The War Illustrated No 3 Vol 1 September 30th 1939

September 30th, 1 (*.'!!»The War Illustrated 07 Her Fight for Existence Against Fearful Odds method of warfare with a view to paralys­ ing the very life of the country. Nevertheless, the Polish army.- though ir- was in retreat, was still intact and as yet not demoralized. Again and again the Poles turned upon the invaders and drove them hack despite the heavy shelling and bombing that they were compelled to endure with little chance of making any effective reply. It was' Well understood that the Polish High Command had long realized that it would be impossible to make any really effective stand against a German army equipped with all the very latest' machinery of warfare in the open plains of Western Poland. All that they could hope to do would be to withdraw their forces as slowly and in as orderly a fashion as possible to lines already prepared beyond the Vistula. This they succeeded in doing, though with heavy loss •and some disorganization. And how­ever necessary the retreat appeared to those in stunned by the rapidity and extent of the disaster which had come upon them.As the invaders clattered through their towns and villages they retired to their houses, bolting the doors and shuttering the windows. With hate burning in their eyes they watched them pass, and they cursed them with the heaviest curses known to their vocabulary. Small wonder that some snatched up their ancient guns from the chimney-corner and as francs- tireurs played their part against the merciless aggressor who was sweeping through their country with fire and sword. Hack, then, went the Poles, resisting still with dogged bravery, but well nigh overwhelmed by the weight of men and armament ranged against them. Arrived on the traditional line of defence on the country’ greats rivers, the defending army rallied and dug itself in. Attacks by the Germans were fiercely repulsed, and, moreover, the Polish forces in the. salient before Warsaw were reported to have escaped from the German pincers and rejoined the main army on the Vistula. For a day or two the situation seemed to have taken a definite turn for the better. Warsaw breathed again as the Nazi troops who had penetrated to the suburbs were ejected and pushed back several miles. But held as they were before the capital, the Germans developed The gallant Polish machine -gunner seen in the top p h togo r a phis typical o f the fine young man hood that fills the Polish Army lo.Be w,is aGo arm n anti-tank gun in position during the street fig h ting that preceded the occupation o f B y d gos z c z ( B rom berg )on September 5. Photos, Associate7 Puss and Planet Xews
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