The War Illustrated No 6 Vol 1 October 21st 1939

October 21 st, 1939 The War Illustrated OUR WHO’S WHO OF THE WAR Mussolini, Benito ,The D uce of Italy .Founded National Fascist Party which took part in march to Rom eon October 30,1922. Was party to “Pact of Steel,” signed in Berlin on May 22,1939, which “irrevocably bound the destinies of Imperial Italy and Greater Germ any.”... N-0 Newall, Sir Cyril •Air CfiieL Marshal. Chief of the Air Staff since I937. Newton, C.H. of London and NorthEastern Railway member? Railway Executive Committee. Nishio, General T oshizo :Comm ander-in-Chief Japanese forces, China. Norman, Rt. Hon. M ontagu :Governor, Bank 0 1 England. Nygaardsvold, J ohan Prime Minister of Norw ay, sine :1935. Ogilvie, F.W.D irector-G eneral, British broadcasting Corporation. Oliphant, Sir Lancelot British Ambassador at Brussels. O rbay, General KiAzik, Leader, Turkish Military Mission to London October 1939. Paets,. &on stAn t1n President ol Estonia. Pernot, Georges Minister of Blockade, France. Perry, Lord Chairman, Ford Motor Co. Busin es Adviser, Ministry of Food. Perth, Lord (Eric Drum m ond) Chief Adviser on Foreign Publicity, Ministry Of Information. Or­ganized League of Nations* G e nev a ,.-and British Ambassador Rome, before Sir Percy Loraine. Petain, Marshal: Ffench Ambassador, Madrid. Phipps, Sir Eric British Ambassador, Paris. Piedmont, Prince oe Commander of gro'up o! Italian Army .(Sec eilso G raziani.) . . Pierlot, Hubert Prime Minister, National (Jnion Cab inet, Belgium .,,Pius XII, Pope was Papal Nuncio to Germany in 19 if Pollitt, Harry Communist Party leader. Groat! Britain opponent of Totalitarian ism Pound, Sir Dudley :First Sea Lord and Chief o British Naval Staff R aezin-ki, Count ,Polish Ambassador^ London R aczkiew icz, L adislas President of Poland in siic- cession... toM. Moscicki. Reading, Lord Chairman. Executive Council for German Jewry Reading, Stella, the Dowager Lady, t ^ W omen’s Voluntary Services for Civil Defence R eynaud, Paul Finance. Minister, France. R eynders, L ieut.-General H.I. Comrriander-in Chief, Dutch Army and Navy. Ribbentrop, J oachim von German Foreign Minister Weis traveller in champagne until he. inarfied. Anna daughter of H enkell, millionaire wine f>r.Qd,ucer. Roosevelt Franklin D. :President Of United States. Sa!azar, Anto.N’io Ode i j v e ira PtfUie Minister 0: Portugal 3 financier of genius. Salmon, 5Sir Isid ore Chairman j. Lyons A -Co. Hon. Catering Adviser to Army, S arajoglu, Shukri .Turkish Foreign Minister. Sargent, Sir O rme Deputy Under-Secretary 0 1 .State, Foreign Office. Savage,R t Hon. M. j. Prime Minister, Dominion o! .New Zealand. . Saydam Dr. J^efik .Prime. \Iinjsfrer, Turkey. Friend of K em al Ataturk and iorm gr, Minister of Health. Seeds, Sir WfLLiAM British A fn oaisad or to Moscow since 193.8,. Shaposhnikov Russian Army Comm and er. C frei o General V o roshilo v’s Staff., Sidor, Colonel Karl j Slovak guerilla leader. Sikorski, L adislas Prime Minister and Minister or War in newly .con stitu ted Polish Government £om roander-in-C hief of Polish Arm yin France. Simon, Sir John Chancellor of theE xch equ er. Sinclair, Sir Archibald Leader of Liberal Party. Skladow ski, General ex-Prim e M inister,of Poland Sm etona, Ant an as President of Lithuania since 1926 Sm igly R ydz, Mars hal Polish dicta to rand successor of Marshal Pilsudski, whom he Served as Inspector. G eneral, ofF orcesJuid War Aliniste,r. Smuts, Gene r al. Prime Minister of Union of South Africa since September 6,1939. when Genera' H ertzog, resigned o n neutralifry issue. Somers, Lord Deputy Chief Scout. Spaak, M. Foreign Minister. Belgium-, and Socialist Leader in National Union Cabinet.