The London Gazette, June 16 - June 20 1687

# «•'% . i • •»« tht Duke of Lorratn to receive his Orders before r.d goes to the Army in Croatia, which is in the meantime upon their inarch towards Dard.i, under the Command of Count Schetfcnbcrg. The Grand VH her we hear is ftill ai Belgrade, aud the Ottcmanj Troops encamped at Peter W aradin And there­fore General Heujler continues at Scgedin, with the •Detachcment from the Body of the Imperial Troops, encamped near %o!wck under the Orders of Gene­ral Carajfa, to prevent any deligns the Enemy may have either of attempting upon that place, or offending relief into Agrut, which is in great want of It. The Letters from Segedin of the 2 ith part give an Account, that feveral of our Wagons laden with Bread and Corn, had been fet upon not far from that place, by a Party of I oo Turks and Tartars, which were vigoroufly defended by 30 Railians, and brought fafe thither. And that the Heydukes of Chomd meeting with a Party of 1000 Turks lent -from the Garifon of Ltppa to intercept fome o four .Convoys, they had routed them, killing 200 upon the place, and purfuing the reft even to the Town of Lippa, which they entred, and fet fire to it, and had like to have taken l'eckeley himfelf (40 Heydukes having broke into the houfe where hew a buts) that two Turks by a private way copveyed him into the Cartle They took one of his Do- ‘melkick Servants, who is brought Prifoner to Stge- dm, with 100 Turks belidts. The Anfwer to the Solicitations made by the Princefs H-jgot^i that lhe may have Pafports to fend hither her Deputies,is, That in cafelhe delivers up Mongat^ without delay, (he may hope to find Favour from his Imperial Ma­ jefty, without which, no Proportions fhe can make will be accepted of. Vienna, June 12. The 9th inftant being the Em­perors Birthday (011 which His Imperial Majefty en- tced into the 47th year of his agej wasobfei ved herewith great Solemnly. The Elector of Bavaria will part from hence in few days for Hungary. •We have Advice by Letters of the 8th Inllant from the imperial Army, of their march that day to­wards the River Sarw:t% And that part o f the Artillery was fent down the Danube towards Darda, They write from tyl/iock, that Colonel Sempdl who commands a Regiment of HutTars, maiching with a Party of 300 Horfe towards Agna, had drawn part o f that Garifcn into an Ambufcade, by fending 50 o f his Men to drive away fome Cattle from under their Walls, and that the Turks pur­ fuing them in their Retreat, fell among the reft of the Hollars, who were in a readinels to receive them, anti killed 174 of the Turks, and brought away with them 37 Piifoners befides Cattle. And that a Let­ter had been intercepted written by the Bafla o f Agria to the Grand Vifier, giving him an Account, that that place was info ill a Condition through the w^ut of Provifions, that he Ihould not be able to defend it long in cile of a Siege j And the fame is confirmed by the report o f the Prifoners lately t.iken« Bi' L k!.'B n .Jels> June 24. Our Governor-General who parted from hence the 15th Inftant for Flanders, to .vilit the feveral Gatilbns of that Province, re­turned hither on Saturday laft. They write from Bttda, that the Duke of Lorrain was encamped •jheSth Inltantwith 18 Regiments near the Old Town ,and after he had vilited the Maga7, and given Orders about the Fortifications of Buda, in­tended to march with the Army, and 24 pieces o f Cannon towards Five$ iturchcj, having ordered the reft of the Artillery, with the Ammunition,and all things neceflary for a Siege, to pafc down the Danube towards D a rd a J Hague, Jut* 22. The States o f Holland Wand c j l FrtcJUnd are Adjourned to the 1 6th of the next Month. The.Sieut Hop, penfionary of Amflerdam, appointed by the Statcs-General f© go their Envoy Extraordinary to the Ele& or o f Brandenburg to Thank his Ele<5 toral Highnefs for his offer'd Medi­ation in the diftcrehces arifen between the King o f Dcnmarf^ and this State and to endeavour toad- jult the fame with the Danifh Minifter at Berlin, is preparing tor his Journey to that Court. Whitehall June 17 .This day his Royal Highnefs Prince George o f Denmark, Embarkfed with his Re-1 tinue