The London Gazette, March 8 - March 12 1682

hut i:t vain, and they arc forccd to give way u ttoeVioicncc o f cite Comm onalty,'who by the dole and fu-btje Pradiices o f thole who propole advan­tages co therafclves in the publick ciiibrJers, are everyday more and more confirmed in their ob liin .cy, under the pretencc o f maintaining their PriviK dges. Hxr\burg. M ircb 9. The Letters wc rcccive from Copenhagen inform us, That the King o f Verrnai'^ will b*ve a Fleet o f 30 oMen f War at Sea this Summer That he is going toraife 5500 Horle and 2500 Foot, and that the Officers that be em­ployed i> )theft: new Levies h.ive molt o f then! r^- cciv.d their C o millions :And from Berlin thy write, .That tiie E ieilor oI Brcindenburg will laife •^coo :oMen, rceruit his fiatkling Regiments* A- midit thefe Preparations th :re is much difeqorfe o f Peace, and we arc told, That the Elector o f Brar.- daiburg does vc y much endeavour, by his ioiher at Vienna, 10 ditpofe that Court to 1'rcat with the Crown u f Erance upon the Propouls which the l-iench Ambaliadorsmade atE u n cfo n From iVar- jdiv we have an account, .That the Count de VSal- lijU in, AmbalFador Extraordinary from tbc Empe­ror, did meet with great oppofirion in his Nego­tiation concerning the League ot mutual Defence between the fcmperor and that Crown, which has been fo often fpokcn : f/.but that it was believed Hew oil Id overcome it. V fhe difference between Lhe Magillrates and the] urghcrs o f this C ity,a- buut. executing.the Imperial Decree, concerning Foleman, mentioned in our lali, is compofcd. hjgue, March 13-. The much and tenth Iriilant. the N,embers o f the States o f Holland <xinrcd i.erc, arid the .nth they w ereccm pleatly afiemblcd, the Prince cf~ Or arcs, who came to Town the Night^ fo re .T ion fi^ cT eH, prelent in their Alfem- bly. Tiie Deputies o f the Admiralties, who went home when the States o f HolUnd. lalt Adjourned, arc ljkcw jle returned hither, and it is expected a final Kefolution will now be quickly taken concern­ing the Equipage o f 2-4 oMen f War, o f which there has been fo much talk. The Letteis from Hamburg iay, That anew League is Treating by the French 'Am balfaJor ai.Copfinbage?!, and that the French Kin* offers that Crown a monthly Subfaty o f th reeiiorc thetuland Crowns That the King o f i>enwa^ r<iifcs eight or nine thoul'and ivlen, to lir^ngthen the Forces he has already on Foot’ ,and that he is outfitting a Fie-1 o f 30 oMen f War That the Lkdtor o f Brandenburg docs 1 , :kewife ratf Men, and t:at his Elt'dtoral Hrghncls has lately de­clared to a Foreign M inifter ac his Court, That he thought nothing was more to be dcfired, in the pielenc conjundture o f Affairs, than chat a firm Peace maybe cftabliihed, and that he will never do an5 thing to the prejudice o f the Empire and that at Conference at Soejl a League has been concluded between the King o f Denmark, theE- ledtor-of Brandenburg, the Elcdtor o f co.'vgxi, and the Billiup o f A fu ajier,Joi: the elefcnce and Securi­ty o! their rcfpedtlve Territories and Dominions. I'arif, Alarcb 17 .The Court is now at Fillers- Cuirez, not having frayed fo long at Compiegne by two or three daysas ir was believed they, would They will be back at yerfatHe* 011 the 23, afcer ha­ving parted two days Cloud ,T.hi* Doctors o f the Sorbonrie have hadTevcral Meeting ,to con- buerofthe Propofuion they recrived from the Par*, concerning ciie Fopcs Authority, but are not yet come to any Determination tl>ercin, and in the meantime all people hive their Eyes upon them, becaufe o f the niceneis o f the Subjcdt. Toe Pope has declared he will fend hither the BiiTiop c f Euno, in Quality o f his Nuncio Estraordi. ary, to prefent the lileft Clouts to the Duke o f Bur-gundy, and it was reported, That