The London Gazette, March 17 - March 21 1687

jBuitflj* ill® The London Gazette. ____________ -••:•- _ _ _________ r..¦-—*^U u U i i i c o &From C ljU tSU ap April 28. jfrbiteball, A bril 30. THE following AddrciVcs luve been prefented to His M.ijeily, which His Majefty received very G iacioufly. T o the Kings A fo jl Excellent M ajsfly. The Hunlble Addrefs o f Minifters of the Gofpel in and about the City o f London, common­ly call’d Presbyterians. May it pleafe Your Majefty, ¦'I TE, To-ir niofl Obedient Subjects, tv ho, V \r among many others $do rcjoic: in the Fruit o f Tour Royal Bounty, do hereby mofl humbly and heartily mok? our pirateful /tckji'iwledgment to Almighty G id, tv jo hath thus inclin'd lour Royal Mind, and to To-ir Self., Dread Sovereign, whife Princely Pity now refines us from our long Sufferings, and by the /attic Royal Ac} reft ores God to the Um­pire over Confcience, and pubfifhetb to tlxi World Tour Chriftittn Judgment, That Confcience may not be Forc’d And lour Rcfolution ,That fuch Force flu ll not be attempted in Your Kingdoms during Your Reign, (which God grant maybe overlong us )we likjewife return Tour Majefty mo ft unfeigned Thanks for Tour tender Care o four Rights and Pro­perties, and for declaring Tour, further inclination to enrage Tour Two Houfes o f Parliament in a Concur­rence with Tou Join excellent a Work., which we¦ p r a andy hope God will incline them to, for his Glo­ry, Tour Majeflics Joy and Honour, Ian for the Wel­fare of all Tour Majcfties JJryal Subjects, that we, with others Tour Majeflies Subjects, in a ju ft Secu­rity under Tour Protection, may, with a confiant Emulation, Jlrive to be mofl forward and faithful in our Allegiance to Tour Pcrjon and Crcwn. Be pleas'd, Dread Sovereign, Gracioujly to accept this humble Acknowledgment, and unfeigned Thanl>s o f Tour M ajefl ies moft Obedient Subjects. Who do and (hall (as in Duty bound) ever pray,£?c# ToKing Jjmes II. over England, 8cc. The Humble and Thankful Addrefs o f feveral of the King’s SuYje&s, commonly called Quakers, in and about the City o f London,on behalf ofT h cm- feives, and thofe o f their Communion. May it pleafe the King* THough we are not the Firft in this tVuy, yet we ''hope we a.c not the Leafl fenlible o f the great F a v r s we are come to prcfent the King our humble, open. and hearty Thanks for Since no Peo­ple have received greater Benefits, as well by open­ing our Prifon doors, as by his Idte Excellent and C h'ifiian Declaration for Liberty o f Corifcience None having more fevctsly Suffer'd, nor flood more generally expo fed to the Malice of ill Men, upon the account of Religion. And though we entertain this Aft of Mercy with all the Acknowledgments o f a perfecutc.i and grateful People J yet We mufl needs fay, It doth the lefs furpr ire us, fince ¦ tis what fume o f us have known to have been the declared Prin­ciple o f the asKing well long before* as Jince He came to the Throne o f Hit Anzeftors. And as we rejoice to fee the Day that a Kjng o f England fhould from His Royal Scat (0 Umverjnlly affirt this glorious principle^That Confcience ought not to be Conftrain’d, nor People forc’d for mat­ters Of mecr Religion, (the want o f which happy Conduct in Government, has been the Denotation of> 3iarii02uv. d30ilDai> May z. 16H7. Countries, •and Reproach of Religion) fo we do with bunllflc and Jincere Hearts, renter to God firjl, arid the Isjng next, our Jenflble Acknowledgments {And becaujc they cannot be better exprefl} than in a god-ly, pcaceab'.e, and dutiful Life ,it .(hall be our En­ deavour (with God's help) a'wa s to approve curSe .sh the fling's faithful and loving Subjettst WAnd e hope, that after this Grackus Step (the King h th made towards the ‘Union o f His People ,and S“C .'n tv o fth .ir Comm n b:tercft) hash. d a due Conjiderat/on , th'>c be no room left for thofe Fear and JsafauJb:s, that might render th: K irg Reigns Un.'ajic, or any of them TJnh -ppy. J hat which remains, Great Prince, for us to do,isi to befeecb Almighty God (by whom Kings Reign, and Princes dccree Juftice )to infpirc Thee more and more with his excellent Wijdom and ‘Vndcr- fla-iding, to purfuc this Chriflian DeJ'gn o f Eafe toad Rehgi'iis Dijfentcrs, with tl.e moft agreeable and I aft mg methods. And we pray God to biffs the Kjnfy H s Rtyal Family and Pcop e,witb Gracc and Peace* And that after along and projperous Reipn here. He may i eceivs abetter Crown among tlx Bl.fjed. Which is the Prayer of,& c .To the King ’sM ojl Excellent M a jcfly .The Humble Addrefs o f divers o f Your Majefliefi Loyal Subjedls indwelling or near Your City o f Weftminfler, and the Liberties thereof, Moft Dread Sovereign, A Ltbough we cannot fiifficicntly acknowledge that Royal Grace and Clemency fo generoufiv e x pref­ ix'd m Tour late Hea'ing Declaration, foi¦ Liberty o f Confcience. Jet Jince Tou have [hewn Tour Self the Common Father o fall Tour People, fuffer us to bear ourfhiaH part in the Vniverfal Joy and Gratitude, as we receive a great [bare in the general Favor and Indulgence* And however our Expreffwns mufl needs fall fhort of our Duty, yet are we not Without our humble Hopes they mayfindToUr Gracious Acceptation* IIV therefore humbly prefent Tour Majejty with our deep Senfi o f Tour Pa thirty Comp.'iff, on towards us, with a folcmn and fincere Pro fefjion o four Loy­alty to’Tour Self (Which as God hath made our Du­ty ,Tour M.ijcfty hath made our IntereJI )with our hearty Prayers to the Divine Majcfly, that he will prefervc Tour Rojal Perfon and Family, and fob ’efs Tour Government, that under them We niay lead a rjuiet and peaceable Life in all Godlinefs and Hone- fly, and demeaning our Jelves in all peaceablenefs to our Fellow Subjects, that fo Tour Majcfly may full/ reap the bleffid Fruit o f Tour great Goodn:fs, being happy in a Loyal People, and they mutually bleffed in a Gracious Prince, and under His benign Govern­ment, The advancing o f which great Ends, as it ever fhall bethe unfeigned Prayer, fo the confiant Endeavors of, Dread Sovereign, Your Majefties moft Humble, molt Loyal, and m oft obliged Subjects, To the King1s Mofl Excellent M a je fly .The Humble Addrefs o f Your Majefties Loyal Sub- jevfls o f the Congregational Perfiiajion, indwelling and about the City o f Lojidon. S I R,T' 1 H E great Calamity We have beiri along tim t sunder, through the fivere Execution o f the Pcnal_ Laws, in Matters o f Religion ,has made ut deeply fenfible q f Tuur M ajejlies Princely Clemency 'towards
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