Battle of Ypres reprinted from the Daily Mail March 4th 1915

The Splendid Story o f the Battle o f Ypres. HOLLAND DUSSELDORF N1EUPOR Antwerp Dun kirk THE GREAT GERMAN ATTEMPT ON OCT. 3!' TO REACH CALA/S. IUSSELS Cologne Tourcoinq Mont DES -CATS BOULOGNE ST 0WER ¦ X water/ou LIEGE LILLE Armentieres THE THIN BRITISH LINE THAT FOILED THE GERMAN ATTEMPT MONS NAMUR APPROX IM ATE LINE OF TRENCHES ON OCT. 3IS Z. COBLENZ yv*1 ^AMIENS I* LU MEX BURG APPROX AIM TEL /NE OF TRENCHES O N OCT. 3 / S .TO REST FARO CONN K C^k HALONS S'M lW E i POSITION OF BRITISH ARMY ON SEPT. 6 T-H X NANCY SWITZ E R LAND PICTURE MAP WHICH ILLUSTRATES THE BATTLE STORY. The movements of the main British Army, as related by Mr. Will Irwin, from the day of the battle of Mons to the crucial day of October 31, when the great battle of Ypres took place, «ve, illustrated above, and the map also shows the approximate battle line from the sea to Switzerland on that date—the line that was locked so securely as the result of the British victory. Printer! and Published by the Assoc i a ted News papers ,Ltd .,at “Daily Mail” Buildings,’ London and Manchester.
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