The London Gazette, June 16 - June 20 1687

Temples with a wreath o f Earn .il Fame wUn the illujhirus Actions o f others maybe impaired by Time. And as it oblige:!* us Jato ln c i Deportment, and an utijh.iken Lm.tlry under your A h [pi tens Co­ver/ went, toJo Pray the Aitoigkty God to *nak 'your Ratgn long and hippy, your Per Jon J.ife, and Fami­ly Glorious forever. Signed by fevcra! i" houfind Perfortt. To the Kings moft Excellent M a jefty. The Humble Addrefs of divers Merchants, and con­siderable Tradcrs o f Your Majefties City o f Exon, On behalf of themfelves, and thoulands o f others who arc not of the Corporation.# 1 W E Tour M ajeJlics mojl truly Humbk\and Loyal Suhjefts, obfcrving that no return o f Thank fidnefs hath been yet wade to Tour Majefly from this Corporation, for Tour late Gracious Declaration o f indulgence and homing well weiglxd and confider’d Tour Royal and Princely W fi dom and Pious Extent ion c f Munificence and Favour therein Declared, to allfuch as underlay the opprejfi- ron f Penal Laws, in mattes o f Confcience and Ho­ly Worjhip at being in our Humble Opinions the on­ly expedient could be found, to unite th* Hearts o f Tour M ajejlies Subjefts, in a umverfal Obedience to Tour Royal Government, and in Peace and Amity with each other whereby Trade will undoubtedly flourifh, to the enriching your M ajejlies Coffers, a swell as your Subjefts do prefume in all Humble Duty andThankJulnefs o f H ea rt, as poffibly can be expref- fed ,to acknowledge your great Wifdom and Royal Goodnefs in that your Gracious Tolleration, for which mojl Godlike Favour and Indulgence, we do unatii- moujly Declare as the Rejolution o f one Man, That whenever your Mafeftics occafmns, Jhatt require it ,the utmofl drop o four Blood, and Expence o four Fortunes, (hall beat your M ajejlies difpoje. And we mofl earneftly implore God Almighty, that fo Wtfe, Pious, andfuft a Monarch, may by his Divine Pro­vidence, be along Rider and Confervator in Peace and Hafpinefs o f the Kingdoms and Dominions be- towing to your Imperial Crown And when thatftiall :nob more, mar an immortal one o f Glory, that fa- dcth not, be Tour cverlaftmg Inheritance, are the Devout Prayers o f Sacred SIR, Your Majefties moft Grateful, and moft Obedient Subjects. To the Kings moft Excellent Majefty, The Humble Addrefs o f Your Majefties moft Loyal, Obedient, and Faithful Diflenting Proteftant Sub­jects in Your Town o f Bertncl^ upon Tweed, in our own Names, and many others. Moft Graejpus Soverafgn, W E cannot but acktwwledge the Infinite Mercy v f Almighty Gtid, whom we de­ fire from our Hearts to Blefs, inputting in your Roy­al HeartJo Glorious a Defign, as by your Royal Au- tlyority to proteft your Subjecis in the exercije o f their Religion, according to their Confcienees Where•fore we thinly it our Duty humbly to tender otrr grate- Jul Acknowledgments to your Sacred M ajefly, for your late Gracious Declaration, wherein, we have? Jecured Ito is the free exercije o four Religion,which is dearer to us than any thug we do.or can enjoy m this World,whereby your Majefty hath at ancefreed us from the fcourge we were threatened with from tlx Penal Lawsjrt«:i aljo we are much relieved in your MajeJhes W ije and Princely Judgement o f matters o f Confci­ ence, that for f'ome time have b:en clarAoured againft as Difobedience and Dijbyalty, though we never had, have not, nor by the Grace o f God hope ever J hah have, or profefs any Principles inconjijlent with our Allegiance and Duty to lawful Authority, which we acknowledge your Majefty to have truer us. It was always our judgment, and hope weJhall nc •{’at Grdand Hwcui the ,g~in ar.d we thinly it great the K*VS rc- lit filter to Fe. have rcajm 10 thim^u-grew macy>W'.