The Sphere October 12th 1918

hT[ e Sphere ,October 12,19181 /-WAR NUMBER TWO HUN D RED &NINE TEEN. X /-LIBERTY v e L v e TeeN FOR AUTUMN DRCSSeS&COATS W 0RLD FAM6D FOR GRACEFUL DRAPING, RICHNESS &DURABILITY 10/6 A YARD .26 IMS. WIDE PATTERNS POST FR C £ LIBeRTY&C&r, LON DOM w. I. The PUREST and SOFTEST Table Waters obtainable. BUR ROWS LAM VERN WATERS Refuse all others. Bottled only at the historic ST. ANN SPRING,’S MALVERN. Sold Everywhere. If any d’fficuity in obtaining, please write W. &J. BURROW, L‘d., The Springs, LAM V E <N.or Advertising Departmanf, 84, Queen V ctoria Street. London, E.C. 4, for name of nearest Retailer, r^rice List, and Booklet, '‘The Springs of LAM VERN .”Send cheque or postal order for 7/6 for sample dozen bottles, delivered free to any London Address (state still or sparkling). 2/- per dozen refunded on empty bottles returned. C l y della• J (Re£d )the soft, warm, and durable material for SHIRTS and PYJAMAS. WRITE FOR PAT TERNS O,&c.T THE MANUFACTURERS-WM. HOLLINS &Co., Ltd. (Dept. 131 A),NEW GATE STREET, LONDON, E.C. 1. STU DYE C MONO Yin Home Baking ROB W I C K’S BAKING POWDER It is so strong and reliable that one teaspoonful of it goes as far as two teaspoonfuls of most other raising agents. Bl2 Scotch Whisky Always reliable. Gives entire satisfaction. Proprietors Bulloch, Lade &Co., Ltd., Established 1830. Distillers at Glasgow, Islay & Campbeltown. O f the leading Tobacconists and in all Canteens.“ CAVANDER’S Army Club” CIGARETTES and “ARMY” MIXTURE. Cavanders, Limited London and Glasgow. PRICE HONES IL LING .REGISTERED AS A NEWSPAPER FOR TRANSMISSION IN THE UNITED KINGDOM. Office: Great New Street, London, E.C .4.
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