The London Gazette, June 16 - June 20 1687

As weir jll hope and ever pray >«.?>bethe bcj}x fo thz m .oft, I Hououfabk a»d fanowfte^ £tti)ccy in liy,ivg ’ FourMtion and <Jbi*atiw, unto alt 7o j.r M.ififties Sucuj}'ysx by ccpfirmmg what you have Gracioujly dedared, approving lour time, which God grai/t may belong (and that all.Tour Majejlies Sutr.Ciis may time dfe v: it,) for the If- 'revocable Ratification thneqr, after, time inay not Obliterate Tour Khjcftics F,ncof>uums t?Off Goody fo Heroic^ and Rni -n’iU'd Clemency, and th.ft God would grant trhat oever be needful toryo r prefint and future Happmcfs, Jhall bethe conftatp frayer i '/,Molt Dread, and mcft D.ear Spveraizn, Yo«r M-iieftics Loyal Bubje&s* To the Kings APft Excellent Afajefty, The Humble Addrefs o f Your Majeilies Loyal Dif* lent nr' Subjects o f Alar i/orough in the County O f IV. Its. Great SIR, J /l# *WE being, (among fl Multitudes o f cthets) abvrdjn t y Jatisfied With that Generous and truly Chrtjhan principle, exprejjed in Tour M ajeJhes late Groans Declaration, That Confeience ought not to be Co/iftrained, ort Peo­ple forced in Matters o f mecr Religion And hi­ving already experienced great Benefits and Advan­tages flowing from tt, in our Enjoyment o f the Li­berty o f otir Confciencss in the free Exercije o four Sfgligion ( a thing o f Gr»atejl and Highejl Concern­ ment to us i )And alfo in our deliverance from tin Toal( _ o f Bondage and fore Opprejfion, which we for a longtime under,lay Do hereby (as in Duty hound) ma^e our moft Humble, Heartyf and Thankful Ac­knowledgments to Tour Majefty for this u'nparalel’d Favour, as being (next under God) the foie and immediate A utfm oft t :And we do aljo ajfure Tour Majefty o four n a land conftant Endeavors toJo AH in our feveral Stations for time to comfy that Tour Majefty may never have caufe in theleaft to withdraw or bethink. the Freenejs and Fulnefs o f the Favour and Liberty given us in this filial A cl o f Gracei which makes Jiich deep lmprcjions, land y j Jink flrong Obligations upon us, that we /hall mt ceaje to Pray, Tnat Tour M ajejlies Life may belong, and that Projperity and Tranquility may always attend Tour J^eign. Suhfcribed by us Your Maiefties moft Faithful and Obedient Subjects, on Behalf of ourSelves and feveral others. Unto King James VII. King o f Scotland,^. The Grateful Acknowledgment of the People called JQuakers of Scotland, tor his Declaration of Li-berty of Confcience. THE Obligations which we the Kings Peaceable Subjects called Quakers in Scotland al'e to him, for the quiet Enjoyment o f the Liberty o f cur Consciences, axe o f fo old a date, that we may feem to have been wanting in our duty, in not having given him Jooner our Pubhck Thanh }yet we fjope he bears in mind our readmejs to tefltjic the fiefatt/nent we had o f his Favour, info far we*i u/iderjiood was proper to the circutHftance o f his Affairs, winch both wtH plead tt*Jtk him for a favorable Character o four delay, and a benign Acceptance o four prejcnt Pub- tick. Acknowledgment. We cannot but with grateful Hearts both admire and acfoiowedgc the good Providence o f God^ that made the King'sRetiring into our Countiy, give a h ippy turn to his Affairs, to the defeating and dij- a ¦Point ingiff- tl>e Defgite of his Enemies: And Jbicc at the fame time, viz. in the year 1679. his fn- fluencs upon the Government there, opened our Priftn Doors, where many of 11s ha*, lain J ever a! years in rnrfl noiftnt hloies, ard tv :r fince proteHed us in theE x tY d off' our J{eligicr?, cv°n 91••**^•£•*** I againft the Attempts not only o four immediate Per-| Jecutors, but cfjome o f more Enihtettt Chars