<.n {uc t\ing quires n stiu g of. u which G c^forbidf, which v ,the purport ft> this ycur M a jd a.s (Irations Declaration, with which we are the nure ajjrtU d, thar we have continue ever >Sou Pray, Dread Soveraign, Your Majeltics moft Loyal, Obedient, and F.iithfrlSubjtCts, To the K i msgr oft Excellent M a je f Thef,t Humble Addrefs o f Your Majcftics L o y Slit** je<fts, the Mayor, Aldermen, Eay’itfs, and Capital Buigcfifrs o f Newcajllc under Lyne them County o f Stafford. May it Pleafe Your Majefty, M .yejhes Subjects each Perfuajion participates equally Tour Royal Clemency, which was never perfor­med before by any o f Tour M ajejlies PredeceJJors: We Blefs Heaven that always injpires into Tour Rpy- alB reafl, beyond all human Invention, and in a pe­culiar manner diftinguijhes Tour M ajeJltes Senti­ments, with more fortunate Notions than tlx ablejl o f Tour Subjefts can produce. Tour M ajejly hath promifed to defend mus our Laws, to Proreft the .Church o f England And Tour M ajcJlies Word has JuJjicient inSecurity it, Tour M ajejiy hath had a cotu Jla n t Experience o f their Loyalty. May Tour Majefty find as much Faifh and Sin­cerity from them ,your Gracious Toleration has Jo eminently obliged j and may we all J lr iv e in our Du­ties and Obedience, by a Loyal Emulation, which fix tll become moft true to Tour PerJovf C n tn i and Dignity, May Heaven continue to Tour M a jifly long the choicejt BleJJings o f this Life ,and a Crown o f Glory hereafter, Jo pray lour M ajeflies mcjl Obe­dient and Loyal SabjeHs and Servants. To them oft Excellent Monarch, James the Second, o'ver Groat Britain, France, and Ireland, King ,&c .The Humble and moft Grateful Addrefs o f Your Majcftics Dutyful Liege SubjeCts, the Congregations o f Baptised Believers, in Your Majelties County o f Kent, in and about Maidftone, Staplel.nirjh Ro/- venden, Witterjham,&i.c. May it Pleafc Your Majefty, \T\T Heroes 1 1 hath been our conftant Prin- y Y cipie, and by all tlx Powers o four Souls eai rujlly fought for, iti all our Prayers Al­to mighty God, that that moft Excellent f y le ,more precious than Gold ,cr anything that can be named m fix- Wcrid wight U embraced by all, To do as they would be done unto. New having lived to fee and feel tlx Blefjing o f the only Wije Cod dijpencing tlx fame, by lour never too much celebrated Excellency mTour Majefties Declaration for Liberty of Confci­ ence to ah Dijjenters from the National way, and the pet fe c i continuance o f tlx Property o f Both. We arc therefore firmly obliged to Jh ew forth the Praijes o f him whefe Gracious Previdence hath Jjg - nah^ed Tour Pnjtn<ation, and not more in any, than raijirg 7'our M ajejly to be tlx mojl Tender and Affectionate Prince that Jivaycd the Sceptir o f Tour Empire, out-doing all expectation and de­fer t o f Tour mojl Serene M ajcftics Subjecis, putting an end at cnee unto their Troubles and future Fears, by the A I I-wife dijpojing hand o f G el,and Tour Ro)- al M ajeJhcs Indefatigable Wijdcm, Live ,and Care, unto whom we fuhm it under God, unfeigned!y in all rhivgs Commanded us fa him, pi.rpo/ing, th-o’gb h i Grace, to perf.rm wbatjeever either eug/.i ^oran be exprcjjtd in vi>r T/M rl^ J Aciyivwlcngmct.T to Tour M xjefy. .As
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