- Stalin, Joseph ,£>ic,t,ator, Of Soviet Russia. Aged 57 was General Secretary of Communist Party and succeeded Lenin, Sub stitu ting." Socialism in a single State ”for earlier “world revolution ”cry. latter being slogan ofT rotskyists. Stanley, Oliver president,. Board of Trade. Starhem berg Prince previously reader, Austrian fleiriiw ehr, now. forming Austrian Legion, France to fight against Germ any, starzynski, Stefan Mayor 6t Warsaw, the “Burgomaster Max ”of Poland, stauning, T horw ald Social Democratic Prime Minister of Denmark son of Copenhagen wheelwright. Stewart, Sir Findlater D irector-G eneral, Ministry o! Information previously Permanent Under-Secre­tary of State, India Office. Stoyadinovitch, Milan ex-Prem ier. Yugoslavia. Street, G.A. member ol Australian War Cabinet. Streieher, Julius publisher of anti-Jew ish newspaper“ D er Stu erm er,” Germany. Plum per, Gilbert of Southern Railway. Director- General, Transp'ortation and M’ oveinents-, War Office. Senior rail wa v Vr aVispbrt officer ’In r'eji \ - i"8 war Talarescu, G. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rumania, in the All Talents Cabinet, which opposed TrOn Guards. .Taylor, Sir Maurice ,Senior Military Adviser, War Office, upon production and supply. T eleky, Count Paul Prime Minister, Hungary, succeeding Dr. Irnredy in March, 1939. Is Hun ­gary Chief’s Sc&ut. Tigo, Fat her Prime Minister of Slovakia, assisted German invasion of Slovakia, which preceded attacks upon Poland. Poland seized ja vo .from Slovakia in October. 1938, and this led fo Anti-Polish reeling Count Paul T elek y, Prime Minister of Hungary since March, 1939 ,is also well known as a geographer. Photo, Planet News TitUlescO, Nicholas, ex-For.eign Minister ot Rumania, who fell from pow erin 1936. Mainly responsible fcr Little .Entente and known as “Foreign Minister ot the Little Entente and Balkan E tenn te,” including ku man ia, Yugo sla via, Turkey ,and Greece. King Carol resented T itu lesco influence’s and also his pro-French policy. Togo, JapaneseS. Ambassador, Moscow, Tw eedsm uir Lord G overnor-G eneral of Canada u-v tJlmanis, K a r .President ol Latvia and virtual dictator Since L934, when L a tv ian Parliament Was abolished. Was first L a tv ian Prime Minister, when Latvia p.rOClaimed. independence in 1918. Urbsys, J u o za s L ith u an ian Foreign Minister. Vigon, General Juan :Chief, High General Staff, Spain. Vivian, Sir Sylvan us R egistrar-G eneral, responsible fo.r Nation al. Register scheme. Voroshilov, Marshal Soviet D efence Minister and Commander^ of Workers’ and P easan ts’ Red Army. Vnillem in, General Joseph C h ief,.F ren chAir Force, and hero Of numberless air battles Warn of 1914-18. w-z Wallace, Captain .Eu a n Minister ot Transport. W aterlow Sir Sydney British Minister to Greece. W aterson, S,F. Union Commissioner for South Africa, London. W avell, Sir Archibald L ieut.-G en eral Commanding- in-Chief Middle East, including Palestine and Egypt Wedgwood, Sir &a- lph Chairman, executive comm it­ tee controlling British railways and London Pas­senger Transport Board during war. Weir, Lord: D irector-G eneral of Explosives Council o f.S u p ply. W em yss, Major-G eneral H C B *Director of Mobilization-W eygand, General :veteran French soldier of Great War ....i. Wilson, M a jo er-G n erA L HM. ,General Officer Com­manding in E g y pt, ...W itos, W .Leader. Polish Peasant Party .been exiled since 1930. .Wood, Sir K ingsley British Air Minister. Wood, Sir William of London, Midland and Scottish Railway member of Railway Executive Committee. Yam am oto, V ice-A dmiral Commander of Japanese Navy. Zetland, Lord ,Secretary ot State for India. ...M .Hubert .Pierlot, P rims Minister o? Belgium since February, 1939 ,previously held other offices in the Cabinet. Photo, Planet News M atchek, £)r, Croat leader Yin u gosla via. Pronouncedly aj.iti-HitIer cind, pro-French,- Max, A dolphe Burgomaster oi Brussels was offie in .1914.