The London Gazette, July 26 - July 30 1683

To th eKing* i Moil Excellent A-fajefly. The Humble AJdrefs o f theM xy .t, Recorder, Alder-men and Surgeffesof the Bvrvugb o f Warwick. MayS it pieafe your Mdjefty, Inte the implacable Enemies o f your Mjjeflies Sacrcd Per- _• foil and Government do Qiew themlelvcs indcfat igablc in tkeir endeavours, todeHroy and lubverrboth die one and the other, notwirhftandiiig your Majetiies unparalelPd le­ nity and condefctnfion towards them. We* your Majeflics tnolt Obedient and Loyal Siibjefts, do take our felves oblig’d to be as iudefatigable in our endeavours to dc- t'ena and fiipport the fame. And whereas it is now mani- feft to ail the World, that the Nonconformitts and Diflepters from tlie Church ot England, though maskt under lefetal diiguifes, are thole grand Enemies o f the Royal Iamiiy, and this belt o f Governments, by fomenting Republican and Antimonarchical principles in their Conventicles, thole fruit­ful Seminaries ol all Sedition and Rebellion and by draw­ing the lame forth into Aft, by their Trayterous Aflbciati- On-s (all which is now made out to their eternal flume and coniuGon by undeniable proofs) we do infinitely admire and yiagnifie that exrraordinary Providence, which hath lb inira- culoully delivered the perfbn*of your Majdty and his Royal Highnelsfrom thofe their Traytcrous and Diabolical Conlpi racics.And we do give your Majefty the reiterated afliirance, that to the utmoft ot our Abilities,and as tar as our Lives ami Fortunes will extend, we will defend and proteft your Maje­ fty anJ Succeflors, trom fuch and all other vour Majpftv’ s Enemies whatloever. And if we may bethought, in the na­tion wherein your Majefty hath been gracioufly plea fed to place u<, .to be lefs capacitatcd to perform what we have nowprom>Ted, we fhill be ready with atl humility and fub- millionto lay all our Franchifes and Priviledgcs at your Ma jelties Feet, to be difpofed o f according to your Majefties greatWifdom and Prudence. Andwedo heartily pray that great God who hath fo fignalized hiinfelf in your Prelervari- on,to preferve the Gocernment alfo o f thefe Nations in rhe Royal Line and an uninterrupted Succeflion till Government in this World fhall ceafc and oe In Teftimony whereof we have hereunto unanimoufly affixed our Common Seal this Fourteenth day o f July i« the Thirty fifth Year o f Your Majefties Reign. To the Kings moft Excellent Majefly. W E yowr Mrjettie* moll Loval faibj&Js, the Bailiffs, Aldermen and Freemen, with the reft o f the Inhabitants o f YourMajeftie* antient Borough and Corporation of P.aft-Retford in Your County o f Nottingham, cannot exprels what horror and abatement ,the lately difcovcred damnable Confjiiracy againft Your Mjjefties own and Illuftrious Brother’s Lives, {truck in us, which had not the All-Seeing Eye o f Providence prevented, might not only have extirpated Monarchy (the belt o f Goverments) but brought inevitable mine and dtlfruftion on all Your Mijeftiei Kingdoms, involving them and their Pofierity in aD e!»g*of Bicod and Mifery. We [therefore in all finccrity o f heart return our unfeigned Thanks to Almighty God for Your .Ma­ jefties and Royal Brothers molt miraculous Deliverance from the Impious and Traiterous Defigns that fome wicked, rel­iefs, and malicious Men had contrived againft Your Sacred Throne and Government. And do in all humility aflure Your Majeftv, that we will ufethe utmoft o four Care and Dili­gence for the further Dif cover in s’and bringing to condign punilbtnent all the Confpirator* &horrid Agents in this moft Execrable Contrivances and will be always ready to expofe our Lives and Fortunes for the defence o f Your Majefties moft Sacred Perfon,Your Heirs and Lawful SuccefTor»,and Govern­ment as now in Church and State Eitablilhed. Breflavo, July 16. W c haveadvicc from