tiers, I who envied our (juict: Wc d y r ftly 'Otnceive our Jeltirs at the fame time, by which the Lcrd began in that mcr: Qbfervable manner to etidctice h:s Care of hiYn, he made him the happy bjhum cn tot deliver us from 'Troubles, Jo that the projpcrtty e f his Affairs our \and our peaccable fruition r f the Exercije of our Ccnfcienccs1 be.irqh the fame date, and gave <fr ground to rc f'c e in the one, as that which brought vt the other, and as we praiji- Gt d fc r the Fir jiy Jo we acknowledge the K jr£ s Favour and Kin hiejs in the Laft :And though the parttct.iar care he exprejjed o f us in his Declaration, m aUcirirg us our Libcity without any reflncfton that could ftraiten our Ccn- fcienci'Sy doth oblige us to give him in a more parti­cular manner, our Hearty and open Thanks, yet tt? tnuft needs otvn thab his Conduct in that matter w Jf no Jurpnfe upon us, having been fo long, by a JenJiblif Experienccy convinced btth oj his Principle and In* dination in that matter, which as it prevented the evil Contagion o f Jealouli?, from taking place in oni Heats, Jo we heps it tv id root i t_ out q fall thtjje where the Malice o fill Men hath Jewed it. Gibraltar, May 13. Yefterday returned into this Port, his Majefties Ship the Dragon, Captain K jlh -grew Commander, with the reit of the Squadron, which his Majefty had ordered togo in fearch of the Marquis de Fleury the Pyrate wh<j, among other depredations, had feized the JeruJaleml Tho­mas Daniel Maltcr in her Voyajge from A .exan- anx to Tripoli in Barbary, having on aBoard Baftiaw. fwhowaJ going to that Government J and carried her to Malta, where leaving the Turkjlh PalTengers under the Prottdliun o f the Great Ma­iler, he relcafcd the Ship, and himfelf prefenily de­parted thence, after having agreed with the Baftiaw for Thirty thoufand Pieces o f Eight for his own Ranfom, and fix thoufand more to be paid yearly during his BalVawfhip. In fome little time after his departure, Captain came to that place, and upon the inftances he made in His Majefties Name to the Great-Mafter, obtained the Liberty of the Baftiaws Wives, and the other Paflengers, being in all 62 perfons, Men and Women, who had not yet agreed their Ranfoms, which would have amounted to great Sums of Money all which,with their Goods, Captain KjU'grew leceived on board His Majtiiies Ships, and afterwards put on (hoar at Tripoli, to the no lei's fatisfaCtion of that Government in this in- ftance of His M.ijcflics extraordinary Kindnefs and Generoljty to them, th*.n to the Honor and Encou­ragement of the Navigation and Trade o f His Maje­ fties Subjects in thofe parts. From Tripoli Captain KjlhgreW proceeded in the farther fearch o f the Pi­rate, and uriderltanding he was gone to Tilla Franca, he putin there, and found his Ship carried into the Mole, and wholly unrigged and difarmed, and the Marquis de Fleur) himfelf fled, without being ever likely togo to Sea again upon which Captain K j M^ grett* returned hither, in order to repair to his ftation on the Con ft of Sally. Lemberg, 'June 5. The King o f Poland continues Hill at Jawarow. Our laft advices are, that the Mofcovite Army is near Kjoviajon the Ban{llxnes\ That the Forces of this Crown are encamped at Farnopoli under the Commando f the Crown-Gene­ ral and that 6000 Tartars have brought a gr«.it Convoy o f Provisions into Caminicc. Vienna, June 8. The Elector of Bavaria arri­ved here the 5th Inflant, and intends within few days to joyn the Army in Hungary, which 1 » rendevouied at Barkan, confuting of 24 Regiments, with 54 p'eces of Cannon Geret.ri Duneira.d wis rth the 1
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