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seethe parachutes 011 the ground and the figures o f the troops moving together, and giving us a last flash o f their torches as we passed overhead. It was a moment one will never forget but even more I shall remember the efficiency and the wonderful spirit o f the men we dropped, their bearing, and the way they got into the aircraft at the take-off, singing a song with special words o f their own, not particularly suited to the B.B .C .,the refrain o f which was “Oh! W e’ve a surprise for the Duce, the Duce !”They certainly had, and perhaps, not the last. 56 WE SPEAK F 1 1 O M TII E AIR 18. Fortress Crosses the Atlantic A NUMBER OF THE VERY LATEST TYPE OI' FOUR-ENGINED FLYING FORTRESS BOMBERS HAVE JUST REACHED THIS COUNTRY FROM THE UNITED STATES. ......DESPITE TIIEIR VAST SIZE, THE FLYING FORTRESSES HAVE BEATEN ALL RECORDS IN THEIR FLIGHT ACROSS THE ATLANTIC. THESE MACHINES WILL SHORTLY BE FLYING ALONGSIDE BRITISH AND OTHER TYPES OF UNITED STATES FOUR-ENGINED BOMBERS IN SERVICE WITH THE ROYAL AIR FORCE. (Ministry o f Aircraft Production.) I can’t help feeling that there is not much o f a story in this. The most remarkable thing about the whole flight was that it seemed so ordinary and uneventful. We just stepped into the Fortress on the other side one evening, flew her east all night, and landed in Britain soon after dawn the next day. It’s true we had flown the Atlantic, but until we got close into the British coast, we didn’t even seethe Atlantic. We were much too high. All we saw was the sky and the stars and the moon, clouds towering high above us here and there and a great floor o f clouds beneath us. It was just about as exciting as a night flight from London to Paris in peacetime.
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