he was already on his Journey, and that he would be herein few days but the lalt Letters Horn Rome told s,Tu hat wc mult not cxpedt him till after Eajfer: This is a Step which it's generally believed will be impro­ved to facilitate an accommodation between the two Courts. The CuunciJ o f State have within thefe few days ma::c« i Decree, by which they for­ bid the C ordeliers, the Recollcdts, and other Re­ lig io s,ou f the Order o f Sc. Frar.cuj to yob their General, who is a Spaniard, which it’s Cid is done in return to the Prohibition which the King o f Spain has laid upon the Jefuits within his Domini­ons, to acknowledge the General o f their Order, fw ho was lately chofen) b:cau(c he made his firit Vifit to the French Amoaifador at tfome. d dvctt foments. W Her?a> there has been lately difenvcred a.way to clea:.fc Trcfoiic from their Husk and oth^r ili SccJsi &c/b y R:’cl>ard Hainci o f Suilins’ ron in Stfldet/'by mean.v <-.f which it ii bccotno much better for cer­tain growing anti protitaW eiCrb^. ipfomuch that fomc Lind* nut.j word) iix Ih'llin^s ao Acre for Pulhirc, maybe improved 10 r.»evalue o f Thirty fcilQngs per Acre: Tiicle are to cerri- fie. Tnat the* See.ii lo cieanfej are 10 be Sold, with Rills o f U>re€Hi‘>n1 iiiire ak large, Ibewing the advantages thereof by Mr. Tho Mottcrlhed at the Crofs-Xeys in Lumbard-flrcet ,and Mr. toward Fullc.", Seecfrnan at the Three Crowns and fja k e d -Jijy a t S:rand-3 Jridgc, near theM ay-pclc, in rbe Straiid, ai’.d fidt elfewhere in London. Twelve Pound will !tsw an Acre. And allbancjccellent new fore o f G rals-Seeds, caiied sp n rrey, which ialis 20 Years at lea 11, and ten Pound fowsian Acre. L Olt the fecond Inliant out o f Mr. John Smith’s Ground, at Slioredirch-i arm, near Kcnti...-Town, a brown bay M iiry-folt near three Years old, with a whisk T.:il, a few white hairs crols her Nofo, lbod behind, but uut belir,re. \\ ho.'Ver'^iv«» Notice o flu tor Mr. Smith aforclaid, or to Mf .Gregury Gre^lbn, .the C ity-C ryer, within Criplegare , Ihall lii'U'e 49 Rewards A M Yuia"gbor TcruenicHri with Orchard-Cardens, contain- j[ in’A. .ilwut two Acres, together with a Stablt-, C aacb- Hot.l':,. Drew-Houfc, and other Convei'icncie.-, at Stockwell- CJreenin cae P arifliof Lamberh, is to eLbe ir.o r thr Leafe to be Sold’. Enquire at Mrs. Ciniitt.-, on thu laid Green. Jonathan G ib lo ii, an Apprentice to a Joyner ’,ran away from his M afler the prh lijfran t, with lereral W or\in>'- T oois, and otlier t h ii ^s:He is about .i•'i cjr.s o f Age, with iliort brown lank lla ir ,having a d'-wn-look, with a \vhiiq at edged with jsilvcr , a Cloth Cau»p..i:'n -Co a t,an J a reU VVaflecoat. U ln ever 'gives Notice .f him to Mr. G so rge Arnold, at the White Horfi- in Sr. M m ins Larin, Uiaii have u,s. Reward. ’DAv'id .Will: in Ion, a 1 irtlc Ihnrt Man, about 2.5 Years old, with dsort h'ght.b*re,w.i}.H':i»-. a hairy tear his Chin, Hat, acd date je r iti :ecl'.e-, Hired, on the4th tn'fanr at Newmarket, •/’h.rld G-iding. Wait-' ved, above 14 .hands high, eight or nine:YL-Jtrs old, o f a ClidiiBt colour, a {horn Man. and Ihnrt Tail% Ian! -me whire ab ur( i>l:.rei, •wish a Hog-ikin Saddle,•>«! a .wi.i.c v' >tto:i Saddf? Cjodi, to Ride to Cambridge, Hlit has not b:rn'lince heard of' Who­ ever 7 tves notice o f Hie florle r,j M anat the Grwi-D iay.o:.’ in fiilM pf: Gatc-llre5r,'iOr.'tb 'fho'.nas Gamhelidg, at New- market, Hull have 20 .‘.and jiq : C iw org .LO(t .tro:<i Sir- Ricjiard b ir f:,y«V in titi Pall-Mall'-, a lil- . tiv.Cuidy coloured'H^rt^li-, u :r!i white .Spot.-, and ft> m >‘Ears. -Whoever bnitgs the {jt.d'Bragie wm'.- Riciiard Dcr- ham’s houfe, dhail have a Guinea Reward. Printed by Tbo. Ntncvrnb in the Sfivov,. 1682.
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