The London Gazette, March 17 - March 21 1687

tar. rds as Tour bijfctiting SubjeSli, efpecially Jince i/I the Indnlgenc: vouchjafcd, there are no Limita­tions hindering the Enjoyment o fit with a good Conscience, And that To,r Majejly publifhoth to the World, upon Reajbns mojl Conviclive from the Light o f Nature and Chrijlianity, That it hath been lour conftant Senfe an.-! Opinion, That Confciencc ought not to be Conftrained, nor People Forc'd in matters o f rneer Religion ,with Tour jinn Rejolntion that J'uch Force Jhail not be attempted during Tour Maje- f iie t Reign, and four Gracious PurpoJ'e to move lour Ttt’o llon/es o f Parliament to a Cone nrence info excellent a Work j T j all which Tour Majcfly hath been pleajed to add an Ajjiirance o f a perfetl En­joyment o four Property. Wherefore, Dread Sovereign, We Tour Majejlies m f t Loyal and Dutiful Sub/ecls, firft rendering our 'Thankj to Almighty God, do in the next place pre- Jent, as in Duty bonn /,our humble and hearty Ac­knowledgment unto T iir Mojl Excellent Mnj-fty, for the Grant o f fo Tranfcendent and ZJnparallei'd a Fa­vor, Rejbhing to make it our confiant Endeavor to anfu’jr Tour M.ijeJlies mnjl juft: Expectations from •us, approving our felv:s by Inclination, as well as Duty} Toirr mojl Loyal Snbjeds. Sublcribed in the Name o four fclves, and many others. To the King's Moft Excellent Majefty. .¦The Humble Addrefs o f the Thanks o f the Grand Inquett at the General Seflions for the Borough and Corporation o f Totnes, held the 19th day o f A p ril, in the Third Year o f Your Majefties Reign. Great SIR, W E Tour Majejlies mojl Faithful and Loyal SuljeEls o f tlx Borough and Corporation o f Totnes, df, upon our bended f\iiees,Receive with all the Senfe, allan<{ the Acknowledgments pofjiUe, Tour Majcflies . K jnny Declaration, for Liberty of Confcience, and the mojl Gracious Expreffons which Tnt give Tour Peop.e therein, both o flour Chrjflian T<irJ:rheJi in the Concerns <f Ccnjcience, and lour J\oral Care, for the Eaje and the Welfare o f aUTour Subjects. And with the utmix (I powers o four Souls, we do pray Almighty God, That asHe has raifed up Tour M .yejly, as hirctof&re lie did the Great Cyrus, to redeem and to rejlore His People ,Jo He will pleaje to. make Tour Tor one as Eafte and as Glorious as that Monarch's,but more Lajling^ which fhall ever be in the Prayers of, Great SIR, Your Majcifies moft Humble, moft Obedient, and molt Faithful Subjects. Hambucgh,May 2-T hey write from Berlin,that the Elector o f Erandcaburgii has made the Marefchal de Schotnbergh General b f his Force*, and Governor o f the Ducal Pruf- iia And that he has Jikewile given his Son the Commando f Major General with a Regiment of Horle. Brunei*, May 6 .The Letters from Vienna o f ih e 24.rh o f the lad month, tell us, (hat the preparations for the •'.ampaghe.were very extraordinary. That Orders had been fenr to the Imperial Troops to rairch toth« General Ren­dezvous That theE letfW o f Bavaria wat expected at Vi- rnna about the 10th o f this Month. And that the Letter from the Grand Vifior which the Turkiih Aga,who lately arrived ar Debre^ei, was charged with,had bsen lent byGeneral Ca- ratfa to the Ptefident of the Council o f War,the Contents of: was,that the Grand Signior was defirousto make aPeace, «tnd that a place might be made choice o f where the Am- haditdors on both fidcs might meet to Treat thereof, rand h a tto g iv c a proof o f the fir.cerity o f his intuitions, he would deliver Teckeley who had been the Author o f the War inrotfie hands o f the t.hri tians. Hague, May< 5 The Deputies o f the Province o f Zca- J ind who arrived here the lalt Week, have had lcveral con­ferences w i.h thofe o f the States Generul. Prince Philip ot Brandenburg begins to prepare for his return to Berlin The Marquis d* Albeville E-fVoy Extraordinary from the K iig o f England, made the 3d Inftanr, being the day o f his Majeflies Coronation, avery lplcndid Entertainment, at which verc all the Foreign Miniders, and divers other per- fun v o f the chiefed quality. The Count d’ Avaux has upon rhe arrival o f the lad Letters from France, deferred for J>nic days his Journey to Luxemburg Ycllerday the fJ jtg m rtf this placc appeared in Arms according to An- *»errt Paris May 3.Mo: deoc de Louvois parted from Won ednefday lad for A lfice, to vifit our Frontier Flaccs on that fide, after which he will return and meet the Court ac Luxemburg. The King continues his refoluiiuH o f begin­ning his Journy thither 011 Saturday next. Whitehall, April 28. This day the Parliament met at Wcjlminjter, and was, by Commiifion,farther Prorogued to the 22d o f November next.