the mirage for the Promised Land. sunk Friday, February 2 Russians continued violent attack son K are lia n Isthmus ,using arm oured sledges pushed forward by tanks. Their a d ­vance was repulsed after heavy fighting. Helsinki announced th a tat least five enemy machines were shot down in the Isthmus. Twenty places bomb dine Southern Finland, including Helsinki and Sortavala. British tanker “British Councillor by enemy inaction North Sea. Reported th a ton Jan. 31 Danish steamer" V idar ”had been sunk by bombing, and Swedish steamer“ F ram ”by mine or torpedo. Announced that the whole of the crews of submarines “Starfish ”and“ U ndine," sunk in January in Heligoland Bight were prisoners of war in Germany. No survivors of “Seahorse ”so far reported. Saturday, February 3 German aircraft made further raids on unarmed vessels in North Sea. R.A.F. machines made contact 011 several occasions, shot down three raider sand disabled a fourth. One crashed in Yorkshire, another in sea off mouth of Tyne. Fighting was intense a t Sum main Karelian Isthmus, this being third day of new Russian offensive. Four fierce attacks repulsed by Finns. Army communique stated that Finns had brought down a t least 13 ’planes over Isthmus. Mass Soviet raid sin Finland ,the worst being a t Kuopio. Attack went as far west as Pori, on B othnian coast. Norwegian ship “Tempo "sunk by bomb­ing off North-east Coast. New Anglo-Turkish trade agreement signed in London. Sunday, February 4 Helsinki stated that Russians had attacked positions newly occupied by Finns in Kuhm o sector, b u thad been repulsed. North of Lake Ladoga enemy forces were almost all entrenched. That Peace they strove for fades into the past, And Calvary—from Olivet to Menin Gate— Sees those same countries, like some theatre vast, Set for a bloodier scenoof war and hate! If we break faith, break faith with them that died, Say that ice dealt in truth —whilst others lied! The choice was not with us—our hands are clean, Though steeped in blood and tempered to the tight, Those million dead shall march again unseen With us in darkness, straggling towards the light. Children we boro, quit ye like men of iron. The whelp of Peace is turned into a lion. Finns reported to have gained another big victory in course of which Russian 18 th Division, operating north-east of Lake Ladoga, was almost annihilated. Russian air raids continued objectives included churches and ambulances. Island monastery of Valamo, on Lake Ladoga, bombed and seton fire. Admiralty announced that H.M .mine­s wee per "Sphinx ”found ere dafter being damaged by enemy air attacks on Feb. 3. Reported that Canadian-Pacific liner" B eaverburn ”had been sunk by U -boat in Atlantic. British steamer “Po rte let" reported mined in North Sea. Stockholm announced that Swedish steamer “Andalusia ”was overdue and was feared lost. Fifth and largest meeting of Supreme War' Council took place in Paris. M. Pam pinchi, French Minister of Marine, stated that 40 of Germ any's 55 submarines a seat in September had been sunk. Tuesday, February 6 Finnish Army Command stated that new attacks by large Russian forces and tanks in Sum m a sector of M annerheim Line were repulsed after 16 hours of fighting. Reported that Russian parachute troops had been dropped behind Finnish lines both on Isth m u sand a t Rovaniem i, in Lapland, but were either killed or taken prisoner. Swedish steamer“ NVirgo ”sunk Russian bombers. Estonian cargo ship" Anu "mined North Sea. Norwegian m otor-ship "Segovia ”ported overdue and feared lost. Notes exchanged between Britain Japan, over removal on Jan. 21 of 21 mans from the“ A sam a M arti,” were published as a White Paper. by and Ger- and Norwegian steamer“ Varild ”were both overdue and must be considered lost. Meeting of Balkan Entente a t Belgrade ended with declaration of the four States to maintain solidarity of S.1 C .Europe inspirit of “regional neutrality." Reported that German arms were being sent by sea to Russian forces a t Petsam o and Murmansk. Monday, February 5 Russians stated to have got nearer toM annerheim defences and to be now 19 miles from Viipuri. t 9 i 9&£ a ld D h a i Madrid newspaper has opened a fund to send wine to the Finnish armies. Greta Garbo has given £1,250 to the Swedish fund in aid of Finland. “Hitler’s threats have lost their power to make the world’s flesh creep.” (New York Times.) “German propaganda has become a laughing-stock throughout the neutral world .”(Mr. J . A .Spender.) B y January 1941 the total strength of all Services within the Empire maybe over 5,000,000. “Russia Blitzkrieg’s against Fin lan dis beginning to look alike Five Year Plan .”(New York Times.) R.A .F .’planes given the duty of guarding herring fleets have been nicknamed “Kipper Kites .”Wednesday, February 7 Russian attack sin Summa sec to ron K arelian Isthmus continued unabated ,wave after wave of troops and tanks being flung against Finnish lines. Stated that all attack shad been repulsed. F'ierce fighting continued north-east of Lake Ladoga. Russian troops still holding out in Salla sector in North Finland. Stated that every town in Finland had now been mob bed by Russian ’pianes. Eire m otor-ship “Munster ”sank after striking amine in Irish Sea. Reported that British steamer “Armani- stan ”had been sunk without warning by U -boat on F'ebruary 3 off Lisbon. The King made a tour of military units in the West Country. Part of a pier on East Coast wrecked by explosion of German mine. ?4 In many German houses heating is con­fined to one room owing to shortage of fuel. Nazis are con fiscatin gall wireless insets Polish territory except those owned by Germans. M esserschm itt ’plane, brought down in Fran ce, was exhibited in Paris in aid ofF ren chAir Force charities. tIt tM-Black-out drivers of Berlin’s public ser­vices are to be given two wee ks’ holiday with all expenses paid. A n exhibition of contemporary German art is to beheld this year in Munich —by Hitler’s order. German engines and other units used for instruction purposes a t the Uruguayan Technical College are to be replaced by British products.
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