The London Gazette, July 26 - July 30 1683

Rati-bonne July if. W c have Advicc by a O u- ritr~tM*m Vienna, That the Turk* taveniad* five attatki u|)un tic Subuib* oft ienna, but wifmut doing ny coiifidctabic tx'.cutiou j That the IT'irkj ha'c in a lac Silly lo!l near 8c- oMen ,That the Imp ii lilts had regained the of Tabor, and a pjiCufthe Suburbs, o'w icu the Toikshadlotnc ti.Tic l> Ci\ remade th^mfdvcs Mafbrs. lathe meantime the D keef Lorrain is ported with 15000 Mril o:. the Cih I fid- of the Dar.ubt, ill c.xp rit\a- .n'of tl c Kitccs* 1 the Empire, viz .1300^ from the I kft^r ai.d deLi ot Bavaru, joco fri it the ElcCtur of Saxo*/, anil iaogo fiom the Elector of Brandrnbourg. i'nn eK j'n t, ^uly 15. The Letters fiom Pafljw fay, rhac cou- c Zerin, v.'^ic Father was lome \Cd. sago b headed at View fora, abetri. g the pre- fc 1 1 c K'.bJlion in jhungary hid rcvdtcd rum rlu Empcror, and hating j yn d bimldf w» h joco Tartars, had db, the fci/iugof the Emp.rors bis Deputies for visiting the Counties of Leictfter, U'arwiciIVorc-jitr G'oucejitr, Munmow.b, ticrc- j'i/fJL, and City ol Brijiol, who in order thereunto, have appointed their places of Scilion in manner follow 1 g. Jug Lticejler, iz.G lo cefier, 7 Monmouth, 14. Cheltenham, o.M cbel-DeM 55 Circncejicr, 1 t Rojfe ly.M inching- 3.1 /jcrfurd, bam ft on. f.W cbky, z8. WoiUn, 17. \trgton» i$. >odoury, 18riVigmore, 30. BnftuJ, i ^,Lcm:ter, Scjt.^.cb^pjhni.iu Brumyari, 4. Xctvpon, 1 1 .Li^bury, i.Vskj, 24JIOW ,(Com. 6. A U ’geueny, Gloc) 6. l ovcnuy. 7. Warmul Brorrtjg’ ovi'j 10. Vr-.UWicb, 11• B'.auXlr.y, 1 j. n urcejter, 1 f. X /'/r-w ,16. Pc-Jbae, 17 Evejbjyn, .Hi Sbiyjlon, 1 o. C'ampd n, 11. TziLRcibury, Whitehall, July *8. His Majefty havi-g b c q Tre fiirc. upon the removal of it from Pienna, h .>d J pU-aien, upon Inliance made unto Him in bethe u detected bv General Dunwaldt, and hiin:clfra-' ken Prilo. , brought unto the Lmpcror. Th Print e of W 'aldeck uics 1 1 poibblc diligcnc- to bi .the Tn ops of th <.C rclcs of Svnben aid Franconia into the McM, which G-ner.d Deg-vfeldt is to coin* mmd in chief.^ e have Letters of the iSthinrtant from V itnm ,That 1-000 Foot were fn t into the place, which i> a :ed great execution upon the Enemy, vshoat'ackcd it withgrcat vig.-ur. Berlin, J-uiy ill. I be Lbtfor ol Brandenburg has refolvcd. ujvn the rcprefcnfutioij* made unco him Nam. of the Kii5g<jf Denmark,, to Conlcut, That his I rothcr Prn ct Gtorge ibouhlcome hiihcr to make hi Adilr.Hesto the L-dy^««, His Majcftic* Niece, incrdcr to Marriage, the fume was accoi- oingly Cdcbratcd this Lvcniig at ht. J wi's by the hilbi.p o.' London, in the Pretence of n «.irMa- je iics, their Royal Hi(ihncfb s,and the che.ftft of 1 he Nobility. And fincc their Majcftics and their Royal Hi^bncrtes, as likewile th> Princc andPiin- cc s,have uj>on this occafion r ceived the c omplc* n ents and Congratulations of the Foreign Mini* by ifr. I Miniflei the Cbonr de Lambtrg of fttisrtfidi. gin this Court, tbe formiiiablc Prcgrei's the Tuiks have mac in .be yidvertijftnents. Emperors Hereditary Countreys, tt> feud a Boily cO The Tryals of tbe late Loid RofTel, Captain o f 1 iooo men to his aibftance 5 and according! }the Prince o f Avhalt will fain w days part hence fur, to a !julf all matters relating thereunto: And iris laid Pi'inc* Louh j the hledfoislccond Son, has d dire leaved to fcrvc the EdP.ror oii dn> oc caTron. Walc» rt JohnKoulc, Wiliiam Hone, and Captain £Ugue9 ler Confpirina »hc lXarii ot the King, ^cc. arc now in ihc Prcls «ii» d will be publilhed b,Order in a tew days, by Kichard K«>)ftuis Ben. T./oke, and Charles M^arne. 5!