- Menzies, G.R. Prime Minister Commonwealth Australia. .....M etaxas, General Military Dictator of Greece Siu August, 1936. M ezhlauk, Valerian Commissar for Heavy industries Russia. Milne, Sir James General .Manager, Great Western Railway member of Railway Executive Committee Molotov, V. M. Prime Minister, Soviet Russia. Monckfcon, Sir Walter. Controller of Censorship at the Ministry of Information. M orgenthau, Henry Secretary Of the Treasury United States. Morrison, Rt. Hon. Her bert Leader, London CountA Council, arid Chairman, London Air Raid Precaution- Committee. Morrison, Rt. Hon. W Minister.S. of Food, ana Chancellor, Duchy of Lancaster. M oscicki, IgNace ex-President of Poland. Munters, V ilhelms Latvian Foreign Minister. Lam m ers, Heinrich Chief ot the Reich Chancellery arid Cabinet Minister, representing the civil service element in German y’s war machine. Lebrun, Albert^ President, French Republic, sincei932. deeper, REGikALD British Minister Plenipotentiary, Bucharest in charge of News Department. Foreign Office, several years. Leopold, King of Belgians “Our neutrality, having been affirmed must be effective. Belgium has never broken her word.” Lequerica, Senor \Spanish Ambassador, Paris. Limerick, Lady ,President, British Red Cross Society Linlithgow. Marquess o f Viceroy ot India. Lipinski, Colonel Commander Warsaw City garrison, September, 1939.“ Lippe-Biesterfeld, Prince BeRn hard husband of Princess Juliana of Holland. Lippe was German. prin cip ality abolished by Nazi tegim e. Londonderry, Lady Founder, W omen’s Legion. (2, E bury Mews, Buckingham Palace R d J Loraine, Sir Percy British Ambassador, Rome ,previously Turkey ,where friend of K em al Ataturk. Lowe, Mrs. Chairman, London County Council. Ludlow-H^witt, Sir Edgar Air Chief-M arshal. in charge Bombers* L ukasiew icz. J. Poiish Ambassador. Paris. M M acDonald, Rf. Hon. Malcolm Colonial Secretary, Britain .Son of j .Ramsay M acD onald. Macmillan, Lord Minister of Information. Was Assistant-Director of in telligen ce, Ministry o: Information, 1918. M cLeay, Senator G .Member, Australian War Cabinet. M adeley, W« B .Leader of L abour fcarty, South Africa, and m einber of Smuts Cabinet. M aisky, Ivan Soviet Ambassador In London. M alan, J. P.Leader, Reformed Nationalist Party, South Africa, which favours severing British con-. nexion. Maniu, J- Leader, National Peasant Party, Rumania, opposed toKing Carol. March, .Do>’ Juan Spanish capitalist, who placed fortune at disposal of Fran co’s Nationalist movement. M arinescu, General Rumanian Minister of the Interior Former Chief of Police Printed in England and published every Tuesday b they Proprietors, The Amalgamated Press, Ltd .,The Flee tw a y House, F arrin gd on Street, London, .CE .4. Advertisement Offices: The Flee tw a y House, F arrin gdon Street, London, .CE .4. Subscription Rates :Inland and Abroad, 17/4d. per annum 8/8d. for six months. Sole Agents for Australia and New Zealand :Messrs. Gordon& G otch ,Ltd .:and for South Africa :Central News Agency, Ltd .October 21s t, 1939. S.G .
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