The London Gazette, June 27 - July 1 1672

J3u m b 690 The London Gazette,^ u D U iije a 'op 3lutl)o’it^ From C fjtitS U a P j June 27. W b itc b d l,$ 8 n c i9 .BY Letters from the HAgut we have advice of the arrival of their Excellencies the Duke o Bach j, and the Earl of A r ling ton ,His -la jetties Extraordinary Ambalfadors and Pie nipotenti .vries, with thele particulars of their journey thither j That on Sunday the 2.3 inftant their Excellencies parted in the Catherine, and HenriettA. Yachts from the. Buoy o f the H orc, with little wind' y that about 10 the wind came brisk atS .IV. that about (even in the evening they fpyed the Dutch Fleet to weather of them about three Leagues off of Vom burgb in Zealand, reckoning a-bout Seventy, or Seventy live Sail of them in alljthree of heir Scouts came up with the Yachts, who car­ried tho Union Flags 011 their I opmaft head, and each a white Flat in their Poupe, each Yacht made a Ihot ro Leeward, in token they .vere fiiend-, which the Dutch anfwered, and ftruck their Toplailsj the Captain of rh. biggeft of them came on board the Yachts, and payed his Civility to their Excel­lencies and then going off, they lalured their Ex ccllencies with nea.- all their G ans about 9 next morning, their Excellencies arrived in the Maes, landed at MacJ h n lui-S ic e ,where they fir.ft heard of t^e Prince of Oranges having been made Stadt holder and Soveraign of the Militia, as.they call it by all the Countrey, forccd to it by a fury of the people in all parts Their Excellencies at their landing were received with great joy and fatis- fatticn-bv the people, out ol hopes they came to con­clude a Peace, all the Burghers appear ingin Arms, and making adojl^'f I .mcfoi? the-E ci llencies to paP t'r- v!: ,.v. k fer.c iheir Magiftrates to cu .ii> -cut their Excellencies, and to invite them to ih-ir Toivn-boitfc, where thy v>ry hami- fomejy T. •red them, and afterwards conduced them about a mile out of Town oh their way to the Hague, the Men, Women ,and Children, joyning in their acclamations all along as they paired, of God b cf< the K jn g 0 /England ,Jo d b !rf ¦t•r rir.-cc ¦ f Orange and the Devil tal^e the States :their !.x* ellencies -irrived at the Hgue abou 8 in the evening, having been met bv the States Drpu ies in their Coaches, and conducted to the Houfe for entertainment of Extraordinary Ambailadors ,where they were entertained tha. night at avery noble Supper, their Excellencies re- folving to proceed the next morning on their jour rey towardstne French Cam p.D d.vt\icfa $une ia. Our laff Letters from War-p w tell us ,that notwithHanding the great zeal of many oi the Deputies of this Dyet for the public!: good, thry had not been yet able to come to any pofltive resolution, no not fo much as to the term to be allotted for their Seflion *,it being ftrange to fee, with what, frivolous pretences the illwifliers to the government, ftill endeavor to difturb allthepub- lick debates,- fo that after all it i <=feared, thatnot- withftanding the imminent danger that daily more and more approaches them, this Dyet will be for-ced to fit the whole fix weeks, according to the to^ U ttt in j? July I 1672. ufual cullom ,it being to be wilhed ,that they may even then conclude their Afle.nb'v with fome good effeft, for the defence and fecurity of 'w King­dom In the meantime though they contii,. be ltill threatned with a War from, t'-'e Turks this Sun.- iner, yet norwit’ nflanding they cannot without very extraordinary fatisfaftion, hear of the good fuccels » t their Forces inthe Ukraine, where they are with the afliftance of Hanenl^o, General of the CofT cks, grown fo povv rful.and on the contrary, D orofens^o's Forces fo weak and inconfiderable, thar they may very hopewell in.« fhort time ,to reduce that whole Countrey, under the abfolute Obedience of that Crown and it is thought, this may very much uifli arten the Grand Signior from attempt:rtg anything upon that Kingdom, feeing heis fruttrated of the afliftance he had at firft cxpc&cd frr-m tbef'' Cof­ lacks. The Pohfll Ambafladors having concluded the Treaty at Moscow very much to their fati>-fafti- on, coi.fidcring the prdent pofture of the affair, of that Kingdom, at home and abroad,are now return­ing home with the Ratificaion of it on the part of rhe Czar The El eft or of Brandert burgh continues witht much readinefs to offer the Poles his afliftance, in caieof an Invafion by the Turks Venue, lune .They weather hath been this week, fi wet, cold ,and windy, that iris feared, it may have much damnifi !all the Corn inrhefe and other parts In the v n g ,mod f Navies they have likewjfe of late had very violent flerms, we being told of Hailftonesthav ave fallen there,of above 16 Ounces weight urvi from the Levant we hear j that the Earthquake which deilroved Rim in i, hath b -cn as fevere in thofe parts, having done much mif- cniet to Towns in the Archipelago j We can­not vet judge of the defigns of the Turks ,here are u prefent lome Reports of a diftu-bance i fAn ia,• 11a that the P erfiih ares meditating a War, fo that t is thought, .he Ottoman Force., maybe employe! atlaft that way. W e hear that the Maltt/es and. other Chriftian G illeys rr joyed together ,to the r uti ber of above io G a ll-ys and ar ¦in a condition not to fear thr Tu 'k’fh Fleet that thev hnv?litely ttV ieveralP-.i7.cs, and give much jeaioufie to the Iiles in the Archipelago, who hav? implored ihe afTill- anceof the Grand Sienio'- tofecure them. Marseilles, ’¦f-un e 18 .From 6 ad i\ w* hivethecon- firma ion of Nth. onefilch ,and Borbucfi Floats: having been engaged off of that place with to Sail of rich Dutch Merchantmen ,laden with O yls, Win ,Salt, (y-'c. homeward bound, that they t.had ken two of th" of them, and carried, them into Tang i-r, and had burnt and funk four more, the other fur very narrowly efrapins into C adi! by£Road, reafon of the little wind whiclihin- dred the blortefucb from upcoming with them, fe foon is the Roebuck did, who happened to be much ahead. Rotterdam,? une 29. We can write of little from he ce, fave of the great confufion we are in, for whilft there continues fo much Fn&ion and want of Resolution in our Governmem, and of Courage in the People, we may reafonably fear that we fhall at length
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