The London Gazette, March 8 - March 12 1682

3 Bub U f l K <3 )>Sb flU h O Z t t p .From CiJltVSiBap March 8.toi$}onDaj> March 12.1682. MaJnd,, Feb. 18. HE King o f Spain has refolved to have i5.G-iHcys in the Mediterranean this Summer, (with which chcllcpublick o f Getioui arctojoyn ten more) and to have lik ^ ife a coniidcrable Fleet of oMen f War at S-ja, which is to be Comman­ded by theM -.quits d’Jqutiar, late Vice-Hoy o f rklentia, as ':v !of the Sea, and under him by jCountJ-fcrirun -.a Lieutenant-General,and the latter has (rd-: j t:r. iir forthwith to Cadiz, to '“‘hailen the fitting our o f this R o ,al Armada. Wc arc told,Tha a great Sumo f Money has been late­ly remitted from hcnce to thcSpaniih Amballador at Vienna, pare thereof being for the Emperor’s Service, and P^t for the Levies that arc making in the Hereditary Countrcys for the Dutchy of Mi­lan. There arc JL-vies likcwile making in this King­dom, both o f Horfe and Foot. Venice, Feb. :o .The i<5ch Inftant arrived here —th c-B u k e of JVTimpwi, to partake o f the Divcr- tifemcnts o f the Carnaval. Prince Alexander o f Parma is recovered o f his illncfs, and lias m j:k his• viding, and that a great many fimll Boats or VdTelS Vifits to the Procurators o f St. Mark, The Duke j arc building, to b :employed on the Danube. Chari- o f Parma has written a Letter to this Senate, to• cellor Hoc'ner, after a lo ig Sickncfs, died licrc this thank them for the Choice they have made o f the day, and it’s laid, That the Sicur Strattman, one faid Prince to be Ge era! o f their Foot. From o f the Emperor’s Ambaffadors at the Conference Vienna,, Feb. zS. W e have advice from Hungary. That Count Teckeley , purfuant to his late Decla­ration, Thar he would employ his Mediation at the Port, in order to the diverting the War with the rurks, has difpatchcd four D -putics to Adrianople, where the Grand-Signior now is, and many begin to bvlieve, That Count TecVeley does in good earned labour for Peace, thinking this the moll favourable conjuncture he can ha\c to obtain his own Term so f the Emperor, and to cftablifh him- felf and his Family. But whether his Interposition* fuppofing it tc be real,will be fo far confidcj 'J by the Turks, as that tiny will be thereby induced to changc the mcafures, for the executio 1 whereof thy have made fuch vaft Preparations,, is a quc- ftion that time only can determine. There are Let­ters from the Count de Caprara, the Emperor’s M inifterat the P o rt, which give an account, That he arrived at Adrianople on the 1 Kth o f December, That he was expecting an Audience o f the Grand Signior That the Preparations o f the Turks arc very great, and that nothing abut War is to be expedtedj and with this cur other advices do agree, and particularly they continue to avxj tc from Greickt Weijjenbourg, That the Ottoman Troops arrive daily in thofe parts, That vail Magazines are pro- J{ome o f the 13th Inftano they write, That the Pope had made choice o f Signior E^nucci, Rifhop o f Faxo, formerly Nuncio at Turin, and in Poland, to carry the B h ft Clouts to the Duke o f Burgundy. From CoAjUntiaople we arc told, That the Grand- Sienior had commanded ‘the Mufci to follow him into the Field, and that the Ottoman Troops were on 'heir March from all parts o f that Empire to­wards Hungary. From S’up. awe have Letters o f th- ninth Inftant. which tell us, That the Regi­ment o f the Marquifs ce Grottolo, confining o f 1000 Men, and eight Troops o f difmounted Cavalry, were Embarked on three Merchant Ships, who were to carry them to Genoua, or fome other con­venient Port,-from whence they might March for Milan ,and that the Viceroy o f Naples had Cent Bills for zocco Crowns to the Governor o f Milan, to mount the laid Troops. Gcnouct, March 3. The 2.5th In fan t1 arrived here the William and Mary,, Captain Allen Commander, •having on Board 400 Soldiers, and two other Ships a Gcnoueze and a Spaniard, with n o oMen more, all from Naples: They have Landed them at Recca, 1? Miles to the Eafhvard o f this placc, from whence they arc Marched to Milan, Tut firfl In- llant came inhere the Sea-Florver Captain Smith, from Hero¦ England. In Port are the Leghorne M chanter­ bound tor Leghome, the I{ibecCA for L'ubon* and the Succefs for Galippoli. at Francfort, who arrived here two or three days agoncfrom Rgttibonnc, will fucceed him. The Turks, inthc laft attempt they made upon the I (landS chms, took many o f the Country People Prifoncrs, which they carricd with them to Nevobeufcl. Cologne, March 9. The Emperor having been in­formed o f the diforders which have o f latcdiftur- :db this City, has fcnt an Im p-rial Mandate to tie Magiftratcs and the Burghers, N otto move any far­ther the matters in controverfie between them, but to let them remain in the ftatc they now are in, till his Imperial Majefty fhall have determined them, which he intends very fpccdily to do, for the preferring the publick Peace o f th isC ity, and rep ­venting the troubles chat thefe differences mayo- thcrwile lead them into. W e have Letters from I{atifbonne o f the fceond Inftant, but they bring no manner o f News. From Vienna they write, That Count Teckeley had fentfour Deputies to the Port, to follicitc a Prolongation o f the Peace between the Emperor and the Grand-Signior. Liege, March 6. W c have advice that the Ele- dlor o f Cologne is highly offended at the Proceed­ings o f the Commonalty here, and that he is draw­ing all his Troops together, in order to the em­ploying them againlt this Cit y:Our Magiflrates have endeavoured all they canto prevent thefe cxtrcam itics, forefccing Che fatal M ifch icfsof them, but
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