^ iVeJlminflcr, April 28. This Morning Sir i­R chard Allebone, one o f His Ma jellies Conned at Law ,and Charles Ingleby Efq both o f Grays-Inn, being called by the Kings Writ to take upon them the ftate and degree o f Serjtiints at Law, came accom­panied with leveral of the Benchers and other Gentle­men o f that Society to the Chancery Bar, where they took the ufual Oath o f Serjeant, and then delivered a Ring to my Lord Chancellor, Praying him to prelent it to the King with their Duty and humble Thanks for the Honor His Majefty had been pleafed to confer upon them After which hisLord- fhip made a ftiortSpeech tothem .From thence being accompanied as before, they went to the Treafury o f the Common-Pleas, where they were received by the Serjeants, and having performed the Ceremonies o f Counting before the Lord Chief Juftice and the other Jultices o f the Comm on-Pleas, had their Q uoifs put on by the Judges Then being cloathed in Parry-Coloured Robes, they were conducted each between two Senior Serjeants into the Hall, and to the Bar o f the Common-Pleas, where they again Counted, and gave Rings with this Motto, J^cge L ex. They afterwards entertained my Lord Chan­cellor, with many o f the Nobility, the Judges, Ser­ jeants, and other Pei fons o f Quality, at a fpiendid Dinner at Serjeants Inn. The fame day Sir Richard Allebone was Sworn before my Lord Chancellor, one o f the ju ftice so f the Kings-Bench, and Mr. Serjeant Pcwel one of the Barons o f the Exchequer. Advertijements. 0 'T The New Katura Brevium o f the moft Reve­rend Judge Mr. Anthony Fitz-Herbert, Correfled and Rc- vifcd. Whereunto arc added the Authorities in Law ,and fomc other Cafes and Notes, Collected by the Trat.flator cut o f the Year-Books and Abridgments. With anew and exadl Table o f the mod material things contained therein. fZ)* Two Dialogues in Enghfh, between a Dotftor o f Divinity, and a Student in the Laws o f England, o f the Grounds o f the faid Laws, and o f Confcience. Newly Rc- vifcd and Reprinted. Both Sold by C. Harper, W. Crookc R.and Tonfin in Fleetltrcer, without T cm ple-B ar, and a t Grays Inn Gate. STolen from the M-irquis dc Ruvignv, on Monday feven- night ,the 25th p alt, at Greenwich, thele feveral pieces o f silver Plate following, o f Paris mark, vi^. 3 Plates, ^.deeponcs nr Mazarines, a great Difh, two little ones, 8 Spoons, 8 Knives, 6 Forks, and a broken Spoon, all mark’d with the faid Marquis de Ruvigny’ *Coat o fArms divided in four quarters: The fird is a Hatchet, thcfecond three Mullets, the third three M artdetts, and the fourth a Chequer. Whoever brings thefe things to Mr. Guerry ac the French Ainbadadors, (hall have jo l.d e rlin g Reward, and proportionably for every piece. L OIt the i j t h pall, between Bow and London, a PocketBook with a Parchment Cover, and tycd with a Red Tape,directed on the fird Leafto Charles Price at Mr. James Daltons Apothecary in httle Ead-Cheap over againd the Kings Weigh-Houfe. Whoever lhall bring it thither, or to Mr.Benjamin Price in Kings Arms-Court in Coleman-Strcer, dull have a Guinea Reward. A Large white Spaniel, with feveral yellow fpots upon him, was taken up orin near the Pall-mall on the 26tb pad. Whoever gives notice o f him fo ashe maybe had again, to Mr. Mills one o f His Majefties Falconers at the Falcon in the PalUmall, fhall have a Guinea Reward. O N Wednelday the 2o:h lad pad, was dolen or lod from the King’s Arms in Piccadilly,a very large Grey­ hound Dog, o f a blue brinded colour, his tail and cars cur, much white upon his bread, his neck, legs and feet alfo a little white, a inip down his nole. Whoever lhall bring the faid Dog^or give Notice o f him to Capt.Cavejor to his atMan the King’s Arms aforefaid, fhall have a good Reward.S Twlen or (frayed the 24th pad, near Northampton, a dapple grey Mare about 14 hands and an half high, with a cut Tail, and a Flefh-brand upon one o f her fhoul- ders, fomeihing freckned abeut her head and neck, all her paces, 8 years o\4. Whoever gives Notice o f her to Mr.1 Hcxney at the Pcacock in Northampton, or to W'iUiam Bali- at the Unicorn over againd the Savoy Gate ia tbc Strand^, fhall have Two Guinea’s Reward. Printed by Tho ,New com bin the <Sazoj,0 1 6 %J.
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