^1/ “HercasthcFoit ro Poole, went formerly byway of y ft >111 bv way Kof j-ordcn^biidgc! C p yucUucth. a.J lo to Pool*- by which all rh£ Cooatrey rtiereab, >ar< zii< jy be commf>datec1 *^p ’HeJe are to give Noiicc roall Perions that are Creditors X ro Mr. John St*»ly» Deccafed, that have proved ihcfr Dcbr», and have a No?rrhrrcot irorn the Comruiilioncis, and nor received their firfi Dividend according to a Deed oi Di- Paris, Augujl 4. On Monday the Court re­moved from Si. Cloud to Fomainbleau. His Ma- jcrty has given Orders tor the building of fix Ships, and as many Gallics, and nctwithfanding the late _ «hod f he Queen, affifted at the Council vrhrcb L.’S wa$ST.^ hd.i on Saturday lali Cloud. The frdh- efl Letters wc hare fr» >mN ’onheur duQuefne, aieof the 17th part. Tic Conditions Jieinfilts upon from .the Government of Algiers, are, That they do make him lari fadtion in Money, ^well for rj.e Prif s they have taken upon his Ma jelly’s SobjctTts, for reimburfinp uutohim the Charg* she fa' been ob’iged to make by reafon of the prefent War, arid that tbevlikcwife yield unto him a Port upon the Cojfl of Africa On Monday next the Body cf the late Queen is to be removed to St. Denis, w^cre it is to remain 40 days cxpoled inState, before its folemn ^nrenvent. u 'biitbill, July Z%. His Ma'efty having by His Letters Pa cnr, dared 14. June 16S0, Aurhorized Sir Bcttry St. George Knight,< lar riceu'e King of Arms, by Umfdf orhisDepu ies, to vifir hi> Pro- vince.and toR fitter the Pe icgre< sand Arms of a I* the Nobility and O-ntry therein, according to An­cient U ag<* Thcfaid Tlarcnc ux hath thereupmi Conftiruted H enn Dethick F.:qi Richmond H^-rarld, and Grtgory K^ing Rougcdragon, OAcejs of Arms, ScrodS Houle in Chancery Ijn e rishc agamll Linco!n*-Innf they may rtceive rhe fame, who w»U aneiid there a rortnight lort§tr tor the payment thereof. TAken away from a Gemlemauk Gr'>om upon Oxford Road, near Eec sn> fi« 4d. the 25th oi' this Montir, by Hijrt‘way mer.j two Mares, and a Crimfm Velvet Sad­dle with Gold and Silver Tw i/i one of the Mares is Milk- white, liroog a.*d well tl.ap,dl about 14 .hands high* tiill a^ed The other a brown Ka v w*th a star and Si,io, Icvtn years old :Whoever (hall give notice ot ciilicr ot ihe !<<id Mares, to Mr W cbbat B»jnds Stables in Fee ter-Lane orto.Mr Lane act he White Hcjrt in Henly in Oxfoid-lhire,ihaU have rwo Guine. $Reward. Taken away liktwiJe ac the iamc time, a large Silver Larum Watch w hi* a Chain, made by Joliph Kuibbof London }Whoever fliaSl give notice oi ihe iaid Watch ro Jo- feph Kr.ibb at the D al int ieec*lhreetf lhali have two Gdaeas reward ***:tL OftfromRohampton on rhe 7th ot ]n!v a Nag and a Mare or Mr. Jo. Oveatte> rhe Mate about i j hands histh, Hay, wiih brown Gasking, one Saddlejnark on rhe Mounting file y a Nable-G.ui! as rig as a Nut behind the Saddle, abour feven jears o f bri>k hyes The Nag about a U hands hi?b» a brown Cheitnut cut Mane, b <»b Tail, a full tnilt Nas, a good Trot, Uorr Rack, thrfce white Feet with a bald Face. Whofoerer ILall ItdV either c f them, and five notice o f them or either o f them ro John O earrc o f Rohampton i 1 life County o f Sarrey, or toT h a Wilcox on Grear Tower-Ui!l, iba!l have 2o s Rewar J, Printed by Tho. Netrcoml in the Swoy, i68j
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