The London Gazette, March 15 - March 19 1757

The London ^nb U H jeD bpS u t f i o r t t p ..•.j p /*W >—From ^U£l'0*f March 15, to features? March 19, i ? 5 yt A T 1 the Court at SV. James's the ift Day of March, 1757, PRESENT,. The KIN G’s moft Excellent Majefty in Council. WHEREAS the Time limited by His Majefty’s Order in Council, of the Fourth of February laft, For paying the refpe&ive Bounties therein men­tioned, to all Able and Ordinary Seamen, and foal- to all Able bodied Landmen, who ftrniild vo­luntarily enter themfclves in His Majefty’s Royal Navy i and likewife fur paying the Rewards to Perfons oHcovemig Seamen who fhould conceal themfelves, will expire upon the Tenth Day of this Inftant March ^.nd whereas it is judged expedient for His Majefty’s Service, That the Bounties and Rewards thereby given, fhoulu be continued to be paid for fome 1 ime longer His Majefty doth therefore, by and with the Advice of His Privy Council, hereby Order, That the Bounties of Tliree Pounds for every Able Seaman, and of Thirty Shillings for every Ordinary Seaman, not above the Age of Fifty, nor under the Age of Twenty Years and of Thirty Shillings for every Able-bodied Land­ man, not above the Age of Thirty five, nor under the Age of Twenty Years, be continued to be paid to fuch Seaman and Landman re fpeitively, who (hall, on or before the Twelfth Day of April next, enter themfelves in tht Royal Navy, in the Manner directed by His Majefty’s Proclamation of the Fourth Day of January laft :And likewife, That the Rewards of Two Pounds for every Able, and Twenty Shillings for every Oidinary Seaman, be con­tinued to be paid to any Perfons who fliall, on or before the faid Twelfth Day of April next, difcover any Seaman or Seamen who (hall con­ceal themfelves, fo as fuch Seaman or Seamen betaken for His Majefty’s Service. Whereof all Perfons concerned are to take Notice, and govern thcmfclves accordingly. IV. Sharpe. Turin. March 2. Monday the 28th of Fe­bruary, Madame de Savcye, who entered into the Thirtieth Year of her Age, received the Compliments of the Foreign Minifters, and of the Nobility, on that Occafion but the Court did not outgo of Mourning. The Chevalier of Mombercel, a Genera) of Foot, Governor of Alexandria, and Knight of the Order of Anun- ciation, died lately irvan advanced Age. Vienna, March 2. EveryThing is getting ready for Count Brown’s Departure for the Aimy. An Exprefs is arrived at Court with Advice that the Troops, furniftied by the Elec­tor of Men tz, are arrived in Bohemia and an Account is alfo expelled of the Anival of thofe of tile Prince Bifhop of Wurtzbourg, who have been for feveral Days paft on theur March for that kingdom. Cardinal Traution, Arcnbifliop of this City, continues dangerouflv ill. Dre/den, M a-cb 6. O then 20th of laft Month, a Body of 6000 Auftrians furrounded .the little Town of Hirfchfcld in Upper Lufatia/' which is garrifnncd by a Battalion of Piuflun Foot. The fn ft Attack was made at Pour o’Clock in the Morning, on the two Redoubts without the Gates, on each of which was placcd ¦ wo Fi<-ld Piec,* and though the Auftrians were frveral Times repulfed, they at laft madf them*- fclves M.ifters of one of the Redoubts, and carj ried off the two Picces of Cannon. In their Retreat, they were followed by the Prulfians, who fell upon their Rear, killed fome of them, and took many Prifoners. By the Auftrians own Accounts, they loft 500 Men in their dif­ferent Attacks. The Places appointed for the Refidence of the Saxon Officers, who are order­ed to leave this City by the iith Inftant, are, Lauban in Lt^ver Lufatia, Wittenberg, and Eifleben. Amfierdanty March 9. W e have received an Account by our laft Letters from Cadiz, that one of our Men of War, named the Veere, commanded by Captain vander ICamp, arrived at Mallaga on the 15th of laft Month, with the Merchantmen under her Convoy. The fame [Price Two-Pence, j
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