J{atit- bonne, Thar the Turks have attually bcficged Vie*- nit and did fo dofely purfuc the Imperialifts, that it was net without much difficulty that they got into the Suburbs: That General Schultz is encamp­ed upon the Banks of the Danube, with a great Bo­dy of Horfe, and that a great pjrt of the Artille­ry which was in the Army, is fent to Vienna. From the Imperial Camp near Vienna, July 17. The Turks having for three days actually befieged Vi­enna i did yefterday pafs the Tbibor, and with a Body o f 1000 Horfe an! Fdt> ?attack oar Guards but wercrcpulfcd uithfomclols, our Men being fccOmle i bv others which at ths fame tide j made a fally out c f the Town. item the Imperial Camp, July j S. The Turk? Continue ro ihoot great numbers ofBbmfisand Firc-Works into Vienna, and have for three djysio clofely guarded all the PafTagcs, that none can out,go or return into it. In the time Count Starcnberg defend^ it with great Courage, and has, |as wc arc informed, caufcd three Burghers to be Hanged, fur difcourfing of futrendring it unto the Turks. The Tartars have burned the B<idgc at Crembfter. Our Cavalry is encamped on the o-ther lid of the Danube, and is on its march to­wards Cremb, where a great Body of the Enemy 1 3 cncampcd, and have lately burned iheCaltlcof Pe~ tror.eila Sireppan, July i-8. The Army under the Com­mand of Count T ecfclej, cor-Gflirg of <£0000 tnen, hath made an lncurfton into Moldavia, where, af­ter having burnt the Cities of Settm and Bro it, and, after a lhort refidancf, majethemidvtrs ma­ilers of Trerfcbin, they advanced as far Mas fe ritz, fevcn miles from thi plrce, which is under great apprchinlior.s of being veryfuJJenly bcficged by them, Liz tz ,July 14. The Turks have made three Attacks upoo Uie Suburbs o f Vienna, and after a vigorous RcfiHancc of the Inhabitants, having made thcmfclves Matters of Tilbcr and LeopolU h, were again driven from thence with great loft. The Graod Vizir having fcnt to Count Starenberg, to demand a Truce for fome hours, in order to bury the PiOdics of the Turks which had been (lain before Vienna, and did much annoy his Camp, and being refufed the fame, he is removed with his Army fui- ther from Vienna. Tin Beflegrd have difmountcd the three Batteries which the Turks credled agaiult the place :and it’s laid, that in thelall Aftionthc Tuiks loft twelve Pcrfons of the1 chicfcft Quality, and amongft them a Balfa. The Emperor IusCor- ftituted the Count de Capliert to be Prcfident df the Council of War which is appointed to remain at Vienna during the Siege. TajJ'axoy J u li 15. Their Imperial Majcftiescon­ tinue ftillhercf The Sicur Ruckbelsberg is arrived herein Port from the Duke of Lorrain, the Van­guard of whole Army is only four hours diftant from the Turks. The Boors of the Vpper Aujhid arc port­ed on the Banks of the River Ens, to hinder the Tartars from palling Wit. e have a ’vice thit the T u rkj, after having paflcd the River at iVeif*gcr~ berg, and made themfclvcs mafters of one parfof the Suburbs of Vienna, called Leopolftadt, had been again forced from thcnce. The Inhabitants in the meantime make avery vigorous r: finance, and have made divers Sallies with very good fucccfs, wherein they have killed great numbers of the Turk/, cfpe- cially on the fide of the Carimbia Gate. It is faid, that General D u/m ildt, in his late RencountLr with the Tartars, hath releafcd 300 Women, and a great many Boors. We have advice from Hungary, that the Van-guard of the F oies, having had a brisk difpute with the Rebels whooppofed their paflagc into the Vpper Hungary, had defeated them, and poflcfled thcmfclves of the Cities of Efperi:s, Caf- faw, and others which they had taken :But of this we muflexpeft the confirmation, by ouroext Let­ters from thofe parts. fyitibonni*
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