The Prisoner of War No 37 Vol 4 May 1945

16 The Prisoner of War May, 1945 iJtBBttn ^Trans fer sun d ibo i 'u t/ow NEXT OE KIN PARCELS Q iu a>r\ rio i a m h m r \T?ot n r Fir o llo wing is the latest official informa­tion :—April 24 O flag V A was e vac u a ted b y train on March 3 1st, and the destination was stated to be O gila V I I I B,E ic h sta tt, but the prisoners did not arrive there and it appears that they were taken to another camp .Sta lag X I I F has been moved toW ehrkreis VII Bin a v aria .Sta lag X V I I A was eva cu donate April 1st, and the destination was stated to b e B rau n au 011 the A u stro -German frontier. O flag IV C has been overrun and the prisoners liberated ,except for certain selected officers who had been trans­ferred before the* arrival o f the Allied Forces. O flag 79 was breached y Allied Forces on April 12th .Close upon 2,000 officers and 400 other ranks, most o f them from the British Com mon wealth ,were re­leased. April 26 Sta lag 344 was e vac u a ted b they Ger­ mans when the Red Army app roached Lam sd o rf in January and the prisoners were forccd to march westward .About 850 o f the prisoners managed to escape to the Russian lines and have now been rep atria ted from Odessa, but the great majority were transferred to v a rio u scamps in Central Germ any .It is known that men from this camp were moved to Sta lags IXA, Z e ig e n h a in I X B ,Bad Orb X I C,M ulhausen X I I I C ,Ham mel- b u rg, and X I I D ,Nu rem berg, from which camps a number o f them were recently recovered. April 30 Sta lag V B ,Ville n gen— 69 recovered. Sta lag V 1IB , M em min gen —772 re­covered .Sta lag 383, Ilo hen fels— 1,970 covered .Work detachments o f Sta lag I V D have been liberated atE rd erb o rn ,Orb er- roblin ger, E tz rob f and T e u tsch e tan l.At these four places there have been re­covered respectively 16,32,315 and 182 British prisoners o f war. May 1 M arlag u n d M ilag N o rd, W estertim k e, was liberated 011 May 1st, abut reliable report has been received that the bulk o f service personnel p rev io u sly held there was moved 011 April 10th toward L u beck .Sta lag 357. The majority of prisoners were evacuated before it was liberated b y British forces. Camp sin W eh rkreis I V ,and Sta lag I I I A .With the exception o f O flag IV C which, was liberated ,it is not known whether the men in these camp shave been liberated or whether (hey were moved farther south before the link-up between the Russian and American Armies. O flag V I I B .Except for those in hosp ital this camp was eva cu donate April 15 forth a destination near Munich. Sta la e X V I I A was e vac u a ted west­ wards was expected to a rriv eat Bra u n a u ,near the .Au stro -German b ord er, about April 19th. Sta lag X V I I I I A .Prisoners were marched towards Mark t Pong a u Land a n deck .It has been reported that large batches o f prisoners o f war have been for sometime marching south and south -west towards B a v aria .Some o f these must be from camps origin ally in Eastern Germ any and Poland which were ave cu­ a ted p rev io u sly ,and some also from heW rk re is IV .Some o f these men have already arrived in camp sin B a v aria ,and where th isis known their next o f kin- have been inform ed.It is, o f course, also possible that there maybe considerable numbers o f prisoners instill German hands in the district o f Northern Germ any between the British and Russian Armies, as it is known that some o f the men from camp sin Poland were march in gin this direc­tion earlier in the Spring .Next o f kin arc assured "that directly any definite information about their par­ticular prison eris known in this c o u n try, they will be notified b they Service Department concerned .'Rep atria ted prisoners are able to send a telegram to their families immediately upon a rriv a lin this c o u n try ..Camps Containing British Common­wealth Prisoners of War Still Held by the Germans on May 1st, 1945. O flags Hospitals I V B K o n ig stein- U kerm dun eXCL u beck E u ftw affe n L a z tare 4 IX/ W ism ar Sta Blags ilin I IE Sch w erin '.IV A H oh nstein Sch lesw ig I V C W istritz bei Maid Lin z T e rlitz W o lfsb erg X I A A lte n rag pitta-•S l/ raD u t!OW 1'317 Mark t Pong a u 398 Pupping X V I I I A Wolfs- H ags berg L ieb en au, r.n Tet- L u ft 1 Barth -.nan g R au oVen- g elsa n g burg L u ft I V Wob- W u rzach b e 1 n b tie ,Lu d wig slu st •a.u n New Camp M arkt pittaS l Pong a u New Camp B rau -Detention Camp nau Nor eu- S tralsu n d -alt- kirchen F aeh re.S alsb u rg Infirmary K ono ta uSu s pens ion and Return CON D IT ION Sin Germ any no longer allow of the transport and delivery" o f next o f kin parcels. So it has been decided ,in agreement with theW a f Office and the General Post Office, that next o f kin parcels \Vhich have been col­ le c ted ,by the Post Office from the Next o f Kin Parcels enC tres a t Fin sb u ry Circus and Glasgow shall be backhanded to these enC tres for return to the senders. The parcels will not be reopened b they Red Cross, b u twill b e returned exactly as received from the General Post Office. This work is bound to take a considerable time, and the parcels can not be dealt within the o rd erin which they were origin dally esp atch ed .The Red Cross will write to the sender o f each parcel when it is ready to be returned .No en qu iries should be sent to the Parcels enC tre before this letter is received ,as no information will abe v ail­ able about parcels not already dealt with. Late ron, parcels which have already left this c o u n try ,but which have not reached Germ any will, so far as possible, be returned in the same way to the Red Cross, and then forwarded to the senders. HELP FROM WALES S au n d ersfo o t and neigh b o u ring villages Pin em bro k esh ire recently raised /61610s. 8d. for the Red Cross through a b a z a a rand other entertain men ts. COUNTY REPRESENTATIVE Please note the following change :Do r set shire: Miss E.M .William s,Wim borne Red Cross Office, 22, EastS tree t, W7im borne, Dorset. PLEASE NOTE A s there maybe news o f interest to rep atria ted men in The Prisoner of War, copies o f the journal will b e sent to next o f kin for three months after the return o f their ex-p riso n ers to this co u n try .FREE TO NEXT OF KIN I 'T’HIS journal is sent free o f charge to those registered with the Prisoners o f War Dept, as next o f kin. In view o f the paper shortage no copies are for sale, and it is hoped that next o f kin will share their copy with relatives and others interested NUMBER, PLEASE!D LEASE be sure to mention your *Red Cross reference number whenever you write to us. Other­wise delay and trouble are caused in finding previous correspondence. P r in te din Great U nin'a tor the P n h liih e rs ,Tut IIk d C r o sans *>St John W ab Organ is a t ion ,14, G ro sv enc r C ie scent. Lon don.S .W .,by T ijl C o h n w m i I’ll ESS I., :iris C m den .Sta iu lord Stiect, Lon don ,S.E 1
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