The London Gazette, June 16 - June 20 1687

bu^ U O j c D b p 2 i a t t i pout ..From C l j u r soap June 1 6 .to S0 !lOO ap June 2 0 J 687 proj'peroits the*n World to ccme Life E verlajlm g. So prays .,....Your Majckies moft Loyal, and moft Humble Subje&s and Servants,. 7 'J- /-v- To the Kings M c ft Excellent M ajcjty^ The Humble Addicts o f t-hc Mayor, Recorder, Al­dermen, Bayliffs, arid Burgedc* o f the Corpora­tion o f Wigan. ------------—--------------•¦y i•.r •/I^,,..,. _ ' W htdfiJr,Jvne 18. THE foUowing Addreires have been prefcfited *to the King, which His Majefty received very t iiacioufiy: The Pfcrfons which prefented that from the Corporation o f Wigan, w eie introduced by the Lord Bifliop o f Chejler. >*€M V A *To the Kings fnoft Excellent Majejty^ I he Humble Addrefs of the Mayor, Aldermen, Sheriffs, and Commonalty o f Your MajcliVs An­cient and Loyal City o f Turk. May it pieafe Your W E Tour Maje/}ies moji Dutiful and Loy- ‘‘—-*-•^j jx _ this City, -~.j j-.-j— 0 of Tour Graciouf Government, in Protecting us both i n our Properties, and in (that which if dearer to:) the free and undijlurbed Exercije o four Rebgi- v :are obliged inGratitude to make our Thankful nnowledgemer,tsfor yonr late Gracious Declaration tv erein yon are pleafed to Prctnije t§ Protect and Maintain the Church of England, and all tlx: Mem­bers thereof \in the free exercije o f their Religion, at byLaw ejlablijhed and in the Quiet andfull E n -<n en to fall tlx ir Poffefjions. The Conjid. oration f which Royal Bounty hath firmly joyned our In­ch 'iations to our Duty upon all occafims, to be rea- to m.mtfejl ourSelves to be with our Lives and Fortunes* Your Majeftiesmoft Obedient and Loyal Subjedh, In teftimony whereof we have caufed the Common Seal of this Corporation to be put- 70 the Kings m oft Excellent M a je fty ,The Humble Addrefs of the Grand Jury for the County of M tidlejex. t)read SIR, W r E cannot but from the deepcjl fencer f Gratitude, lender to Tour mojl Sacred M »jcjly our humble and unfeigned Thanks for thqfe m nty and daily injlances o f Jour Royal Bounty, f x - teh ’ od to us and all other Tour M ajeflics Subjects, 71,’i can we fujficiently enough exprejs our Hearty Thanks to Almighty God, far placing you upon tlx Throne o f Tour aHoy I Ancejlors, and that he has unjp i red Tour Majejly to be tlx only means o ~~—*•^^de-f ______ t lx T l.r c x ,/lour fat" Z d 'thm b,••r rrw -------------------V ------f/’•' _ _______ _ f .making Jour People happy, under the Care and Ad-v -v dl Subjecis 'of tlx Church of Englahd iti mim firation o f jo Wife, aiidfo Gracious a Sovcrargn: Z City being very jenfible o f the great adxuntage And f a are no lefs fen fib ’.e of the Security, Freedom, .v^ r in Prnterima ns both f§a C jy9 tvlxrein ive have ever jiticc Tour Ma/cjly came to Tour Throne cn/o)ed, net only our Liberties and Properties, but aljo the free Exercije of our Re­ligion. And whereat Ton havel> een Pleafed Grac:- oujly to declare, That 7ou will Prctecl and Main­tain al! Tour Subjells o f the Church of England, in tlx free Exercife of their [\eligion, .as ly Law Ejiabltfhed, and them Quiet and full Enjoyment of dll their Pofj'ejfions, without any Mo'xftation cr Di- fiurbance wbatfoever :We do therefore make our Ac­knowledgments, and return our Hearty 7hanfe to Tour Majejly for Tour great JuJl ice and Gocdnefs here­in \and do affure Tou, that we arc, and that we ever will be, Tour Majeftici mefl Loyal, mojl Faith­ful, andntcjl Dutyful Subjefts. Signed by the prefent Mayor, and Scaled by him with the Common Seal o f the inCorporation the Name, and by the Confent, of all the Perfons abovementiofted. To the King's Moft Excellent Majefly, The Humble Addrefs of the Citizens and Inhabi­tants of YcmrCity o f Coventry. May it pieale Your Majeity, *'u v W E Tour Dutiful a?id Loyal SuhjcEls, out -of a deep Sence o f your M ajcJhes W if- dcm and Clemency, expreffed in your late Declarati­on, do with all Humility lye prof} rate before you} with tlx tender o four mojl hearty Thanks and Gratitude for tlx fame, '!•:'*The aJJ'urancesyour Majejly therein gives u s o f enjoying our Properties» and Liberty, with freedom for our Confctences in truer matters o f Religion to-t 4 . f 1 S+t 1 t nd increasing our Trade, get her with your Hpyal thereby'" toadvance 4 mhicbiljough attempted ty many o f Tour Roy d re-P Trade, arc Grants Jo cimprehenfve and grateful Jrteflars, w j s never ejfefted but b y Tour M ajeJlies that nothing could be dearer, nor mere acceptable toP i k Care and Princely TendemeJ's in Tour late povd Men whofc refdution, as well as Duty it u to‘'*'*--------- Ixgood Subje8s. /IA fire thj» rrtrfl IJfC />W V»t J ^ V Worthy aruium- M *——----------------—^Gracious Declaration for Liberty o f Confcience, which has produced Jo XJmverJal a Good', we do fo ron (elves and for the County we reprej'ent, declare foim ed Principles o f Juch intrin verfal Qocdnejs ' — Wc therefore adore the mcjl High God, who hath med Principles o f Juch intrinjick ~ ijfljl 'lorn h -nighty God to grant you in thn World along and j we are under. Tin, tfreat SIR ,will adorn your
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