on two o f His Majefties Yachts, appointed to attend him, in order to their palling to Denmark where his R.H. intends to ftay about a Month. T1 ?e Affixes for the County o f Suffolk will beheld the 14th of July, at Bury St. Edmonds, London, June 18 .His Majefty having by His Let­ters Patent, Dated the 13th of May i’686. Autho­rized Sir Henry St. George Kt. Clarenceux King of Arms, to vifit his Province, and to Register the Pedigrees and Arms o fall the Nobility and Gentry therein, according to ancient Ufage. Thefe arc to give Notice, that the faid Clarenceux will, in pur­suance thereof, forthwith vilit the City o(London having appointed to Sit on Thurfday next (being the 23 Inftatrt j at Turners-Hall in Philpot-Lar.? for the Ward of Billingsgate j (being the Lord Mayor’s Ward) and intending to proceed throug: the other Wards, according to the Seniority of the Aldermen of the faid Wards. Hts Majejly being informed that divers Perfons continue to exercije Lotteries, and nitv invented Games refembling Lotteries within the Cities o f London and Weftminfter, and other parts o f this KJngdcm, contrary to the exprefs prohibition o f His M aiejiies Letters Patents, Granted to the Indigo Officers, has been pleafed to Command, that all Ma- gijlrates and others whom it docs concern, do take ejfeHual care to fupprejs all fitch Lotteries areas not duly Licenjed by tlx Commiffioners and Patentees for the fa id Indigent Officers, and particularly at Bartholomew Fair, and all other Fairs and publicly M e c tig s. Advertijbnents. o 3* The Hiftory o f Phiiofophy: Containing the Live*, Opinion*, Aftions and Difcourfcs, of thcPhilolophers of every Seft. lllultrated with the Effigies of direr* of them, by Thomas Manley Efq The Second Edition. Sold by Tho. B iTett at the George in Fleet-ftreet, Dorm.Newman at the King’s Arms, andT. CockeriU at the }Legs in the Poaltery. THE Hillory of the Turks, written by Richard Knol!e<, and continued by Sir Paul Ricaut to the year with many Additions j and from thcnce to this prelent year 1*87: To which is added the prelent State o f the Ottoman Empire, by the aforeiaid Sir Paul Ricaut. The Effigies of all the Kings and Emperors of the Turks are newly En­ graven at Urge upon Copper. The whole in Two Volumes, will be Primed before Michaelmas neit. The faid Books will be Sold by Subfcription. Fropolal*, with the Specimen annexed, maybe had at moll Bookfcllers in London, and other Cities and Country Towns in England. The Travels of Monfieur de Thevcnct into the Levanr. In Three Parts, vi*. Into Turkey, Perfia, and the EalMndies. Newly outdone of French. Sold by H. Faith J. Adamion, C. skegnes, and T. Newborough, Bookfe.lers inSt. Paul’s Church-yard. TAken from a Gentleman the i<th Inftant between Lon­don and Tunbridge, by three Highway.Men, 1001. its Silver, 5 Guinea's, abroad Gold Watch in a black Shagreen- Cafe wiih a fmall GoldChain,made byEdwardEall of London^ a plain Gold Wedding-Ring, an open Gold Ring with 1 ut fn it, mark’d J. aC. large Comb-Brulh wrought, with* Silver handle One of them rode upon a Grey Horlc, the other upon a Chefnut, and the third on a Bay Mare. V ho- cver can difcover any of them, or the Gold Watch, &«to Mr Wilkinfbn atthe.Black-Boy againft St. Dunilan’s Church in Fleet-fheet, lhall have 10 I. Reward. A Gold Watch Iolt on Friday Night, between the Old- Swan and Billinfgate, having two Motions, Richard Brown being Engraved upon it, in a Studded Cale, wi:ha Chain of Gold, and a Gold Locket to it, Engraved on the one fide with Flowers, and on the other with fi.B. Whoe­ver gives Notice of it to Mr. Cordial, Goldfmith at the Role and Crown in Cheapfide, foas it be had agais, iui<l have }Guinea’s Reward. STolen the 15th Idlant from David Cuningham at Turvey in'Bedf.rdlhire,four Silver Tankard*, the largelt marf withed T G fhe bottom, Lewis Bellingham ingravcn under tbe fame :The pthar }marked with D. C.M. V .ho- ever fecures the faid Tankards and gives Notice thereof to Mr.Nightirgal at the white Bear in Welt«SmithfteM,London, or to David Caningham aforeiaid, lhall have two Guinea’s Reward. t Printeil by Tho Nevrcemb in the Savoy, 1687
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