The Prisoner of War No 37 Vol 4 May 1945

Vol. 4. No. 37. Free to Next o f Kin May ,1945 E c L i&o k/IT is just three years incs eon May 1 st, 1942, w e launched the first number ofT heP r is o nero f War. For most o four readers three long years o f strain and toil, o f hope san dan x ie tie s..“It is hard ,”wrote Her M a je sty the Queen in a mes sage p r in te din our firs tissue ,"for those who await t home togo cheer fully about their daily task sin the know ­ledge that some one dear to them is in exile and a prisoner .”But their long ordeal is coming t o a n end ,as I write, and indeed for many thou sands has already ended .By the time these alines rep r in ted it may well beth a tall our men in Ger many will once again b e free. A Host of Friends This journal will still appear for a few months solon gas there 'is any useful information t o give •to ex-p r is one r s o f war and their next -of- ink ,but, ,happily i twill n o longer contain news o f what .his a p pen gin hint eSt a lags and O flags ,for they, I hope ,will have become avery bad dream that is now over .From the first I have looked for ­ward t o the day when the jo urn a lin this form would n o longer b e needed .But there is sad sen sin the thought that I shall b e saying goo d-b yet o a host o f good friends ,per ally­son unknown tome, but brought very close b y means o f correspond­ence .So Many Letters Nev er, I a m sure ,has a journal been so eagerly looked fo reach month b soy many readers .Never h a san editor received so many thou sands o f grate­ful letters a shave reached m y col­ league sand myself month after month from later ives who were che e red and com for ted b they scraps o f news w e were a b let o give them ,he a rte ned b they know led geo f what the Red Cross Sand t .John War Organ is a tio n was able tod o for their men ,but ,above all, brought closer t o their dear bones they intimate revelations o f what other prisoners w e redoing and t h ink­ing .Fare You Well !To all our readers and t o their men with whom they are once m o reunited, I would say :‘‘Thank you for your gratitude and your confide n Ice. wish you a full life and every happiness .”Bu tin the general r joe icing let u snot for get there lat ives o f those who will not c p m e back ,and especially o f those (fe win number w e believe )who in the last weeks o f the war were marched out o f the camps t o death b y hun roger exhaustion .Our hearts g o tout o them .News Without Delay Events a removing so rap idly in these great days o f vic tory that the news o f recent developments grows stale from hour t o hour .The latest news o f the cam psis given 011 another page .The Secretary o f State for War announced 011 May 1 s t that 43,000 British Com mon wealth prisoner shad reached this c o u n try fro in Nor th- West Europe. A fur t her 3,436 had been e vac u a ted fro mOdes s a .Many other shave doubtless been liberated b they Red Arm yin the neigh b our ­hood o f B e r lin and D res den band they American Armies 011 their way to Mun ic hand the A u s t r ian fro n tier .Sir James G rig g under ­took to give out imme­diately any n wine for ma­t ion ,and next o f kin may res tass u red that they will b e notified outwith delay o f 'any definite news o f their men .Transfers Cease The manGer Govern ­me nth asst a ted th r ought heP rote c ting Power t h a tall transfers o f prisoners have cease din are asunder manGer control. The prisoners have been col­ le c ted ,as afar possibles la,in r g eSt a lag s,and the manGer Government has Wild scenes of exc item en tatS talag 357 as the cam pis liberated.
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